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Arvind Gupta began his career as a genetic engineer before entering industrial design, where he learned the process of productizing technology. Gupta has implemented what he’s learned in his current role as the founder of IndieBio, a venture capital firm that funds scientists to become entrepreneurs and solve the world’s most pressing problems using biology and technology.

As an example, Gupta discusses cellular agriculture, which is the process of producing food in cellular factories and a concept that Gupta says was foreign until IndieBio invested in it about three years ago.

Since then, “It’s changed the conversation about how we produce our food,” says Gupta.

Indiebio has also invested in a company that’s matching cancer patients to clinical trials using AI, natural language processing, and a process referred to as “stratifying” patients, which allows for a greater understanding of exactly who they are and why they may or may not be responding to a particular drug.

Gupta discusses a variety of other topics, including the ways in which companies go wrong, the ways of thinking that create barriers to certain solutions, and what the team at IndieBio looks for in potential investment opportunities.

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