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“Cancer…should be defined as a different system, almost like a different animal…cancer as a new system or new cellular species…is very provocative and some people find it hard to accept,” says Professor Henry Heng.

Tune in to learn more and discover:

  • Why some cancers return after primary tumor resection
  • At what point cancer becomes its own “life form”
  • Why genetic heterogeneity might be considered one of cancer’s most powerful strategies for growth and survival

Professor Heng is part of the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

He joins the show to provide his knowledge and insight on a handful of challenging, compelling questions about cancer. These include whether cancer should be considered as a separate life form, how cancer cells differ genetically from host cells, how cancers and viruses behave in fundamentally different ways, how viruses can cause cancer, why the distinction between cancer stem cells and regular cancer cells is a significant one, and so many more.

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