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Move over Gordon Gecko. Your time is up! Well perhaps we aren’t that close yet – but the power of AI machine learning is making its mark in the trading and investing world with artificial intelligence guided, machine market analysis.

Humans are fallible. We need sleep. We need to eat. We can only process so much information at once. Every day investment professionals are examining the markets, hoping to strike when and where it is right. Now, enter, Kavout, a company using AI technology to solve a lot of these problems.

Founder & CEO of Kavout, Alex Lu, believes there is huge potential for AI in finance. With their AI model, Kai, they are using deep learning and quantitative analysis to provide solutions in this arena. The computers take all fundamental data, present data and news, and analyze all the information in real time for traders.

The robots recognize patterns and trends and simulate the human process. Human traders are essentially consuming and digesting information on a daily basis. They analyze and categorize it. Deep learning models can do the very same thing, minus emotion and biased opinions, not to mention, they can run in real-time 24/27.

Commenting in an official corporate announcement, Kavout’s CEO and co-founder Alex Lu said: “Today, Goldman Sachs has more engineers than Facebook. None of this is a coincidence. The big players know that there is much more to be gained in the markets by investing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our aim is to make those technologies available to all investors.” – Alex Lu (source: LinkedIn)

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