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Joshua Armah, co-founder, and CTO of Distributed Intelligence provides an extremely detailed roadmap for businesses, large or small, who want to better grasp how to successfully advertise to their target audiences and increase revenue.

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Armah’s company, Distributed Intelligence, is a consumer behavior platform that seeks to leverage social physics to help businesses better understand their data, and customers. Armah’s company focuses on advertising and is launching an ad platform that seeks to revolutionize advertising metrics and performance.

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Armah is a dynamic technology professional who specializes in computer programming, artificial intelligence, and automation for innovation in software and online platforms. He has extensive experience in online marketing and sales, and is an expert in AI and supervised learning.

As Armah explains the current advertising system in the online space is based on a ‘cost per impression’ or ‘cost per click’ model, but the data that an advertiser gathers may not always be accurate due to users providing inaccurate or misleading information. Therefore, Armah’s company has developed a model based on ‘cost per lead’ that allows advertisers in their network to gain real results, not frivolous input or data they cannot use. And by incentivizing media platforms with higher revenue, and generating curated content for highly targeted audiences, advertisers can generate solid leads. Armah likens the use of AI in advertising to electricity, in that all advertising platforms will need AI to position advertising in the marketplace via the use of artificial intelligence agents.

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These ‘agents’ are autonomous entities that observe via sensors and act upon their environment working and directing activity to achieve set goals.

The marketing and advertising expert provides a detailed overview of keywords, click-throughs, and how trending topics play a role in advertising. He discusses how AI can be used as a tool to visualize public web data and aggregate it for the end user such that they can then utilize it for their value proposition on advertising campaigns, etc. Additionally, Armah details the importance of choosing proper media platforms for your targeted advertising, and he offers multiple examples of media buys that advertisers may find particularly beneficial to their growth and outreach.

Armah explains the trends in marketing such as outbound marketing and inbound marketing, and the tracking of analytics. He touches on the important issues advertisers must consider, beyond the collection of who is buying what, but deeper issues such as the psychology behind why people are buying specific products. And in addition to the psychology of buying, advertisers need to know that their potential customers are real and have been verified, for as Armah notes, some online platforms may not have verified their users. He also states that although many valuable tools do exist to help boost advertising campaigns, such as IBM’s successful Watson Marketing, some businesses are not up for the technical learning curve, and this is one area where Armah’s team at Distributed Intelligence can build a bridge between tech and user.

As Armah’s team moves forward, advancing their marketing and advertising technical products, Armah seeks to build their system into one of the world’s best advertising platforms that will truly give access to real human behavior. Armah addresses the phenomenon of social physics, which is the use of mathematical tools that are inspired by physics to fully grasp the behavior of human crowds and to understand big data. And as social physics is the root of successful advertising platforms, Armah seeks to leverage it to fully understand buying patterns and customer behavior to provide their clients with an unparalleled advantage in the market.

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