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Abra is believed to be the first digital currency wallet that allows its users to buy and sell both cryptocurrencies and fiat directly through their smartphone. In order to remain compliant with banking regulations, Abra is fully non-custodial, meaning that users hold their own private keys on their devices through the use of multi-signature security technology, and Abra is never actually in charge of or otherwise holding user’s money.

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Abra will also allow users to swap between cryptocurrencies and fiat held through the wallet. Abra hopes to be available for individuals around the world to use, without respect to a geographical location or requiring that users have a bank account. Because of this goal, and their desire to produce it right the first time, they developed and tested their product over a period of several years.

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Today, Abra has thousands of users worldwide and has processed millions in payments. Bill also discusses the wallet industry, and why competition is beneficial for the consumer, his thoughts on the current slump in cryptocurrency markets, and the relationship between the speculative and utilitarian values of cryptocurrency.

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