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Experiencing strong emotions is inevitable. Still, controlling one’s anger is a valuable skill, especially as children grow older. Listen up to learn:

  • Strategies to improve a situation with strong emotions involved
  • How teens who struggle with anger can be helped
  • How to model healthy anger management strategies for those around you

Mental Health Counselor Dr. Raychelle Cassada Lohmann shares strategies and methods to manage anger and find outlets to release intense emotion in a healthy manner.

Especially in the teenage years, strong emotions can feel inescapable. However, managing these feelings is an integral part of growing older and becoming a healthy and well-functioning adult.

Giving those who struggle with anger outlets to remove themselves from a given situation can show significant benefits to behavior. Additionally, by using healthy strategies to deescalate a situation, many instances of intense feelings of anger can be diffused and handled more healthily.

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