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There are a variety of exogenous ketone products on the market today, many of which are consumed by athletes and people looking for a natural source of energy to increase their endurance and physical performance.

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Most of these products, however, have to be consumed in relatively large volumes and have high quantities of artificial sweeteners. That’s not the case with HVMN Ketone–the world’s first ketone ester sports drink shown to increase endurance, athletic performance, and cognitive ability.

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Brianna Stubbs, Ph.D., is a research lead at HVMN Ketone and joins the podcast today to discuss the difference between the ketone salt products that have been on the market and the ketone ester used in the HVMN Ketone drink, and why ketone esters are far superior to ketone salts.

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By virtue of the fact that ketone esters are more potent than ketone salts, the drink can be consumed as a quick shot, rather than an unpalatable 16 ounces of liquid filled with artificial sweetener and a salty undertaste.

Research on the benefits of ketone esters and the ketogenic diet, in general, has shown that beyond the ability to improve cognitive and physical performance, increased ketones in the body can boost brain metabolism and slow or prevent the progression of cognitive deficits such as Alzheimer’s.

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