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Aaron Frank is a writer, speaker and one of the initial hires at Singularity University. Aaron’s focus has been on developing technologies, specializing in virtual and augmented reality.

Aaron talks to us about the new VR tools enabling people to do fascinating things. How VR is being used to help eliminate the fear of public speaking by providing a VR experience that exposes people beyond their comfortable level to help them overcome the fears. He describes how VR is being used to reduce pain for burn victims by showing them a VR environment where they feel more relaxed and calm which reduces the pain.

Will virtual reality reduce peoples’ willingness to have real-life interactions? What about augmented reality inside of virtual reality – i.e. holding a coffee cup and feeling the warmth of the cup inside of a virtual reality space. This interview covers a lot of unusual ground that you won’t hear on many virtual reality and augmented reality podcasts.

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