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Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic microorganisms that release toxins, and they’re also the building blocks of life itself. Under healthy conditions, the environment in which cyanobacteria live serves as a system of checks and balances wherein cyanobacteria do not overpopulate. When this system of checks and balances is disturbed, such as by human intervention, changes in temperature, or any number of other factors which influence the rate at which cyanobacteria grow, the toxins they produce end up dominating the whole ecological sphere in which they exist, and continuously change the chemical and biological conditions in the water.

This overpopulation is happening globally in nearly every place you can find water, whether in the sea, lakes, or reservoirs for irrigation, and it’s having devastating consequences for environmental and human health.

BlueGreen Technologies Ltd has developed the first-ever solution to dealing with large-scale algal blooms and restoring the health and use of bodies of water around the world. Eyal Harel is the CEO and co-founder of this company, and he joins the podcast to explain how their products work, and why they show so much more promise than any solution which has come before it. By tuning in, you will learn:

  • How BlueGreen Water Technologies Ltd has manipulated previously-used algaecides in a way that allows them to float on water and release over time
  • By what standards water is deemed safe for drinking, and why they are problematic
  • How BlueGreen Technologies Ltd products are performing so far, and what the company is working to accomplish in the near future

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