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With a background in the advertising world and the realization that fraud in the digital advertising space amounts to about nine billion dollars per year, Alanna Gombert decided to join Ken Brook, founder of MetaX, in his mission to clean out and make more transparent the digital advertising supply chain.

MetaX has created an unprecedented level of transparency in the digital ad space by creating the first token-curated registry on Ethereum, and here’s how it works: there is a list of publisher URLs within the ad chain registry that can be voted in or out of the registry by token holders based on the consensus definition of “quality.” That list then becomes a universal whitelist for digital advertisers and buyers. “It’s a self-regulation tool where you can report bad actors and vote in quality publishers- all on the construct of just holding a token and using that token to vote,” says Gombert.

In addition to MetaX, Gombert was involved with the development of Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), the first-ever lobbying organization for the blockchain and crypto space. Although still in its infancy, the organization has already expanded from working on state-level to federal-level projects.

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