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  1. Guest Name: Dean Masley
    Podcast Link: BlockChainEDU – Interview with Dean Masley of
  2. Guest Name: David Trood
    Company Name:The Weedy Garden
    Podcast Link: Developing A Healthy Garden The Right Way | Essential Insight From A Storyteller
  3. Guest Name: David Christopher
    Company Name:Open Media
    Podcast Link: Digital Rights & Privacy | Interview With David Christopher of Open Media
  4. Guest Name: Dr. Moray J. Campbell
    Company Name:Cedars-Sinai Cancer
    Podcast Link: Do Vitamin D & Genomic Ancestry Affect Cancer Cells? | An Expert Explains
  5. Guest Name: Dr. Bradley Nelson
    Company Name:Dr. Bradley Nelson
    Podcast Link: Does Emotional Energy Impact Your Health? | A Unique Outlook On Holistic Healing
  6. Guest Name: Dr. Beth Westie
    Company Name:Female Health Solution Podcast
    Podcast Link: Female Health Tips: How to Balance Hormones with Dr. Beth Westie
  7. Guest Name: Dr. Richard Jacoby
    Company Name:Extremity Health Centers
    Podcast Link: Glucose & Health | How To Get Unglued From Sugar To Prevent Chronic Disease
  8. Guest Name: Dr. Amanda K Gibson
    Company Name:University of Virginia
    Podcast Link: How do parasites evolve with us — Dr. Amanda K Gibson
  9. Guest Name: Dan Egan
    Company Name:Dan Egan
    Podcast Link: Phosphorus: What Makes It So Vital – Yet So Deadly? An Author Explains
  10. Guest Name: Doug Finke
    Company Name:The Quantum Computing Report
    Podcast Link: The Latest in Quantum Technologies with Doug Finke
  11. Guest Name: Drew McElroy
    Company Name:Transfix
    Podcast Link: Transfix — Drew McElroy, Co-founder and CEO — A Commerce Platform for the Trucking Industry in the US and Canada
  1. Guest Name: Eddy Travia
    Company Name:Coinsilium
    Podcast Link: Interview With Eddy Travia, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of Coinsilium
  2. Guest Name: Eran Ben-Shmuel
    Company Name:Juganu
    Podcast Link: Show Your True Colors with Juganu’s New Light Energy Products
  1. Guest Name: Mate Tokay
    Podcast Link: BitCoin – Interview with Mate Tokay, COO of
  2. Guest Name: Michael Chin
    Company Name:Blockmason
    Podcast Link: Blockmason – Blockchain Credit Protocol
  3. Guest Name: Maria Geisinger
    Company Name:University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Podcast Link: Taking the Bite out of Periodontal Disease and Diabetes with Maria Geisinger
  1. Guest Name: Todd Harris
    Company Name:Tech CU
    Podcast Link: Interview With Todd Harris, CEO of Tech CU (Credit Union)
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