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Recently I spoke with Alex Mathews, a senior web application developer at Belouga, a free, web-based educational platform connecting classrooms all around the world. This cutting-edge company has quickly been expanding, now offering over 900 classes in 60+ countries since their launch in September 2016. Incorporating easy to use technology, Belouga is the perfect enhancement for any teacher looking to expand his or her classroom beyond borders. Their platform also rewards participating students with points and uses these points to provide items to schools around the world that are under-resourced.


Founded in 2016, Belouga was started with the mission to encourage intercultural communication to create a better tomorrow. We’re building a global ecosystem where students and teachers can connect, collaborate and learn from one another by identifying similarities and embracing differences through everyday communication that is fun and educational.

With the advancement of technology in the classroom, we saw an amazing opportunity to connect students from all over the world, regardless of timezones. Along with bringing students together, we also saw an opportunity to enhance student life around the world on a daily basis.

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