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Scott Young, former Finding Genius guest and author of Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career, shares tips of how to use a more focused mind to live a more productive life.

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Technology detoxes, sheer willpower, unyielding impulse control; these traditional approaches to increased productivity simply cannot be relied upon. A new system for focusing is required for the new age.

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Scott has created a series of courses, including Rapid Learner, Life of Focus, Top Performer, and Make It Happen, that offer people the opportunity to learn how to increase focus using unique concentration exercises.

Deep work is the concept of achieving a level of cognitive depth through periods of continuous distraction-free, interruption-free concentration. Scott’s books and courses provide guidance on how to enter the state necessary in order for deep work to occur, troubleshooting for when you get stuck on a task, and how you can track your productivity progress.

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The effects of guided consistency on your ability to focus can be staggering.

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Is mental focus like physical exercise? Can the ability to enter a deep work or flow state become a matter of muscle memory for your brain? Is everyone even capable of blocking out environmental distractions? Scott explains the differences in approach to his productivity system that can become necessary based on age, working memory capacity, and other factors, and how it can be adjusted to work for anyone.

For more information or to grab a free copy of Scott’s e-book, 7 Must-know Strategies to Learn Anything faster! visit

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