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Dr. Tony Guerra, Instructor and Pre-Pharmacy Advisor, Ankeny Campus, Des Moines Area Community College, delivers an interesting overview of his work in pharmacy education and the writing and production of audio books.

Dr. Guerra is passionate about educating young minds and he teaches multiple courses in chemistry, pharmacy and pharmacology. And Dr. Guerra earned an AS degree from DMACC himself, back in 2010.

Dr. Guerra talks about his background and his interest in creating audio books for educational purposes. To date, he has close to 20 audio books out, on various topics within his areas of expertise. His books cover a range of issues, from pharmacology to pharmacotherapy, to pharmacy careers and pharmacy schools/education. Dr. Guerra writes and co-writes his books and he continues to reach many people through books and educational outreach.

The Pre-Pharmacy Advisor talks extensively about the business of creating, producing, and delivering audio books for the public. He discusses his views on audio book presentation, and the value of reading your own books/recording your own books, if you are in consulting. First time authors, for sure, should definitely record their own books, he states. Dr. Guerra explains the differences between print books, e-books, and audio books, and how each should be different in terms of audience and structure, etc.

Wrapping up, he talks about the audiences for his books, and for medical-oriented books in general. He explains that audio books can help solve problems or allay fears, and often the best-selling books deal with these issues/worries—books that help people overcome.

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