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Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff, principal, Chiro-Health, Inc. (, provides an overview of her work as a chiropractor, helping people heal their nervous system.

Dr. Mazgaloff holds a master’s degree in physical education and kinesiology (the study of human movement). She completed her education in X-ray technology and began her tenure at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, a top-rated spine orthopedic hospital.

Dr. Mazgaloff discusses joint pain and inflammation, and how chiropractic techniques can be utilized. She expounds upon the various treatments for misalignments of the joints, all of which can affect our nerves and muscles. She discusses the many ways that body problems can occur, from slip and fall injuries to accidents, and more, and how trauma can impact our joints. As she states, when there are alignment problems that cannot realign on their own, that’s when chiropractors get involved, to manually realign and return the body to its normal state.

The doctor discusses some of the issues she deals with, and how some patients respond. She explains that her goal is to fix problems permanently if possible, not just relieve pain and problems. She outlines their techniques and processes and explains how they adjust joints, with a discussion on maintenance adjustment and how they schedule patients for follow-ups. Typically, maintenance schedules are four to six weeks, but it depends on a particular person’s activities and activity level.

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