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Medtech Impact on Wellness

When was the last time your doctor took the time to ask you about your lifestyle to identify and address the root of your symptoms? Did they prescribe a medication and send you on your way, or did they take the time to delve into your lifestyle and diet to devise an individualized treatment plan? Naturopathic Doctor Cheryl Burdette joins us today to share the principles that guide her medical practice. In today’s episode, Dr. Burdette emphasizes the importance of taking thorough and accurate patient histories to help patients address health abnormalities as well as maintain their optimal health. Achieving optimal health, Dr. Burdette explains, takes time. Just like going to the gym once doesn’t give us chiseled bodies, taking care of our bodies for one day won’t heal chronic illness. Naturopathic doctors such as Dr. Burdette can help us find and maintain optimal health so that we may feel our very best in our day-to-day lives.

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