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You’ve surely asked yourself the age-old question: what factors influence my weight? Well, there are many approaches to that question, and it’s getting harder to distinguish between the accurate and false information available. Fortunately, there are scientists who are seeking answers by going back to basics and investigating inherent biological mechanisms within other animals.


Returning to the podcast is Dr. Richard J. Johnson, a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado, as well as a physician, researcher, and author.

Dr. Johnson recently released a new book entitled “Nature Wants You To Be Fat”. This publication is for people who are interested in the science behind why we gain weight – and how to prevent it. 

Listen now to learn about:

  • The interconnected nature between weight gain and innate biological design. 
  • How vitamin C affects weight gain in animals. 
  • What fructose does within the body once it is metabolized.

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Can we manage our weight based on information gathered from other animals? Tune in to find out now!

You can learn more about Dr. Johnson and purchase his publications by visiting

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