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Sixense was created by leaders in the visual stimulation and entertainment industry space. The company provides, what can be referred to as a full presence platform, providing users with everything needed to deliver a full VR/AR experience for applications in the healthcare, training and entertainment industries.

CEO, Amir Rubin, together with Alejo Fudge, of VRSim, a company which develops VR training systems for trade and industrial education applications, take us through the early stages at Sixense and explain the platform and applications in which it can be used.

At its core, Sixense technology aims to bring a more authentic and immersive way for users to interact with one another in a virtual space.

With the training application, results are more precise and dependable from professional training for businesses to the healthcare and entertainment industries.

Are you wondering how all of this works?

So were we. In addition to providing a solution which gives every headset the ability to create a social avatar with multiple people in a VR experience, Sixense’s hardware has advanced motion-tracking hardware. This provides a full-body presence in mobile VR/AR, meaning the experience will be unaffected by motion. Their software also supports all major VR/AR 3D engines and has full-body presence, letting operators move around and interact within the virtual world.

Together, with VRSim, these projects are providing the world with a future where you can interact in a virtual reality environment with other users, while customizing your VR platform.
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