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Priatek is breaking new ground by creating the world’s only performance-based digital signage. The company has created a revolutionary new platform for advertisers to interact, engage, and sell products in the marketplace. The Priatek team builds turn-key prize promotions which run on a network of patented digital kiosks and a custom mobile app.

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Prize promotions, advertised on the digital signage, engage consumers in a unique and fun way.

Consumers select an advertised product, compete to win products, and always receive a coupon that can be used to purchase the product directly from the kiosk, mobile app, local retail stores, or online.

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Industry changing innovations include the ONLY free-to-play prize kiosk and a platform that bridges the gap between the retail space and online.

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By becoming the premier aggregator of prize promotions, Priatek will award more prizes than anyone else in history. We’ve created a free and fun new way for consumers to win and save every time they play.

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