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Bread’s Bitcoin wallet, which has was created several years ago, has undergone a recent transformation. The newly re-designed wallet is a simple and secure way to buy, sell, send, and receive Bitcoin that is easy and intuitive for both newcomers and experts alike to use, through both iOS and Android apps. Because it is decentralized, users hold their own funds through their wallets, and Bread has no access to or control over those funds.

Bread is also beginning a token sale on December 15th. Token holders will enjoy access to premium financial services from other companies, discounts, and a loyalty and rewards program that includes a tiered system of 24/7 live customer support–one of the many suggestions from Bread’s active online community, and one of the first of its kind.

Aaron and Brent also discuss their ideas on safe financial practices for blockchain and crypto companies in the current dangerous environment, as well as their thoughts on the future of the markets.

For more information on Bread’s upcoming token sale, visit To learn more about their wallet, visit

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