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How can the body be better prepared to fight cancer? By combining immune checkpoint inhibitors with other therapeutic techniques, various beneficial effects can be found.

Listen up to learn:

  • Why early cancer cells are more challenging for the body to detect
  • What therapies can kill cancer cells with the fewest mutations
  • How the mutational burden affects treatment efficacy

Dr. Joanne Lysaght, an Associate Professor, and the Immunotherapy Group Lead at Trinity College, shares her most recent work with cancer immunology and immunotherapy.

Internal factors broadly impact the body’s response to tumors determined by where in the body they are and how the tumor micro-environment presents. Therefore, in combination with other regimented treatments, immunotherapies have been found to be especially effective.

Since the tumor microenvironment is critical to treatment, more research is needed to find a broader method. However, with a concentrated effort on new techniques, the percentage of lasting effective treatment will rise as time goes on.

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