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Just over three years ago, Chris Kline had only a basic understanding of cryptocurrency.

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Fast forward to the present day, and he wears the title of COO of Bitcoin IRA, a company that provides the unprecedented ability for anyone to hold cryptocurrencies in a retirement account, whether it’s a traditional, Roth, SEP or SIMPLE IRA.

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Since its launch just over a year ago, Bitcoin IRA has already expanded by offering an Ethereum-based IRA, which in and of itself has generated about 15 million in investments in the last few months. Kline has the intention of continually meeting the demands not only of the marketplace, but also of his individual clients.

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Tune in to hear more.

Kline also discusses:

  • How Bitcoin IRA works to mitigate the risks of using cryptocurrency in this capacity
  • The impact of short-term and long-term capital gain on the Bitcoin assets in a Bitcoin IRA
  • The common questions and misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin IRA, including how quickly money can be moved, how the process is securitized, and what the future holds for Bitcoin IRA

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