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  1. Guest Name: Anthony Trewavas
    Company Name:University of Edinburgh
    Podcast Link: A Glimpse Into the Life and Development of Plants—Anthony Trewavas—Emeritus School of Biological Sciences of the University of Edinburgh
  2. Guest Name: Alan Curtis
    Company Name:Radar Relay
    Podcast Link: Alan Curtis – CEO at Radar Relay – Trustless Token Trading
  3. Guest Name: Aindrila Mukhopadhyay
    Company Name:Berkeley Lab
    Podcast Link: Amazing Microbe Physiology: Aindrila Mukhopadhyay Unlocks the Utility of Microbes
  4. Guest Name: Andy Ann
    Company Name:NOIZ
    Podcast Link: Andy Ann – Founder At NOIZ – AI+Blockchain Ad Exchange Network
  5. Guest Name: Austin Gray
    Company Name:VIRGINIA TECH
    Podcast Link: Aquatic Pollution Crisis | How Are Marine Systems Affected By Contaminants?
  6. Guest Name: Anish Mohammad
    Company Name:Blockchain Consulting Expert
    Podcast Link: Combining Smart Contracts, Crypto Currency, Security, and Zero Knowledge Proofs
  7. Guest Name: Andrey Ethan Rubin
    Company Name:Zucker lab at Tel Aviv University
    Podcast Link: Exploring How Microplastics Effect Humans, Animals, And Aquatic Environments
  8. Guest Name: Al Pacheco Kovaleski
    Company Name:University of Wisconsin Madison
    Podcast Link: Exploring How Plants Interact With Cold Conditions | What Improves Resilience?
  9. Guest Name: Alexander Tholl
    Company Name:Dive Design
    Podcast Link: Exploring The World Of 3-D Printing With Alexander Tholl Of Dive Design
  10. Guest Name: Akos Nyerges
    Company Name:Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics
    Podcast Link: Genetic Firewalls and Frontiers: Exploring New and Future Developments in Synthetic Biology
  11. Guest Name: Andrew Morriss
    Company Name:Professor, Bush School of Government and Public Service and School of Law
    Podcast Link: Green Energy: Analyzing The Data With Andrew Morriss Of Texas A&M University
  12. Guest Name: Art Rothafel
    Company Name:Private Label Fitness
    Podcast Link: Health And Fitness Marketing: How To Turn Your Vision Into A Successful Brand
  13. Guest Name: Anita Schjøll Brede
    Podcast Link: – Synthesizing the World’s Research
  14. Guest Name: Amber Clour
    Company Name:Diabetes Daily Grind
    Podcast Link: Judged by a Number: Living with Type 1 Diabetes with Amber Clour
  15. Guest Name: Augusto Villanueva Rodriguez
    Company Name:Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
    Podcast Link: Liver Lessons and Liquid Biopsies—Augusto Villanueva Rodriguez, MD—Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  16. Guest Name: Alessandra Sussulini
    Company Name:University of Campinas, Brazil
    Podcast Link: Measuring Metabolites in Sickness and Health—Alessandra Sussulini, Ph.D. —University of Campinas, Brazil
  17. Guest Name: Anonymous Microplastics Researcher
    Company Name:University
    Podcast Link: Microplastics & Waste: What Can We Do To Effectively Solve The Problem?
  18. Guest Name: Armin Ebrahimi
    Company Name:Shocard
    Podcast Link: Shocard — Armin Ebrahimi, Founder and CEO — Mobile Digital ID Verification System Built On the Blockchain
  19. Guest Name: Annie Miller
    Company Name:DC Metro Sleep and Psychotherapy
    Podcast Link: Sleep Health, Anxiety, and “Re-Entry” Therapy with Annie Miller
  20. Guest Name: Alexis Kirke
    Company Name:University of Plymouth
    Podcast Link: Starring Artificial Intelligence: AI Role in Media and Entertainment with Alexis Kirke
  21. Guest Name: Amy Bernard
    Company Name:The Kavli Foundation
    Podcast Link: Supporting Science At A Global Level | How This Expert Is Boosting Innovation
  22. Guest Name: Andres M. Gomez
    Company Name:University of Minnesota
    Podcast Link: The Magical Microbiome – Andres M. Gomez, Microbiomics, University of Minnesota – Microbiome Research, Health, Nutrition, Disease
  23. Guest Name: Anatoly Kvitnitsky
    Company Name:Trulioo
    Podcast Link: Trulioo — Anatoly Kvitnitsky — Global Identity Verification System That Is AML/KYC Compliant
  24. Guest Name: Albert-László Barabási
    Company Name:Northeastern University
    Podcast Link: Unlocking the Secrets of Cellular Networks: A Journey into Disease and Health
  25. Guest Name: Adrien Schmidt
    Company Name:Bouquet
    Podcast Link: Voice-Activated Access to Your Data in Real Time, 24/7—Adrien Schmidt—Aristotle by
  26. Guest Name: Andrea Lynn Kritcher
    Company Name:Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Podcast Link: What Is Fusion? | Exploring The Intricacies Of An Immensely Powerful Form Of Energy
  1. Guest Name: Ben Hindman
    Company Name:Splash
    Podcast Link: Ben Hindman-Splash-A Personalized Planning Tool For Your Next Business or Party Event
  2. Guest Name: Brian Poppe
    Company Name:Mutual of Omaha
    Podcast Link: Brian Poppe – Mutual of Omaha – Bringing Smart Contracts and Real-Time Accounting into the Insurance Industry
  3. Guest Name: Brian Spector
    Company Name:Qredo
    Podcast Link: Brian Spector, CEO of Qredo
  4. Guest Name: Brigitte Luginbuhl
    Company Name:Swiss RealCoin
    Podcast Link: Brigitte Luginbuhl – CEO & Head of Real Estate SwissRealCoin – Switzerland’s First Real Estate Crypto Token
  5. Guest Name: Bruce R. Sutherland
    Company Name:BIRS
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Microplastic Problem From A Fresh Perspective
  6. Guest Name: Braven Grant
    Company Name:Gains in Bulk
    Podcast Link: Gaining Insight: Crafting Success in the Fitness Supplements Arena
  7. Guest Name: Ben Hwang
    Company Name:Profusa
    Podcast Link: Helping You Harness the Power of Your Real-Time Biochemical Data—Ben Hwang—Profusa
  8. Guest Name: Bhuvnesh Bharti
    Company Name:LSU Department of Chemical Engineering
    Podcast Link: How Do We Clean Up Oil Spills? This Researcher Explains How Chemical Engineering May Hold the Solution
  9. Guest Name: Ben Azadi
    Company Name:Keto Kamp
    Podcast Link: Keto Diet Explained: Nuances and Cautionary Tales for How to Keto with Ben Azadi
  10. Guest Name: Brian J. Ford
    Company Name:Brian J. Ford
    Podcast Link: Marveling At Microscopes | Looking Back At 17th Century Science With Brian J. Ford
  11. Guest Name: Brenda Davis
    Company Name:Brenda Davis RD
    Podcast Link: Plant-Based Diets: There’s a Wrong and a Right Way to Do It
  12. Guest Name: Bethanie Carney Almroth
    Company Name:University of Gothenburg
    Podcast Link: Plastic Problems—Bethanie Carney Almroth—University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  13. Guest Name: Bianca Rodriguez
    Company Name:YOU ARE COMPLETE
    Podcast Link: Processing Trauma, Finding Holistic Wellness with Bianca Rodriguez
  14. Guest Name: Blaine Hitzfield
    Company Name:Seven Sons Farms
    Podcast Link: Providing Ethical And Transparent Pasture-Raised Meats And Groceries With Blaine Hitzfield Of Seven Sons Farms
  15. Guest Name: Barry Stripp and John Mahoney
    Company Name:Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute & Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Lab
    Podcast Link: Stem Cell Therapeutics and Cystic Fibrosis Affected Lung Regeneration – A Conversation with Barry Stripp and John Mahoney
  16. Guest Name: Brad Weisman
    Company Name:The Brad Weisman Show
    Podcast Link: The American Dream & Real Estate Today: Expert Insights From Brad Weisman
  17. Guest Name: Brendon Coventry
    Company Name:Adelaide, South Australia
    Podcast Link: The Evolutionary Biology of Your Immune System and How it Can Remove Cancer from the Body with Brendon Coventry
  18. Guest Name: Bishoy Goubran
    Company Name:Rush University Medical Center
    Podcast Link: Understanding The Mind & Body | How To Enhance Your Mental & Physical Health
  19. Guest Name: Brandon Beachum
    Company Name:Positive Head Podcast
    Podcast Link: Unlocking An Abundance Mindset | How To Cultivate Self-Discovery With Brandon Beachum
  20. Guest Name: Bonnie J. Kaplan
    Company Name:Cumming School of Medicine, UC Canada
    Podcast Link: Unlocking the Nutritional Keys to Better Brain Health: A Journey with Dr. Bonnie J. Kaplan
  21. Guest Name: Brenden Kumarasamy
    Company Name:MasterTalk
    Podcast Link: What Does It Mean To Be A Great Communicator? | A Public Speaking Coach Explains
  1. Guest Name: Charles Fisher
    Podcast Link: AI in Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence is the Way to Advance into the Next Era of Medical Technology
  2. Guest Name: Charlie Silver
    Company Name:Permission
    Podcast Link: Algebraix — Charlie Silver, CEO — Permissioned Mobile Marketing Platform That Rewards Users In Cryptocurrency
  3. Guest Name: Chelsea Rochman
    Company Name:Rochman Lab at the University of Toronto Lab
    Podcast Link: Anthropogenic Assays and Plastic Problems—Chelsea Rochman, PhD—Rochman Lab at the University of Toronto Lab
  4. Guest Name: Cambridge Global Payments and Qwil Partnering
    Company Name:Qwil
    Podcast Link: Cambridge Global Payments and Qwil Partnering to Streamline Payments for Freelancers
  5. Guest Name: Chris Aimone
    Company Name:Muse
    Podcast Link: Chris Aimone – Chief Technical Officer – InteraXon
  6. Guest Name: Cim Bergdahl
    Company Name:BLB Industries
    Podcast Link: Cim Bergdahl – Co-Founder/CEO – BLB Industries
  7. Guest Name: Colin Gounden
    Company Name:VIA
    Podcast Link: Colin Gounden- VIA- Using AI and Machine Learning to Prioritize Global Energy Infrastructure Upgrades and Maintenance
  8. Guest Name: Courtney Morris
    Company Name:Artifacts
    Podcast Link: Courtney Morris – Co-Founder – Artifacts
  9. Guest Name: Cheri Huber
    Company Name:Cheri Huber
    Podcast Link: Cultivating Awareness | How Meditation Can Improve Mental Health & Expand Consciousness
  10. Guest Name: Christine Purdon
    Company Name:University of Waterloo
    Podcast Link: Depression & Anxiety, and Their Effects on the Overall Health of the Individual with Christine Purdon
  11. Guest Name: Cecelia Doucette
    Company Name:Wireless Education
    Podcast Link: Electromagnetic Kinetic – Cecelia Doucette, Technical Writer and Education Services Director at Wireless Education – Environmental Toxins
  12. Guest Name: Cece Gerstenbacher
    Company Name:Merrimack Valley Planning Commission
    Podcast Link: Exploring Environmental Conservation With Marine Biologist Cece Gerstenbacher
  13. Guest Name: Carla Sridevi Cohen
    Company Name:quantummindshift
    Podcast Link: From Bedridden and Broken to Holistic Healer
  14. Guest Name: Christos Chinopoulos
    Company Name:Semmelweis University
    Podcast Link: How to Starve a Tumor: Cancer Treatment Research Assesses Metabolic Pathways
  15. Guest Name: Chris Ellis
    Company Name:AudioCardio
    Podcast Link: I Hear You! – Chris Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder of AudioCardio – Using Technology to Improve Hearing
  16. Guest Name: Cassandra Leah Quave
    Podcast Link: Nature’s Next Medicine – The Production of Biofilm and Fighting Off Pathogenic Bacteria with Cassandra Leah Quave
  17. Guest Name: Charles Morris
    Company Name:NextBlock Global
    Podcast Link: Nextblock Global: Investing in the Next Era of the Internet
  18. Guest Name: Colin Stuckert
    Company Name:Wild Foods Co.
    Podcast Link: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles | How This Company Is Taking Charge Of Food & Nutrition
  19. Guest Name: Camila Espejo
    Company Name:Tasmanian School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumors and how Disease Ecology can Forward the Oncology Field as a Whole with Camila Espejo
  20. Guest Name: Craig Goldberg
    Company Name:inHarmony
    Podcast Link: The Benefits Of Sound Therapy | How To Optimize Your Nervous System Health
  21. Guest Name: Carlos Sonnenschein M.D.
    Company Name:Tufts School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: The Reimagination of the Formation and Proliferation of Cancer Cells – A Conversation with Carlos Sonnenschein M.D.
  22. Guest Name: Carol S. Henger
    Company Name:Wildlife Conservation Society
    Podcast Link: The Urban Coyote: Unraveling The Mysteries Of Wild City-Dwelling Canines
  23. Guest Name: Cate Shanahan
    Company Name:DR Cate
    Podcast Link: Unlocking The Truth About Vegetable Oils: A Conversation With Dr. Cate Shanahan, MD
  24. Guest Name: Charlie Burgoyne
    Company Name:Valkyrie
    Podcast Link: Valkyrie on Your Side: CEO Charlie Burgoyne Talks Role of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Making
  25. Guest Name: Charlie Burgoyne
    Company Name:Valkyrie
    Podcast Link: Valkyrie on Your Side: CEO Charlie Burgoyne Talks Role of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Making
  26. Guest Name: Curtis Suttle
    Company Name:Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, The University of British Columbia
    Podcast Link: Virus Vocation – Curtis Suttle, Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, The University of British Columbia – An Overview of Viruses and Their Many Important Functions
  1. Guest Name: Dr. Tobias Carling
    Company Name:Carling Adrenal Center
    Podcast Link: A Discussion with Leading Expert on Adrenal Gland Surgery, Dr. Tobias Carling
  2. Guest Name: Dr. Gabriela Kalčíková
    Company Name:University of Ljubljana
    Podcast Link: Addressing The Global Problem Of Microplastics | How Can We Effectively Solve It?
  3. Guest Name: Dr. Lisa Amini
    Company Name:IBM Research Cambridge
    Podcast Link: AI Ingenuity – Dr. Lisa Amini, Director, IBM Research Cambridge – The Future of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in AI-based Products and Structures
  4. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Panama Fresh Organic
    Podcast Link: Alternative Cancer Treatments | A Holistic Approach To Health & Wellness
  5. Guest Name: Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
    Company Name:The Sandy Hook Clinic
    Podcast Link: An Epigenetics Expert Talks Aging, Health, Medicine, and More – Kara Fitzgerald and the Sandy Hook Clinic
  6. Guest Name: Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
    Company Name:The Sandy Hook Clinic
    Podcast Link: An Epigenetics Expert Talks Aging, Health, Medicine, and More – Kara Fitzgerald and the Sandy Hook Clinic
  7. Guest Name: Dr. Raychelle Cassada Lohmann
    Company Name:University of Mount Olive
    Podcast Link: Anger Issues: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Management Strategies with Dr. Raychelle Cassada Lohmann
  8. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman
    Company Name:Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD
    Podcast Link: Are You Really In Control Of Your Thoughts? Analyzing The Role The Unconcious Mind Plays In Your Life
  9. Guest Name: Dr. Eddy Gutierrez
    Company Name:Baptist Medical Center in Florida
    Podcast Link: Avoiding the Dangers of Mechanical Ventilation: An Alternative Life-Saving Oxygen Therapy
  10. Guest Name: Dean Masley
    Podcast Link: BlockChainEDU – Interview with Dean Masley of
  11. Guest Name: Dr. Marc Milstein
    Company Name:UCLA
    Podcast Link: Brain Health 101 | How To Lower Your Risk Of Memory Loss & Improve Longevity
  12. Guest Name: Dr. Banu Arun
    Company Name:University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: Breast Cancer Oncology: A Cutting-Edge Approach To Clinical Cancer Prevention
  13. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Dr. Bill McGraw
    Podcast Link: Can Sound Frequencies Kill Cancer? | Exploring The Benefits Of The Rife Machine
  14. Guest Name: Dr. Jonathan Greenberg
    Company Name:Sleep Certified
    Podcast Link: Certifiably Sound Sleep—Dr. Jonathan Greenberg—Sleep Certified
  15. Guest Name: Dr. Alexander Robel
    Company Name:School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech University
    Podcast Link: Changes In Glaciers & Ice: How Does This Impact Our Climate System?
  16. Guest Name: Dr. Dolores Di Vizio
    Company Name:Cedars-Sinai.
    Podcast Link: Chasing Extracellular Vesicles in Cancer: Dr. Dolores Di Vizio Explains Hopes for Her Research
  17. Guest Name: Dr. Nasha Winters
    Company Name:Dr. Nasha Winters
    Podcast Link: Cohabitating with Cancer: Dr. Nasha Winters Talks Trauma and Metabolic Approach to Cancer
  18. Guest Name: Dr. David Miklowitz
    Company Name:UCLA Semel Institute
    Podcast Link: Coping With Bipolar Disorder | Proven Strategies To Help Young People & Their Families
  19. Guest Name: Dr. Kerri Donaldson Hanna
    Company Name:University of Central Florida
    Podcast Link: Cosmic Geology Unveiled: Dr. Kerri Donaldson Hanna On Airless Celestial Bodies & Lunar Discoveries
  20. Guest Name: David Olney
    Company Name:Blind Insights with David Olney
    Podcast Link: Counter Terrorism is Out; Cyber Warfare is In: The Future of War in The Current Modern Era and Beyond
  21. Guest Name: David Henderson
    Company Name:Sweetbridge
    Podcast Link: David Henderson- Sweetbridge- A Low-Cost Trading and Banking Platform for Everyone
  22. Guest Name: Dr. Mark Abramson
    Company Name:Dr. Mark Abramson
    Podcast Link: Dentistry for Sleep Apnea and TMJ Pain: Dr. Mark Abramson Talks about Innovations to Treat Pain
  23. Guest Name: Dr. Petra Davelaar
    Company Name:Dr. Petra Davelaar
    Podcast Link: Deuterated Water and Effects of Nutrition on Disease – Dr. Petra Davelaar Discusses Functional Medicine
  24. Guest Name: Dr. Petra Davelaar
    Company Name:Dr. Petra Davelaar
    Podcast Link: Deuterated Water and Effects of Nutrition on Disease – Dr. Petra Davelaar Discusses Functional Medicine
  25. Guest Name: Dr. Brenda McManus
    Company Name:Trinity College in Dublin
    Podcast Link: Diabetic Dental Health Might Lead to the Foot: Brenda McManus Explains the Connection
  26. Guest Name: Dr. Brenda McManus
    Company Name:Trinity College in Dublin
    Podcast Link: Diabetic Dental Health Might Lead to the Foot: Brenda McManus Explains the Connection
  27. Guest Name: Dr. Takuya Segawa
    Company Name:ETH Zurich Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Diamonds Pave Way to New Tech: Dr. Takuya Segawa Explains Nanodiamond Quantum Physics
  28. Guest Name: David Christopher
    Company Name:Open Media
    Podcast Link: Digital Rights & Privacy | Interview With David Christopher of Open Media
  29. Guest Name: Dr. Mark A. Cruz
    Company Name:Dr. Mark A. Cruz
    Podcast Link: Discoveries in Dentistry – Mark A. Cruz, D.D.S, Dental Expert – Oral Health and Airway Issues
  30. Guest Name: Dr. Mark A. Cruz
    Company Name:Dr. Mark A. Cruz
    Podcast Link: Discoveries in Dentistry – Mark A. Cruz, D.D.S, Dental Expert – Oral Health and Airway Issues
  31. Guest Name: Dr. Michelle S. Min
    Company Name:UCI's Faculty Profile System
    Podcast Link: Diving Into Dermatology | How Do Experts Manage Rare Skin Disorders?
  32. Guest Name: Dr. Mikolaj Raszek
    Company Name:Merogenomics
    Podcast Link: DNA Analysis: Exploring The Medical Benefits Of Genome Sequencing
  33. Guest Name: Dr. Moray J. Campbell
    Company Name:Cedars-Sinai Cancer
    Podcast Link: Do Vitamin D & Genomic Ancestry Affect Cancer Cells? | An Expert Explains
  34. Guest Name: Dr. Bradley Nelson
    Company Name:Dr. Bradley Nelson
    Podcast Link: Does Emotional Energy Impact Your Health? | A Unique Outlook On Holistic Healing
  35. Guest Name: Dr. Judith Campisi
    Company Name:Buck Institute for Research on Aging
    Podcast Link: Dr. Judith Campisi of the Buck Institute Discusses Cell Senescence, Aging, and Quality of Life
  36. Guest Name: Dr. Monika Weber
    Company Name:Fluid-Screen
    Podcast Link: Dr. Monika Weber – CEO of Fluid-Screen – Disrupting Traditional Petri Dish Methods for Bacterial Testing
  37. Guest Name: Danny Grannick
    Company Name:Bristle
    Podcast Link: Easy At-Home Test Reveals Root Causes of Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, and Bad Breath
  38. Guest Name: Danny Grannick
    Company Name:Bristle
    Podcast Link: Easy At-Home Test Reveals Root Causes of Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, and Bad Breath
  39. Guest Name: Dr. Murano
    Company Name:Texas A&M University
    Podcast Link: Empowering Developing Countries | How To Elevate Farmers Out Of Poverty
  40. Guest Name: Dr. Mehdi Soleymani
    Company Name:Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology
    Podcast Link: EV Conversations – Dr. Mehdi Soleymani-Goloujeh of the Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology, ACECR in Tehran, Iran – Learning About Extracellular Vesicles and Their Important Roles in the Body
  41. Guest Name: Dr. Michelle Kukla and Dr. Eugene Lipov
    Company Name:Stella
    Podcast Link: Exploring PTSD Symptoms And Treatments With Two Frontline Medical Professionals
  42. Guest Name: Dr. Lilia Correa-Selm
    Company Name:University of South Florida
    Podcast Link: Exploring The World Of Dermatology: How Do Doctors Treat Skin Conditions?
  43. Guest Name: Dr. Erika Kohler
    Company Name:NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
    Podcast Link: Exploring Venus: Unraveling Planetary Mysteries With Dr. Erika Kohler
  44. Guest Name: David Greening
    Company Name:Baker Institute
    Podcast Link: Extracellular Explorations—David Greening—Molecular Proteomics at the Baker Institute
  45. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Pompa
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: From Pain to Purpose: Understanding Neurotoxicity—Dr. Daniel Pompa—Natural Detox Health Solutions
  46. Guest Name: Dr. Emily Rowe
    Company Name:Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness Center
    Podcast Link: Functional And Integrative Medicine | Going Beyond Conventional Treatment With Dr. Emily Rowe
  47. Guest Name: Dr. Tom Cowan
    Company Name:Dr. Tom Cowan
    Podcast Link: Functional Holistic Medicine | Natural Health Protocols You Can’t Miss Out On
  48. Guest Name: Dale R. Pfost
    Company Name:Microbiome Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Gut Microbiome – Dale R. Pfost, PhD, Director and Cofounder, Microbiome Therapeutics – The Microbiome, Gut to Brain Connections, Probiotics & Prebiotics
  49. Guest Name: Dr. Aggarwal
    Company Name:Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND
    Podcast Link: Healing the Mind and Body: Ameet Aggarwal Explains Naturopathy Benefits
  50. Guest Name: Dawn Gallop
    Company Name:Dawn Gallop of #9 Farms
    Podcast Link: Homesteading 101: Doing A Deep Dive Into Farming And Livestock Raising With Dawn Gallop
  51. Guest Name: Dick Vethaak
    Company Name:Vrije Universiteit
    Podcast Link: How Are Microplastics Impacting Your Health? | Essential Insight From An Expert Biologist And Toxicologist
  52. Guest Name: Dr. Amanda K Gibson
    Company Name:University of Virginia
    Podcast Link: How do parasites evolve with us — Dr. Amanda K Gibson
  53. Guest Name: Dr. Sanaz Hariri
    Company Name:305 Life
    Podcast Link: How Properly Nurturing Our Bodies Can Help Us Avoid Health Issues Down The Road
  54. Guest Name: Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Anderson
    Company Name:Moffitt Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: How Researchers Are Combating Cancer Using Mathematical Systems
  55. Guest Name: Dr. Brendon Coventry
    Company Name:University of Adelaide
    Podcast Link: How Researchers Are Using Vaccines to Effectively Treat Cancer
  56. Guest Name: Daniel Willingham
    Company Name:Department of Psychology, University of Virginia,
    Podcast Link: How To Enhance The Learning Experience | Reframing How We Teach Our Students
  57. Guest Name: Dr. Rachel Rudolph
    Company Name:Department of Vegetable Crops Extension & Research,UK
    Podcast Link: How Using An Alternative Approach To Plant Health Can Improve Crop Production
  58. Guest Name: Dr. Rachel Rudolph
    Company Name:Department of Vegetable Crops Extension & Research UK
    Podcast Link: How Using An Alternative Approach To Plant Health Can Improve Crop Production
  59. Guest Name: Dr. Cole
    Company Name:Dr Will Cole
    Podcast Link: Intuitively Intermittent Fasting: How You can use Your Diet to Reverse the Causes of Chronic Disease
  60. Guest Name: Dr. Marco Herling
    Company Name:Herling lab
    Podcast Link: Investigating an Extremely Rare and Aggressive Type of Cancer
  61. Guest Name: Dr. Mitchell Sullivan
    Company Name:University of Queensland
    Podcast Link: Is Glycogen Accumulation Key to Diabetes and Kidney Damage? Dr. Mitchell Sullivan Investigates
  62. Guest Name: Dr. Michael Biamonte
    Company Name:The Biamonte Center
    Podcast Link: Is Your Gut Healthy? | How To Properly Take Care Of Your Microbiome
  63. Guest Name: Daniel Schulof
    Company Name:KetoNatural Pet Foods
    Podcast Link: Is Your Pet Eating Healthy Food? | What Makes Low-Carb Kibble Superior
  64. Guest Name: Dr. David Jockers
    Company Name:drjockers
    Podcast Link: Ketosis Explained: Is the Ketogenic Diet Just Another Weight Loss Fad or Could It Actually Fight Cancer?
  65. Guest Name: Dr. Sandra Leibel
    Company Name:University of California San Diego
    Podcast Link: Lung Organoid Research: Advancing Surfactant Protein B Deficiency Treatment with Dr. Sandra Leibel
  66. Guest Name: Dr. Will Bateman
    Company Name:CCell Renewables Ltd
    Podcast Link: Marine Solutions for Coastal Protections Against Erosion and Marine Ecosystem Restoration with Dr. Will Bateman
  67. Guest Name: Dr. Stephanie Wright
    Company Name:Imperial College London,
    Podcast Link: Measuring and Managing Microplastics with Dr. Stephanie Wright
  68. Guest Name: Dr. Christoph Guger
    Company Name:g•tec
    Podcast Link: Mind Control – Dr. Christoph Guger, CEO and President, g • tec ( – How Groundbreaking Brain-Computer Interface Technology is Upending Everything We Thought We Knew About Brainwaves
  69. Guest Name: Dr. Eric Thomas Stafne
    Company Name:Mississippi State University
    Podcast Link: Optimizing Fruit And Nut Crop Production With Horticulturist Dr. Eric Thomas Stafne
  70. Guest Name: Dan LeMoine
    Company Name:Re:Vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness
    Podcast Link: Optimizing Health & Nutrition | How To Create An Individualized Plan That Boosts Your Metabolism
  71. Guest Name: Dr. David Olson
    Company Name:delix therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Overcoming The Stigma Of Psychedelics: What Psychoplastogens Can Do For Neurological Medicine
  72. Guest Name: Dr. David Olson
    Company Name:delix therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Overcoming The Stigma Of Psychedelics: What Psychoplastogens Can Do For Neurological Medicine
  73. Guest Name: Denver Holt
    Company Name:Owl Research Institute
    Podcast Link: Owl Insights: The Lives, Adaptations, and Conservation of the World’s Most Recognized Group of Animals
  74. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Britt
    Company Name:University of Central Florida
    Podcast Link: Planetary Geology: Investigating The Physical Properties And Mineralogy Of Asteroids And Comets With Dr. Daniel Britt
  75. Guest Name: Dr. Maggie Wagner
    Company Name:Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas
    Podcast Link: Plant Health 101 | How To Improve Crops Using Genomics & Genetics
  76. Guest Name: Donnie Yance
    Company Name:Mederi Center
    Podcast Link: Plant Medicine: How Donnie Yance Uses Plants to Improve Healthcare and Quality of Life
  77. Guest Name: Dr. Paul Zeitz
    Company Name:Unify Movements
    Podcast Link: Revolutionary Optimism: Changing The World With Extreme Acts Of Kindness
  78. Guest Name: Dr. Kim Kutsch
    Company Name:CariFree
    Podcast Link: Salivation Salvation—Dr. Kim Kutsch—CariFree
  79. Guest Name: Dr. Mo Hannah
    Company Name:Siena College in Loudonville
    Podcast Link: Signs of Psychiatric Corruption and the Dangers of Psychiatric Medication and its Effects with Dr. Mo Hannah
  80. Guest Name: Dr. Khoshal Latifzai
    Company Name:Rocky Mountain Regenerative Medicine
    Podcast Link: Stem Cell Biology And Regenerative Medicine | How To Improve Your Quality-Of-Life The Right Way
  81. Guest Name: Donny Hanjaya-Putra
    Company Name:University of Notre Dame
    Podcast Link: Stem Cell Manipulation – Donny Hanjaya-Putra, Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame – Utilizing Contemporary Engineering Principles to Control Stem Cell Differentiation, Cellular Repair, and Drug Therapy
  82. Guest Name: Dr. Theodore Belfor
    Company Name:Catskill, NY
    Podcast Link: The Airway Analysis – Dr. Theodore Belfor, Dental Innovator and Expert – Snoring Causes and Effect, Snoring Treatment, and Modern Practices
  83. Guest Name: Dr. Theodore Belfor
    Company Name:Catskill
    Podcast Link: The Airway Analysis – Dr. Theodore Belfor, Dental Innovator and Expert – Snoring Causes and Effect, Snoring Treatment, and Modern Practices
  84. Guest Name: Doug Evans
    Company Name:The Sproutbook
    Podcast Link: The Benefits Of A Plant-Based Lifestyle: How To Optimize Your Diet & Improve Your Health
  85. Guest Name: Doug Evans
    Company Name:Doug Evans
    Podcast Link: The Benefits Of A Plant-Based Lifestyle: How To Optimize Your Diet & Improve Your Health
  86. Guest Name: Dr. Sharmily S. Khanam
    Company Name:University of Oklahoma
    Podcast Link: The Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance in Gut Bacteria: Sharmily Khanam Explains Her Research
  87. Guest Name: Dan Faggella
    Company Name:TechEmergence
    Podcast Link: The Future of AI – Dan Faggella, Founder and CEO of TechEmergence – Discovering the Trends and Following Future Developments of the Furiously Expanding Artificial Intelligence Market
  88. Guest Name: Dr. Howard Hindin
    Company Name:Airway Health
    Podcast Link: The Importance of Airway Health for Improved Sleep and Better Overall Health—Dr. Howard Hindin, DDS—Foundation for Airway Health and American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry
  89. Guest Name: Dr. Cory Kidd
    Company Name:Catalia Health
    Podcast Link: The Kindness of Robots – Dr. Cory Kidd, Founder, CEO, Catalia Health – How Robots with Sophisticated AI Are Helping Patients Take Better Care of Themselves
  90. Guest Name: Dr. Sami Timimi
    Company Name:Dr. Sami Timimi
    Podcast Link: The Medicalization of Ordinary and Understandable: How Psychiatry Can Sometimes Do More Harm Than Good
  91. Guest Name: Dr. Sandra Kaufmann
    Company Name:The Kaufmann Anti-aging Institute
    Podcast Link: The Process of Aging and the Emerging Battle to Halt Cellular Aging Mechanisms with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann
  92. Guest Name: David M. Ewalt
    Company Name:Author of Defying Reality
    Podcast Link: The Unavoidable Reality of Virtual Reality – David M. Ewalt, Author of Defying Reality: The Inside Story of the Virtual Reality Revolution – How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Transform the Way We Work, Play, and Experience Daily Life
  93. Guest Name: Dr. Scott A. Johnson
    Company Name:Author
    Podcast Link: Treating Ankylosing Spondylitis – Dr. Scott A. Johnson, Author of Beating Ankylosing Spondylitis Naturally – Why Essential Oils May Be Just What You Need to Treat Your Condition
  94. Guest Name: Dr. Miles Nichols
    Company Name:Medicine with Heart
    Podcast Link: Uncovering and Treating Chronic, Complex Diseases with Functional Medicine Doctor Dr. Miles Nichols
  95. Guest Name: Dr. Ueli Rutishauser
    Company Name:Board of Governors Chair, Neurosciences
    Podcast Link: Unraveling The Intricacies Of Human Memory With Dr. Rutishauser
  96. Guest Name: Dr. Joanna Sadler
    Company Name:The University of Edinburgh
    Podcast Link: Up-Cycling Chemical Materials To Enhance Sustainability An Expert Explains
  97. Guest Name: Dr. Michael Ruscio
    Company Name:Dr. Ruscio
    Podcast Link: Using Functional Medicine And Nutritional Therapy To Diagnose And Treat Various Medical Conditions
  98. Guest Name: Dr. Christopher Estes
    Company Name:Miami Beach Comprehensive Wellness
    Podcast Link: Wellness Unveiled: Navigating Holistic Health with Dr. Christopher Estes
  99. Guest Name: Dr. Bill Carroll
    Company Name:Bill Carroll
    Podcast Link: What Will It Take To Sustainably Recycle Our Plastic?
  100. Guest Name: Danielle Clode
    Company Name:Danielle Clode
    Podcast Link: What’s The Scoop On Koalas? | A Science Author Sits Down To Explain
  101. Guest Name: Dr. John Coffin
    Company Name:Tufts University School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Where Did Human DNA Come From? | Taking A Closer Look At Genetic Evolution With Dr. John Coffin
  1. Guest Name: Jamie Burke
    Company Name:Outlier Ventures
    Podcast Link: A Bold New World – Jamie Burke, Founder and CEO of Outlier Ventures – Emerging Technologies, and the Tools That Are Changing How We Do Business in the 21st Century
  2. Guest Name: Jonathan Chou
    Company Name:Bee Token
    Podcast Link: Bee Token — Jonathan Chou, CEO — Decentralized Vacation Rental Platform Utilizing Ethereum Smart Contracts
  3. Guest Name: Jane Antony
    Company Name:Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
    Podcast Link: Cancer Research – Jane Antony, Postdoctoral Researcher, Stanford Medicine, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine – DNA, Therapies, Cell Biology, and The Quest For New Treatments
  4. Guest Name: James DeGregori
    Company Name:University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
    Podcast Link: Carcinogenesis Pathology and the Carcinogenic Conditions that can Affect Cancer Diagnosis and Therapeutics with James DeGregori
  5. Guest Name: Joseph Wang
    Company Name:Cryptohwwallet
    Podcast Link: Cryptohwwallet — Joseph Wang, Founder and CEO — World’s Largest Crypto Hardware Wallet and Accessory Superstore
  6. Guest Name: Joshua Smith
    Company Name:CureCoin
    Podcast Link: CureCoin – Help Discover New Drugs & Cure Disease By Mining Cure Coin
  7. Guest Name: Jessica Chang
    Company Name:Wee Care
    Podcast Link: Day Care Demand – Jessica Chang, Co-founder and CEO of Wee Care – The Growing Need for Quality Day Care That Is Motivating Entrepreneurs and Caregivers to Start Their Own Centers
  8. Guest Name: Jessica Higgins
    Company Name:Digits
    Podcast Link: Digits, Paying With Crypto Made Easy
  9. Guest Name: Judy Illes and Anthony Hannan
    Company Name:International Brain Initiative
    Podcast Link: Expanding The World Of Neuroscience | Why Scientific Collaboration Matters
  10. Guest Name: Jonathan Parker
    Company Name:Sleep Performance Institute
    Podcast Link: Helping People Identify and Resolve Their Sleeping Issues
  11. Guest Name: Justin Hayes
    Company Name:The House of You
    Podcast Link: Highs & Lows | How To Take Charge Of Your Mental Health (And Thrive Doing It)
  12. Guest Name: J.R. Skok
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: How J.R. Skok and the “Made of Mars” Initiative Could Save Humanity
  13. Guest Name: John Gotts
    Company and
    Podcast Link: ICO Crackdown is HERE – China, Russia, USA, Israel, South Korea – What to do about it?
  14. Guest Name: Jason Trost
    Company Name:Smarkets
    Podcast Link: Jason Trost – Founder and CEO at Smarkets – Prediction Market And Betting Exchange.
  15. Guest Name: Joe Mohen
    Company Name:Chimes Media
    Podcast Link: Joe Mohen – CEO of Chimes Media
  16. Guest Name: James Bare
    Company Name:Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co.
    Podcast Link: Jumping Into Resonant Frequency Therapy | What Are The Health Benefits?
  17. Guest Name: Jen Fisch
    Company Name:Keto In The City
    Podcast Link: Keto Care – Jen Fisch, Founder, Keto In The City – The Ketogenic Lifestyle for Wellness, Losing Weight, and Feeling Great!
  18. Guest Name: Jay Fields
    Company Name:Jay Fields
    Podcast Link: Managing Your Emotions: The Importance Of Building A Trustworthy Relationship With Yourself
  19. Guest Name: Juan José Bonello
    Company Name:Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology
    Podcast Link: Microplastics in Maltese Waters and Beyond – Eye-Opening Insights from Juan José Bonello
  20. Guest Name: Jacopo Buongiorno
    Company Name:MIT Department of Engineering
    Podcast Link: Otter Alternatives to Conventional Wetsuits—Jacopo Buongiorno—MIT Department of Engineering
  21. Guest Name: Jonathan Lynch
    Company Name:Department of Plant Science, PSU
    Podcast Link: Plant Genetics 101: How To Improve Crop Yield In Degraded Soil
  22. Guest Name: Jonathan Lynch
    Company Name:Pennsylvania State University
    Podcast Link: Plant Genetics 101: How To Improve Crop Yield In Degraded Soil
  23. Guest Name: John Virdin
    Company Name:Ocean and Coastal Policy Program at Duke University
    Podcast Link: Protect Our Oceans: Regulating Human Activity To Reduce Poverty And Conserve Marine Environments
  24. Guest Name: Jahan Khamsehzadeh
    Company Name:Jahan Khamsehzadeh
    Podcast Link: Psychedelic Clarity | How Does Psilocybin Impact The Human Experience As We Know It?
  25. Guest Name: John Jaquish
    Company Name:Jaquish Biomedical
    Podcast Link: Redefining Society’s Approach To Fitness: How You Can Enhance Your Exercise Routine
  26. Guest Name: Jennifer A. Marshall Graves
    Company Name:La Trobe University
    Podcast Link: The Behavior of Sex Chromosomes and the Understanding of the Mammalian Genome with Jennifer A. Marshall Graves
  27. Guest Name: Jonathan Sadowsky
    Company Name:Case Western Reserve University
    Podcast Link: The Fascinating History Of Psychiatry | How Has This Field Evolved Over Time?
  28. Guest Name: Joe Luciani
    Company Name:Author
    Podcast Link: Unlearning the Habit Loops of Anxiety and Depression with Joe Luciani, PhD
  29. Guest Name: Joshua Earl Arnold
    Company Name:Warren Wilson College
    Podcast Link: Urban Farming, Sustainable Agriculture, and More with Joshua Earl Arnold
  30. Guest Name: Juan Manuel García-Ruiz
    Company Name:University of Granada
    Podcast Link: What Can Crystals Tell Us About The Origins Of Life? | A Geoscientist Explains
  31. Guest Name: Jeffrey Mogil
    Company Name:McGill University’s Department of Psychology
    Podcast Link: What Is Pain? | Diving Into The Complex Field Of Pain Research
  32. Guest Name: Joe Pierre
    Company Name:Deparment of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, UCSF
    Podcast Link: What Is Schizophrenia? | Taking A Closer Look At Psychotic Disorders
  33. Guest Name: Jerry Jacobs Jr.
    Company Name:Catholic Alpha
    Podcast Link: What Is The Purpose Of A Man? | A Life & Marriage Expert Explains
  34. Guest Name: Jonathan Rogers
    Company Name:Georgia Tech
    Podcast Link: Why a Robot Named Tarzan May Be The Key To Our Children’s Food Security with Jonathan Rogers of Georgia Tech
  35. Guest Name: Jon D. Levenson
    Company Name:Harvard University
    Podcast Link: Words of Wisdom: Delving into Jewish Literature and Theology with Jon D. Levenson
  1. Guest Name: Kilian Koepsell
    Company Name:Caption Health
    Podcast Link: Artificial Intelligence Meets Ultrasound: Caption Health’s Kilian Koepsell Explains
  2. Guest Name: Kalliat T. Valsaraj
    Company Name:Louisianna State University
    Podcast Link: Breaking Down The Characteristics Of Microplastics And How They Transform Within The Environment
  3. Guest Name: Kevin Boyd
    Company Name:The Dawson Academy
    Podcast Link: Darwinian Dentistry – Kevin Boyd, DDS, MS, Pediatric Dentist – Early Orthodontics, Evolutionary Medicine, and the Future of Dentistry
  4. Guest Name: Kevin Costa
    Company Name:Novoheart
    Podcast Link: Heart of the Problem – Kevin Costa, CSO, Scientific Co-Founder, Novoheart – Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, and the Challenge to Defeat Human Heart Conditions and Diseases
  5. Guest Name: Kris Verburgh
    Company Name:NOVOS
    Podcast Link: How Aging Influences Our Body’s Wellbeing and the Potential to Stop The Process Altogether with Kris Verburgh
  6. Guest Name: Khara D. Grieger
    Company Name:North Carolina State University
    Podcast Link: Nanomaterials Are In Our Food – Are They Safe? | An Expert Explains
  7. Guest Name: Kit Tran
    Company Name:HyreCar
    Podcast Link: Rideshare Rentals – Kit Tran, Chief Marketing Officer at HyreCar – Solving the Rideshare Vehicle Shortage & Creating Financial Opportunities
  8. Guest Name: Kathryn Fantauzzi
    Company Name:Apollo
    Podcast Link: Technology for the Modern Age: An App and Wearable Device for Treating and Preventing Burnout—Kathryn Fantauzzi—Apollo
  9. Guest Name: Kelley Thornton
    Company Name:Tiege Hanley
    Podcast Link: The Benefits Of Healthy Skin | How To Make Skincare More Accessible For Men
  1. Guest Name: Mackenzie Wells
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: A Conversation with a Coffee Connoisseur and Roaster—Mackenzie Wells—Professional Coffee Roaster
  2. Guest Name: Matthew G. Vander Heiden
    Company Name:Koch Institute at MIT
    Podcast Link: An In-Depth Examination of Cancer Cells and Cell Metabolism Impact Factors with Matthew G. Vander Heiden
  3. Guest Name: Mark Gale
    Company Name:Charleston/Orwig
    Podcast Link: Are You Going to Eat That? Mark Gale, CEO, Charleston/Orwig — How Food Tech Companies are Racing to Deliver Plant-Based & Clean Meats to Your Dining Table
  4. Guest Name: Mate Tokay
    Podcast Link: BitCoin – Interview with Mate Tokay, COO of
  5. Guest Name: Marco Santori
    Company Name:Cooley LLP
    Podcast Link: Cooley LLP – Marco Santori, Fintech, Bitcoin & Blockchain Attorney
  6. Guest Name: Matt Herrick
    Company Name:Deedcoin
    Podcast Link: Deedcoin – The Cryptocurrency that Simplifies Real Estate
  7. Guest Name: Michelle Cummings
    Company Name:Dow Performance Silicones
    Podcast Link: Exploring Silicone & Polymer Chemistry | What Makes These Materials So Important?
  8. Guest Name: Michael Skinner
    Company Name:Washington State University
    Podcast Link: Exposed – Michael Skinner, PhD, Professor, School of Biological Sciences at Washington State University – Explaining How Various Toxins Can Potentially Impact Multiple Generations of a Species
  9. Guest Name: Marcus Freudenmann
    Podcast Link: Functional Medicine and Cancer Treatment: A Conversation with Marcus Freudenmann of
  10. Guest Name: Matt Liston
    Company Name:Gnosis
    Podcast Link: Gnosis – A Modular, Decentralized Prediction Market Built on Ethereum
  11. Guest Name: Maher Abou Hachem
    Company Name:Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, DTU
    Podcast Link: Healthcare Innovation: Transforming Blood Types With Maher Abou Hachem
  12. Guest Name: Martin Bidartondo
    Company Name:Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College London
    Podcast Link: How Do Fungal Systems Influence Plant Health? | A Molecular Ecologist Explains
  13. Guest Name: Mae Steigler
    Company Name:Organifi
    Podcast Link: How One Company Is Using Its Platform To Empower You Through Personal Wellness
  14. Guest Name: Marjorie Ingall and Susan McCarthy
    Company Name:Sorry Watch
    Podcast Link: How To Apologize Effectively | 6 (And A Half) Essential Tips
  15. Guest Name: Michael Armbruster
    Company Name:Incept3d
    Podcast Link: Incept3d – 3D Printing Fulfillment Service Using Industrial Level, 3D Printers
  16. Guest Name: Mark Vincent
    Company Name:London Regional Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: Lung and Gastrointestinal Cancers, Using New Therapeutic Techniques, and the Rise of New Cancers with Mark Vincent
  17. Guest Name: Maciej Kranz
    Company Name:Cisco
    Podcast Link: Maciej Kranz – Vice President of Strategic Innovation – Pioneer of IOT and Vice President of Strategic Innovation at Cisco
  18. Guest Name: MatterHackers
    Company Name:matter control
    Podcast Link: Matter Hackers, 3D Printing for Everyone
  19. Guest Name: Marcia Morris
    Company Name:Department of Psychiatry, University of Florida
    Podcast Link: Mental Health Amongst College Students | Why Anxiety & Depression Is On The Rise, & What To Do About It
  20. Guest Name: Michael Singer
    Company Name:BrainScope
    Podcast Link: Michael Singer-BrainScope-An AI-Based, Handheld Device for Objectively and Reliably Assessing Traumatic Brain Injuries
  21. Guest Name: Misha Esipvo
    Company Name:Nova Credit
    Podcast Link: Misha Esipvo – CEO & Co-Founder Of Nova Credit – Helping Immigrants Access Good Credit
  22. Guest Name: Marshal Webb
    Company Name:Path
    Podcast Link: Path.Network – Blockchain Powered Network Intelligence
  23. Guest Name: Marco Vighi
    Company Name:IMDEA Water Institute
    Podcast Link: Plastics in our Water Cycle: Researcher Marco Vighi Talks Ecology Risk Assessment
  24. Guest Name: Michael C. Munger
    Company Name:Duke University
    Podcast Link: Pushing for the Platform Economy with Michael C. Munger
  25. Guest Name: Murat Onen
    Company Name:Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Podcast Link: Pushing the Boundaries of AI, Cheaply and Efficiently: Murat Onen Explains
  26. Guest Name: Marcy Mckay
    Company Name:Marcy Mckay
    Podcast Link: Reframing Trauma & Stress | How To Enjoy Health, Happiness, & Success
  27. Guest Name: Magdalena Sorger
    Company Name:North Carolina State University
    Podcast Link: The Jaws of an Ant’s Life
  28. Guest Name: Michael Dugan, MD
    Company Name:Biocept
    Podcast Link: The Liquid Biopsy Procedure for Getting a Better Look into Cancer Progression and Metastasis with Michael Dugan, MD
  29. Guest Name: Milica Velimirovic
    Company Name:VITO
    Podcast Link: The Second Part of the Plastic Problem with Milica Velimirovic
  30. Guest Name: Marc Sholes
    Company Name:Marc Sholes, LCSW
    Podcast Link: The Secret Key To A Successful Relationship | How To Reset Your Romantic GPS
  1. Guest Name: Nita Sweeney
    Company Name:Nita Sweeney
    Podcast Link: Developing Tools For A Happier, Healthier Mind With Mental And Physical Health Advocate Nita Sweeney
  2. Guest Name: Nicholas (Nik) P. Money
    Company Name:The Mycologist
    Podcast Link: Discussing the Timing of Life and Evolutionary Changes with Nicholas P. Money
  3. Guest Name: Nikki Burnett
    Company Name:Taste Life Nutrition
    Podcast Link: Fertility & Diet: Bridging Traditional Medicine & Functional Nutrition To Achieve Optimal Health
  4. Guest Name: Natalie M. Mahowald
    Company Name:Cornell Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Podcast Link: Microplastics: Analyzing Where They Come From And How They Are Transported
  5. Guest Name: Nick Conley
    Company Name:Epibiome
    Podcast Link: Nick Conley – Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder of Epibiome – Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
  6. Guest Name: Nitin Agarwal
    Company Name:B21
    Podcast Link: Nitin Agarwal – Founder at B21- Your Personal Wealth Manager for Crypto Assets
  7. Guest Name: Nicolas Vabret
    Company Name:Mount Sinai
    Podcast Link: On Virology and Immunology—Nicolas Vabret, PhD—Assistant Professor of Medicine, Hematology, and Medical Oncology at Mount Sinai
  8. Guest Name: Nadine Artemis
    Company Name:Holistic Dental Care
    Podcast Link: Oral Health, Holistic Health – Nadine Artemis, Noted Author of the Book, Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums – The Whole-Body Approach to Oral Health, Healthy Extracts, and Wellness Solutions
  9. Guest Name: Nathan Crane
    Company Name:Nathan Crane
    Podcast Link: Reflecting On the Connection Between Cancer and Lifestyle with Nathan Crane
  1. Guest Name: Pete Wassell
    Company Name:Augmate
    Podcast Link: Augmate — Pete Wassell, Founder and CEO — Blockchain Security and Device Management Platform for IOT Devices
  2. Guest Name: Patrick Murck
    Company Name:FinTech Lawyer
    Podcast Link: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Fin Tech Lawyer, Patrick Murck
  3. Guest Name: Patricia Morreale
    Company Name:Kean University
    Podcast Link: Exploring Computer Science | How Do We Control Technological Growth?
  4. Guest Name: Paul Paradis
    Company Name:Sezzle
    Podcast Link: Paul Paradis- Sezzle- Giving You the Power to Buy Now and Pay Later with No Interest and No Credit Check
  5. Guest Name: Perry Marshall
    Company Name:Perry Marshall
    Podcast Link: Smart Cells: Cancer and Evolutionary Biology with Perry Marshall
  6. Guest Name: Priya Nimish Deo
    Company Name:Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital
    Podcast Link: Technology, Disease, and the Bacteria in Your Mouth—Priya Nimish Deo—Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital in India
  7. Guest Name: Priya Nimish Deo
    Company Name:Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital
    Podcast Link: Technology, Disease, and the Bacteria in Your Mouth—Priya Nimish Deo—Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital in India
  8. Guest Name: Philippe Menasché
    Company Name:University of Paris Descartes
    Podcast Link: The Heart of the Matter – Philippe Menasché, MD, PhD, Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Paris Descartes – Heart Failure Treatment, Stem Cells, and Medical Advances
  9. Guest Name: Paco Calvo
    Company Name:Minimal Intelligence Lab
    Podcast Link: Unearthing New Patterns of Plant Behavior—Paco Calvo—Minimal Intelligence Lab
  10. Guest Name: Phyllis C. Zee
    Company Name:Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.
    Podcast Link: Wide Awake: Sleep Disorders Treatment with Phyllis C. Zee
  1. Guest Name: Rudy
    Company Name:Alaska Prepper
    Podcast Link: Are You Prepared For Anything? The Alaska Prepper Explains Why You Should Be
  2. Guest Name: Robert Muggah
    Company Name:Igarape Institute
    Podcast Link: Can New Tech Reduce Crime? With Robert Muggah of Igarape Institute
  3. Guest Name: Robert Siegel
    Company Name:The Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford University
    Podcast Link: Coronavirus Conversations—Robert Siegel, PhD, MD—The Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford University
  4. Guest Name: Rana Foroohar
    Company Name:Financial Times
    Podcast Link: Exploring A Globalization-Free Economic Structure With Author And Analyst Rana Foroohar
  5. Guest Name: Rob Fried
    Company Name:ChromaDex
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Science Of Healthy Aging With Rob Fried: NAD+, Anti-Aging Techniques, & More
  6. Guest Name: Rob Wilson
    Company Name:Incent Loyalty
    Podcast Link: Incent Loyalty – Digital Currency Reward Program
  7. Guest Name: Robin McNamara
    Company Name:Kira Systems
    Podcast Link: Kira – Machine Learning Contract Analysis Software
  8. Guest Name: Riccardo Spagni
    Company Name:Monero
    Podcast Link: Monero – An Open-Source Cryptocurrency Focused on Blockchain Privacy
  9. Guest Name: Ramani Narayan
    Company Name:Michigan State University
    Podcast Link: Plastic Waste Predators: Harnessing Nature to Combat Global Plastic Pollution
  10. Guest Name: Rob Bodor
    Company Name:Proto Labs
    Podcast Link: Proto Labs – Master of the Seven 3D-Printing Styles; from Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering, Direct Metal Laser Sintering To Much More
  11. Guest Name: Rio Sugimura
    Company Name:Daley Lab
    Podcast Link: Recipe for Blood: Researcher Rio Sugimura Describes his Research in Developing Blood Stem Cells
  12. Guest Name: Rachelle McCloud
    Company Name:Rachelle McCloud
    Podcast Link: Tapping Into a Healthier Brain—Learning Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Rachelle McCloud
  13. Guest Name: Robert Munro
    Company Name:Figure Eight (acquired by Appen)
    Podcast Link: The Future of AI – Robert Munro, Author, Expert in Human and Machine Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence—What’s On the Horizon?
  14. Guest Name: Richard Thompson
    Company Name:Marine Institute at Plymouth University
    Podcast Link: The Harm of Microplastics in the Environment and Fighting for Fewer Single-Use Plastic with Richard Thompson
  15. Guest Name: Rachel Hill
    Company Name:the invisible hypothyroidism
    Podcast Link: The Hypothyroidism Struggle – Rachel Hill, Author, and Founder of The Invisible Hypothyroidism – Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Issues, Symptoms, Treatments, and Finding Your Way Back to Health
  16. Guest Name: Robby Barbaro
    Company Name:Mastering Diabetes
    Podcast Link: The Power Of Eating More Fruit | How This Person Has Mastered Diabetes
  1. Guest Name: Scott Young
    Company Name:Scott Young
    Podcast Link: A Focused Mind: How to Enter a Deep Work State, Start Focusing in One Direction, and Live a More Productive Life
  2. Guest Name: Steven Sashen
    Company Name:Xero Shoes
    Podcast Link: A Shoe that Puts Your Foot’s Desires First—Steven Sashen—Xero Shoes
  3. Guest Name: Scott Anderson
    Company Name:Psychobiotic Revolution
    Podcast Link: Bacterial Behaviors—Scott Anderson, Author of The Psychobiotic Revolution: Mood, Food, and the New Science of the Gut-Brain Connection
  4. Guest Name: Sebastian Schepis and Jag Sidhu
    Company Name:Blockchain Foundry and Syscoin
    Podcast Link: Blockchain Foundry and Syscoin
  5. Guest Name: Shervin Takyar
    Company Name:Yale School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Cancer: It Takes a Village—Insights from Shervin Takyar, MD, PhD
  6. Guest Name: Saverio Gentile
    Company Name:University of Illinois
    Podcast Link: Disrupting Cancer: Altering Cellular Ion Channels to Inhibit Cancer with Saverio Gentile
  7. Guest Name: Sarah Whiteley
    Company Name:The University of Canberra
    Podcast Link: Dynamics of Epigenetics and Environmentally Sensitive Sex Determination in Reptiles with Sarah Whiteley
  8. Guest Name: Sarah Boisvert
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Evolving Industries – Sarah Boisvert, Author of, The New Collar Workforce: An Insider’s Guide to Making Impactful Changes to Manufacturing and Training – How New Technologies are Pushing Us to Expand and Evolve Manufacturing
  9. Guest Name: St. Patrick Reid
    Company Name:University Of Nebraska
    Podcast Link: Exploring Pathogenic Virus Diseases with Professor St. Patrick Reid
  10. Guest Name: Steven Kotler
    Company Name:Steven Kotler
    Podcast Link: Hardwired for the Impossible: Human Performance Tools with Steven Kotler
  11. Guest Name: Shannon Race
    Podcast Link: Heal Your Gut: Enhance Your Microbiome To Build A Better You
  12. Guest Name: Sendurai A. Mani
    Company Name:MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: How Does Cancer Spread (Metastasize) to Other Parts of the Body and How to Prevent it?
  13. Guest Name: Steven Clausnitzer
    Company Name:Forever Labs
    Podcast Link: How Harvesting And Storing Your Stem Cells Can Benefit Your Future Self
  14. Guest Name: Steve Zarpas
    Company Name:PHK Inc.
    Podcast Link: Ketone Kaleidoscope – Steve Zarpas, President and CEO of PHK Inc. – The Amazing Benefits of Ketone Supplementation
  15. Guest Name: Sebastien Bonneu
    Company Name:CountrySide Farm
    Podcast Link: Local Farming 101 | How To Effectively Raise And Sell Meat In Your Community
  16. Guest Name: Sally Jenkins
    Company Name:Washington Post
    Podcast Link: Looking To Athletes For Inspiration | 7 Principles For Life Success
  17. Guest Name: Svetlana Lutsenko
    Company Name:Johns Hopkins Medicine
    Podcast Link: Metal Metabolism – Svetlana Lutsenko, PhD, Professor of Physiology at Johns Hopkins Medicine – Human Disorders Associated With Copper Metabolism
  18. Guest Name: Stephen Gluck
    Company Name:Division of Nephrology at UCSF
    Podcast Link: Mystery of Dialysis Treatment Explained by Nephrologist Stephen Gluck
  19. Guest Name: Samuel Minot
    Company Name:Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center
    Podcast Link: Our Microbiome, Cancer, and Infectious Diseases: Microbiologist Samuel Minot Runs the Numbers
  20. Guest Name: Sarah Carson
    Company Name:Leota
    Podcast Link: Sarah Carson – Founder And CEO At Leota – Comfortable, Sustainable Fashion For Women
  21. Guest Name: Scott Brown
    Company Name:VODX
    Podcast Link: Scott Brown – CEO and Founder at VODX – Digital Advertising Display Unit Integrated With Smart Faucet Technology.
  22. Guest Name: Skyllz
    Company Name:Skyllz
    Podcast Link: Skyllz – Blockchain-Based Skills Validation Platform
  23. Guest Name: Stacy Erickson Edwards
    Company Name:CPAPBABES
    Podcast Link: Sleep Apnea and the CPAP Machine Encouraging Awareness, Appreciation, and Empowerment—Stacy Erickson Edwards—CPAPBabes
  24. Guest Name: Sonja Schrepfer and Tobias Deuse
    Company Name:University of California in San Francisco
    Podcast Link: Transplants without Immunosuppressant Drugs: UCSF’s Transplant and Stem Cell Immunobiology Lab
  25. Guest Name: Stefanie N. Milam
    Podcast Link: Using Planetary Science To Tell Us More About The Origins Of Our Solar System With Stefanie N. Milam
  26. Guest Name: Sarah Zabel
    Company Name:Sarah Zabel
    Podcast Link: What Is Depression? | Exploring The Nature Of A Widespread Mental Illness
  1. Guest Name: Tim Francis
    Company Name:Profit Factory and Great Assistant
    Podcast Link: Are You Prepared For Economic Uncertainty? | How To Thrive In Hard Times
  2. Guest Name: Tanya Phillips
    Company Name:Texas Honey Bee Farm
    Podcast Link: Beekeeping 101: How You Can Cultivate Your Own Bee Colony | 3 Essential Tips
  3. Guest Name: Thomas Purifoy
    Company Name:Compass Cinema
    Podcast Link: Educating People From A God-Centered Perspective | How This Filmmaker Is Making A Difference
  4. Guest Name: Timothy Hoellein
    Company Name:Loyola University in Chicago
    Podcast Link: Effects of Garbage on the Environment and Ecology of Rivers with Timothy Hoellein
  5. Guest Name: Todd Harris
    Company Name:Tech CU
    Podcast Link: Interview With Todd Harris, CEO of Tech CU (Credit Union)
  6. Guest Name: Timmy Håman
    Company Name:Prime Science
    Podcast Link: Optimizing Weight Loss With Cold Therapy | Expert Insights From Timmy Håman Of Prime Science
  7. Guest Name: Tukan Das
    Company Name:LeadSift
    Podcast Link: Sifting Out the Dead Ends: How B2B Technology Companies Can Focus Sales Efforts on the Those Most Likely to Buy – Tukan Das – LeadSift
  8. Guest Name: Tyler Rouse
    Company Name:Legends of Surgery Podcast
    Podcast Link: Tales of Surgery: Tyler Rouse Talks History of Surgery Timeline and More
  9. Guest Name: Tammy Camp
    Company Name:Stronghold
    Podcast Link: Tammy Camp – CEO and Co-founder – Stronghold
  10. Guest Name: Thomas Seyfried
    Company Name:Boston College’s Biology Department
    Podcast Link: Therapeutic Strategies For Managing Cancer | Is Cancer A Metabolic Disorder? An Expert Explains
  11. Guest Name: Thomas Cronkright
    Company Name:Certifid
    Podcast Link: Thomas Cronkright, CEO At Certifid – Securely Share Wiring Information
  12. Guest Name: Tony Cowan
    Company Name:Clinics on Wheels
    Podcast Link: Transforming the Way We Look at Disaster Response – Tony Cowan – Clinics on Wheels
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