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  1. Guest Name: Arman Zaribafiyan
    Company Name:1QBit
    Podcast Link: 1QBit- Entering the Quantum Computing Realm – The Journey From 1-Bit to 1QBit
  2. Guest Name: Adam W. Feinberg
    Company Name:Carnegie Mellon University
    Podcast Link: 3D Bioprinted Organs–Bioengineered Organs Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University–Adam W. Feinberg, PhD
  3. Guest Name: Anthony Trewavas
    Company Name:University of Edinburgh
    Podcast Link: A Glimpse Into the Life and Development of Plants—Anthony Trewavas—Emeritus School of Biological Sciences of the University of Edinburgh
  4. Guest Name: Amar Vutha
    Company Name:University of Toronto
    Podcast Link: A Matter (or Antimatter) of Physics—Amar Vutha—Canada Research Chair in Precision Atomic & Molecular Physics, University of Toronto
  5. Guest Name: Aaron Frank
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Aaron Frank of Singularity University – Virtual & Augmented Reality
  6. Guest Name: Aaron Lasher and Brent Traidman
    Company Name:Bread Wallet
    Podcast Link: Aaron Lasher and Brent Traidman of Bread Wallet- An Easy-to-use, private, secure Bitcoin Wallet & Digital Asset Platform
  7. Guest Name: Abraham Cambridge
    Company Name:Sun Exchange
    Podcast Link: Abe Cambridge – CEO/Founder – The Sun Exchange
  8. Guest Name: Abhishek Pitti
    Company Name:Nucleus Vision
    Podcast Link: Abhishek Pitti – CEO and Founder at Nucleus Vision – Revolutionizing The Way We Shop
  9. Guest Name: Adam Koltun
    Company Name:The Quantum Resistant Ledger
    Podcast Link: Adam Koltun – Lead Business Strategist at The Quantum Resistant Ledger
  10. Guest Name: Adam Wyatt
    Company Name:Bullbear Analytics
    Podcast Link: Adam Wyatt – COO & Chief Analyst At Bullbear Analytics – Cyrptocurrency Market Analysis
  11. Guest Name: Alysa Hoffmeister
    Company Name:Cutera
    Podcast Link: Advancing Aesthetics – Alysa Hoffmeister, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cutera – The Technological Advances Within the Aesthetic Industry That Are Providing Patients With Greater Options In Treatment and Care
  12. Guest Name: Al Burgio
    Company Name:DigitalBits
    Podcast Link: Al Burgio – Founder at DigitalBits – Blockchain Technology Supporting The Tokenization & Trading Of Digital Assets, Such As Loyalty Points & Rewards
  13. Guest Name: Alain Tapp
    Company Name:Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms
    Podcast Link: Alain Tapp – Professor At Montreal Institute For Learning Algorithms – The Future Of Ai & Deep Learning
  14. Guest Name: Alain Tapp
    Company Name:Université de Montréal
    Podcast Link: Alain Tapp on How Deep, Deep Learning Really is?
  15. Guest Name: Alan Cohn
    Company Name:Steptoe law firm
    Podcast Link: Alan Cohn–Steptoe law firm: Recent changes to crypto-token and ICO regulations
  16. Guest Name: Alan Curtis
    Company Name:Radar Relay
    Podcast Link: Alan Curtis – CEO at Radar Relay – Trustless Token Trading
  17. Guest Name: Alan Milligan
    Company Name:White Rabbit
    Podcast Link: Alan Milligan- White Rabbit- Promoting Transactional Transparency, Efficiency and Fairness in an Era of Video Streaming Technology
  18. Guest Name: Alan Robert Mardinly
    Company Name:University California Berkely
    Podcast Link: Alan Robert Mardinly – Postdoctoral Fellow At University California Berkely – Using Holograms To Edit Brain Activity
  19. Guest Name: Alan Safahi
    Company Name:ZED
    Podcast Link: Alan Safahi – CEO and Founder of ZED
  20. Guest Name: Alan Wunsche
    Company Name:Tokenfunder
    Podcast Link: Alan Wunsche- TokenFunder- A Regulated Security Token Offering for Retail and Accredited Investors
  21. Guest Name: Alanna Gombert
    Company Name:MetaX
    Podcast Link: Alanna Gombert- MetaX and Digital Asset Trade Association- On Transparency in Digital Advertising and the First Lobbying Organization for Blockchain Technology
  22. Guest Name: Alejandro De La Torre
    Company Name:BTC
    Podcast Link: Alejandro De La Torre – VP Business Operations –
  23. Guest Name: Alex Bojinov
    Company Name:Crowdholdiing
    Podcast Link: Alex Bojinov – Co-Founder & CEO Crowdholdiing – Connecting Entrepreneurs Globally Through Blockchain Tech
  24. Guest Name: Alex Koles
    Company Name:Evolve capital partners
    Podcast Link: Alex Koles from Evolve Capital Partners, Young Cho & Gennadiy Gurevich from Alt Lending – Providing Companies with Unrivaled Connections and Information in the Fintech Space
  25. Guest Name: Alex Lu
    Company Name:Kavout
    Podcast Link: Alex Lu – Founder & CEO at Kavout – Using Artificial Intelligence to Invest
  26. Guest Name: Alex Mashinsky
    Company Name:Celsius Network
    Podcast Link: Alex Mashinsky – CEO & Founder of Celsius Network – Creating Financial Opportunities Around The Globe by Earning Interest on Crypto
  27. Guest Name: Alex Membrillo
    Company Name:Cardinal Digital Marketing
    Podcast Link: Alex Membrillo – CEO At Cardinal Digital Marketing
  28. Guest Name: Alex Miller and Karl Kreder
    Company Name:Grid Plus
    Podcast Link: Alex Miller and Karl Kreder, Co-Founders of Grid Plus–More Efficient Energy Markets Through the Ethereum Blockchain
  29. Guest Name: Alex Tinsman
    Company Name:NEM
    Podcast Link: Alex Tinsman – Regional Head For NEM North America – The Smart Asset Blockchain
  30. Guest Name: Alexander Haque and Maryam Saboor
    Company Name:Retinad VR
    Podcast Link: Alexander Haque and Maryam Saboor-Retinad VR-Understanding User Behavior in the VR World
  31. Guest Name: Alexey Raevsky
    Company Name:Bloomio
    Podcast Link: Alexey Raevsky – Co-Founder At Bloomio – Invest In Startups. Invest With Bloomio
  32. Guest Name: Ali Paterson & Amelie Arras
    Company Name:Fintech Finance
    Podcast Link: Ali Paterson & Amelie Arras- Fintech Finance- Reaching the Best and Brightest in the Fintech Space
  33. Guest Name: Allison Berke
    Company Name:The Good Food Institute
    Podcast Link: Allison Berke- The Good Food Institute- From Factory-Farmed Animal Products to Clean Meat Alternatives
  34. Guest Name: Aman Ladia
    Company Name:Blockstein
    Podcast Link: Aman Ladia – Illuminating The True Extent And Value Of Blockchain Technology
  35. Guest Name: Aman Tsegai
    Company Name:Datazar
    Podcast Link: Aman Tsegai – Founder/CEO – Datazar
  36. Guest Name: Amanda B. Johnson
    Company Name:Dash
    Podcast Link: Amanda B. Johnson of Dash Detailed is Back, this time with Dash 12.1
  37. Guest Name: Amanda B. Johnson
    Company Name:The Daily Decrypt
    Podcast Link: Amanda B. Johnson of The Daily Decrypt & Dash Aficionado Talks Dash Evolution & More!
  38. Guest Name: Aindrila Mukhopadhyay
    Company Name:Berkeley Lab
    Podcast Link: Amazing Microbe Physiology: Aindrila Mukhopadhyay Unlocks the Utility of Microbes
  39. Guest Name: Amber Scott
    Company Name:Outlier
    Podcast Link: Amber Scott, CEO And Chief AML Ninja Of Outlier, And Joe Ciccolo, Founder Of Bitaml — Past, Present, And Future Of AML Compliance In Cryptospace
  40. Guest Name: Amir Inditzky
    Company Name:Dayzz
    Podcast Link: Amir Inditzky-Dayzz-Developing Comprehensive, Personalized Sleep Training Programs
  41. Guest Name: Amir Rubin and Alejo Fudge
    Company Name:Sixense and VRSim
    Podcast Link: Amir Rubin – CEO Sixense & Alejo Fudge – Software Engineering Manager at Vrsim – A Full Presence Platform For Interactive VR/AR Experiences
  42. Guest Name: Amit Golan
    Company Name:Minute
    Podcast Link: Amit Golan-Minute-A Real-Time AI Video Analysis Platform That’s Increasing User Engagement and Revenue for Content Creators
  43. Guest Name: Amit Kanodia
    Company Name:Host Games
    Podcast Link: Amit Kanodia – Founder & CEO at Host Games – The Only Casino Gaming Protocol For Emerging Markets
  44. Guest Name: Amy Shim
    Company Name:Invention Evaluator
    Podcast Link: Amy Shim – Director of Client Services – Invention Evaluator – Discover the Market Potential of Your Inventions
  45. Guest Name: Armand Balboni
    Company Name:Appili Therapeutic
    Podcast Link: An Effective Oral Tablet For COVID-19? Armand Balboni, MD, PhD Discusses
  46. Guest Name: Alex Korb
    Company Name:Alex Korb
    Podcast Link: An Upward Spiral Out of Anxiety and Depression with Alex Korb
  47. Guest Name: Anand Iyer
    Company Name:Trusted Child Care
    Podcast Link: Anand Iyer on The Childcare App That Pairs Busy Parents With Trusted Care Givers
  48. Guest Name: Andre Boysen
    Company Name:SecureKey
    Podcast Link: Andre Boysen – SecureKey – Simplifying and Securing Digital ID-Based Transactions
  49. Guest Name: Andre Wegner
    Company Name:Authentise
    Podcast Link: Andre Wegner, Founder and CEO at Authentise – Building Tools To Empower Additive Manufacturing
  50. Guest Name: Andreas Antonopolous
    Company Name:Lets Talk Bitocin Podcast
    Podcast Link: Andreas Antonopolous – Bitcoin Evangelist, Speaker, Developer, and Lets Talk Bitocin Podcast Host
  51. Guest Name: Andrew Barkett
    Company Name:REX
    Podcast Link: Andrew Barkett – VP Engineering, AI/ML, Data Sci, IT, Digital Marketing At REX – Real Estate – Full Service, Lowest Fee, Game-Changing Technology
  52. Guest Name: Andrew Chang
    Company Name:Paxos
    Podcast Link: Andrew Chang- Paxos and itBit- A Private Blockchain-Based Settlement Platform and a Fully Regulated, Comprehensive Crypto Custody and Exchange
  53. Guest Name: Andrew Grotto
    Company Name:International Security and Cooperation and the Hoover Institution
    Podcast Link: Andrew Grotto on Technology, Governance, and National Security
  54. Guest Name: Andrey Teryoshin
    Company Name:Bitcab
    Podcast Link: Andrey Teryoshin – Partner At Bitcab – Uber 2.0 For The Age Of Blockchain.
  55. Guest Name: Andy Ann
    Company Name:NOIZ
    Podcast Link: Andy Ann – Founder At NOIZ – AI+Blockchain Ad Exchange Network
  56. Guest Name: Andy Kieatiwong, Reiley Weekes
    Company Name:Burloak Technologies
    Podcast Link: Andy Kieatiwong & Reiley Weekes – Ceo & Cso Arc Engines – Manufacturing Rocket Engines Using 3d Printing
  57. Guest Name: Andy Peart
    Company Name:Artificial Solutions
    Podcast Link: Andy Peart – Chief Marketing And Strategy Officer At Artificial Solutions
  58. Guest Name: Angela M. Poff
    Company Name:Metabolic Health Summit
    Podcast Link: Angela M. Poff—Cancer Biologist and Metabolic Health Summit Cofounder— Globalizing the Conversation about Ketogenic Diets and Therapies
  59. Guest Name: Anish Mohammed
    Company Name:Blockchain Consulting Expert
    Podcast Link: Anish Mohammed, Bitcoin Superconference Speaker – Effects of Quantum Computing on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  60. Guest Name: Anita Schjøll Brede
    Company Name:Iris.AI
    Podcast Link: Anita Schjøll Brede – CEO at Iris.AI – Project Aiur, Using AI & Blockchain to Solve Scientific Research Challenges
  61. Guest Name: Ann Louise Gittleman
    Company Name:Radical Metabolism
    Podcast Link: Ann Louise Gittleman-Author of the New Book Radical Metabolism: A Powerful New Plan to Blast and Reignite Your Energy in Just 21 Days
  62. Guest Name: Anna Jen
    Company Name:Epson
    Podcast Link: Anna Jen from talks about AR glasses designed by Epson
  63. Guest Name: Anton Mozgovoy
    Company Name:Humaniq
    Podcast Link: Anton Mozgovoy – CTO At Humaniq – Self-Deploying Financial Infrastructure.
  64. Guest Name: Andrew Suarez
    Company Name:University of Illinois
    Podcast Link: Ants, Ants, and More Ants: What Research on Ants can Teach us about Ourselves and our Future as a Species
  65. Guest Name: Austin Gray
    Company Name:VIRGINIA TECH
    Podcast Link: Aquatic Pollution Crisis | How Are Marine Systems Affected By Contaminants?
  66. Guest Name: Ardy Arianpour
    Company Name:Seqster
    Podcast Link: Ardy Arianpour – CEO & Founder at Seqster – Disrupting the Health Industry’s Access to Your own Records
  67. Guest Name: Ariel Conn
    Company Name:The Future of Life Institute
    Podcast Link: Ariel Conn – Director of Media & Outreach – Future of Life
  68. Guest Name: Arjun Bhuptani
    Company Name:Connext
    Podcast Link: Arjun Bhuptani – Founder at Connext
  69. Guest Name: Armin Ebrahimi
    Company Name:ShoCard
    Podcast Link: Armin Ebrahimi – ShoCard – Inverting the Ownership of Identity for Fast and Secure Identity Verification
  70. Guest Name: Amanda J. Morris
    Company Name:Virginia Tech
    Podcast Link: Artificial Photosynthesis for Fuel: Solar Energy Conversion Technology with Amanda J. Morris
  71. Guest Name: Arturs Ivanovs
    Company Name:FIC Network
    Podcast Link: Arturs Ivanovs – CEO and Founder of FIC Network – Accelerating the Crypto Economy with a New Blockchain Protocol
  72. Guest Name: Arvind Gupta
    Company Name:IndieBio
    Podcast Link: Arvind Gupta – IndieBio – Helping Scientists Use Biology and Technology to Solve Global Problems
  73. Guest Name: Ashvin Nihalani
    Company Name:UC Berkeley
    Podcast Link: Ashvin Nihalani- Blockchain at Berkeley- Consulting, Educating and Fostering Novel Ideas in the Blockchain Space
  74. Guest Name: Aurangzeb Khan
    Company Name:Altia Systems
    Podcast Link: Aurangzeb Khan – President and CEO at Altia Systems – Work Better Together With Everyone In The Picture, In The Know
  75. Guest Name: Axel Schumacher
    Company Name:Shivom
    Podcast Link: Axel Schumacher – CEO of Shivom
  76. Guest Name: Alejandro Reyes Muñoz
    Company Name:La Universidad de Los Andes
    Podcast Link: Bacteria and Virus Interactions: Understanding Microbes with Alejandro Reyes Muñoz
  77. Guest Name: Allen Braswell
    Company Name:Magneceutical Health
    Podcast Link: Balancing the Body by Immersing it in Magnetic Waves—Allen Braswell—Magneceutical Health
  78. Guest Name: Ashish Malik
    Company Name:Bee Vectoring Technology
    Podcast Link: Bee Bounty – Ashish Malik, CEO, Bee Vectoring Technology – Using Commercially-Reared Bees to Deliver Sustainable Crop Control and Increase Quality
  79. Guest Name: Alex Mathews
    Company Name:Belouga
    Podcast Link: Belouga – Connecting Classrooms Around The World
  80. Guest Name: Alex Eaton
    Company Name:Bitcoin Beginner Box
    Podcast Link: Bitcoin Beginner Box — Alex Eaton, Creator — Teaching Bitcoin Basics, And a Sneak Peek Of His Upcoming Conference Discussion
  81. Guest Name: Alejandro De La Torre
    Company Name:Bitmain
    Podcast Link: Bitmain and – Bitcoin Cloud Mining, Mining Pools and a Bitcoin Wallet
  82. Guest Name: Adam Parken
    Company Name:Blacklane
    Podcast Link: Blacklane – Worldwide, High-End, Professional, White Glove, Discreet Transportation
  83. Guest Name: Aaron Schwartz and Michael Gord
    Company Name:Block Chain Education Network (BEN)
    Podcast Link: Block Chain Education Network (BEN) – Educating future Financial Tech Leaders
  84. Guest Name: Andre De Castro
    Company Name:Blockchain Of Things
    Podcast Link: Blockchain Of Things — Andre De Castro, Founder And CEO — Providing Blockchain Security Solutions For IOT Device Enterprise Corporations
  85. Guest Name: Andre DeCastro
    Company Name:Blockchain of Things, Inc.
    Podcast Link: Blockchain of Things, Inc. – Beyond Cryptocurrency
  86. Guest Name: Alex Maffeo
    Company Name:Boost Insurance
    Podcast Link: Boost Insurance, Insurtech Development Platform
  87. Guest Name: Aaron Lasher and Alex Eaton
    Company Name:Bread
    Podcast Link: Bread – Aaron Lasher, CMO and Co-Founder, and Alex Eaton – A Simple and Secure Wallet to Begin with Cryptocurrency
  88. Guest Name: Aaron Lasher, Brent Traidman
    Company Name:Bread
    Podcast Link: Bread — Aaron Lasher, Co-Founder and CMO, And Brent Traidman, Chief Revenue Officer — Re-Designed, Simple To Use Decentralized Bitcoin Wallet And Upcoming ICO
  89. Guest Name: Andy Smith
    Company Name:Kwantlen Polytechnic University
    Podcast Link: Breaking Down Sustainable Agriculture And Food Systems With Andy Smith
  90. Guest Name: Advenit Makaya
    Company Name:European Space Research and Technology Centre of the European Space Agency
    Podcast Link: Brick by Brick– Advenit Makaya, Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, European Space Research and Technology Centre of the European Space Agency – The Science and Engineering of Building Structures in Space from Indigenous Materials
  91. Guest Name: Amanda Phipps
    Company Name:University of Washington
    Podcast Link: Cancer Epidemiology: Amanda Phipps Discusses Looking for Patterns in Cancer
  92. Guest Name: Alex Mashinsky
    Company Name:Celsius Network
    Podcast Link: Celsius Network — Alex Mashinsky, CEO — Peer-To-Peer Crypto Lending And Borrowing That Pays You Back
  93. Guest Name: Aasef Shaikh
    Company Name:Daroff-Dell'Osso Ocular Motility Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Cerebella Ataxia, Brain Anatomy, and Deep Brain Stimulation Side Effects Discussed with Aasef Shaikh
  94. Guest Name: Adam Lamb
    Company Name:Lamb Chiropractic
    Podcast Link: Chiropractic Adjustments: Everything They’re Cracked Up to Be—Adam Lamb—Lamb Chiropractic
  95. Guest Name: Anders Brownworth
    Podcast Link: – Transferring Money Made As Easy As Sending A Text!
  96. Guest Name: Adele Anderson
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Clearing the Mind – Adele Anderson, Life Coach, Destiny Coach, and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer – How Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Can Help to Open New Pathways for Healing and Success
  97. Guest Name: Andrej Nikonov
    Company Name:Cognostics AG
    Podcast Link: Cognition Ignition – Andrej Nikonov, CEO at Cognostics AG – Advancements in Learning Methodology Via Machine Learning, AI Strategies and Tools
  98. Guest Name: Alex Alexandrov
    Company Name:CoinPayments
    Podcast Link: CoinPayments — Alex Alexandrov, CEO — Multi-function payment processor for 75 different cryptocurrencies
  99. Guest Name: Andrew Brough And Alex Alexandrov
    Company Name:Coinpayments
    Podcast Link: Coinpayments — Andrew Brough And Alex Alexandrov — Flexible And Fully Functional Digital Asset Payment Processing Platform
  100. Guest Name: Anish Mohammad
    Company Name:Blockchain Consulting Expert
    Podcast Link: Combining Smart Contracts, Crypto Currency, Security, and Zero Knowledge Proofs
  101. Guest Name: Allison Rosen
    Company Name:Baylor College of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Communicating About Cancer – Allison Rosen, M.S., Lead Project Coordinator at Baylor College of Medicine – Community Outreach and Education About Cancer Prevention
  102. Guest Name: Adrienne Scheck
    Company Name:Phoenix Children’s Research Institute
    Podcast Link: Could the Ketogenic Diet Impact Every Hallmark of Cancer?
  103. Guest Name: Alex Lewin
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Crowding Out the Bad with the Good: Forming Microbial Alliances for Better Health—Alex Lewin—Health Strategist and Author
  104. Guest Name: Alon Muroch
    Company Name:blox
    Podcast Link: Crypto Asset Tracking – Alon Muroch, Cofounder and CEO of Blox – Keeping Your Accounts Clean, Safe, and Secure—Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Beyond
  105. Guest Name: Adrianna Mendez
    Company Name:Cypherglass
    Podcast Link: Cypherglass
  106. Guest Name: Anthony Di Iorio and Charlie Shrem
    Company Name:Decentral
    Podcast Link: Decentral’s Anthony Di Iorio and Charlie Shrem On The Benefits and Pitfalls of Entering the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
  107. Guest Name: Andrew Mayes
    Company Name:University of East Anglia
    Podcast Link: Developing New Approaches To Microplastic Analysis With Andrew Mayes
  108. Guest Name: Amy Waterman
    Company Name:Transplant Research and Education Center at UCLA
    Podcast Link: Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation: Walking through the Process with Amy Waterman
  109. Guest Name: Al Burgio
    Company Name:Digitalbits Foundation
    Podcast Link: Digitalbits Foundation – Tokenization, Micropayments and Cross-Asset Transfers
  110. Guest Name: Andreas Mershin
    Company Name:MIT Center for Bits and Atoms
    Podcast Link: Disease-Sniffing Dogs: Physicist Andreas Mershin Talks Breakthroughs in Cancer Detection
  111. Guest Name: Alyssa Crittenden
    Company Name:University of Nevada
    Podcast Link: Eating Through The Ages – Alyssa Crittenden, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) – Civilizations and Diet, the Impact of Diet on Human Development
  112. Guest Name: Alvaro Ramirez
    Company Name:eHarvestHub
    Podcast Link: eHarvestHub is Making Food Affordable and Accessible To Everyone
  113. Guest Name: Arvind Gupta and Po Bronson
    Company Name:Indie Bio
    Podcast Link: Engaging Optimism: Gupta and Bronson Talk Cancer, Bitcoin, and Philosophy in New Book
  114. Guest Name: Anita Öst
    Company Name:Linköping University
    Podcast Link: Epigenetic Impact – Anita Öst, Medical Faculty at Linköping University – Gene Expression and Epigenetic Inheritance
  115. Guest Name: Amy Lynn McGuire
    Company Name:Baylor College of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Ethical Issues of Genetic Testing: Biomedical Ethicist Amy Lynn McGuire Covers Modern Concerns
  116. Guest Name: Arto Annila
    Company Name:University of Helsinki
    Podcast Link: Everything is Light: Professor Arto Annila Discusses How this Changes the Questions of Life’s Origins
  117. Guest Name: Aniek Ivens
    Company Name:DR. ANIEK IVENS
    Podcast Link: Evidence of Ant Cooperation: Interdependent Ant Habitats with Aniek Ivens
  118. Guest Name: Andrew Dessler
    Company Name:Texas A&M University
    Podcast Link: Examining How Climate Change Is Impacting Humanity With Andrew Dessler
  119. Guest Name: Andrey Ethan Rubin
    Company Name:Zucker lab at Tel Aviv University
    Podcast Link: Exploring How Microplastics Effect Humans, Animals, And Aquatic Environments
  120. Guest Name: Al Pacheco Kovaleski
    Company Name:University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Podcast Link: Exploring How Plants Interact With Cold Conditions | What Improves Resilience?
  121. Guest Name: Arthur Caplan
    Company Name:New York University School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Exploring the Bioethics of Genetic Engineering and More—Arthur Caplan—New York University School of Medicine
  122. Guest Name: Arthur Saniotis
    Company Name:CMY mind
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Mind-Boggling History Of Human Evolution With Arthur Saniotis
  123. Guest Name: Alex Backer
    Company Name:drisit. choose your adventure.
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Power Of Drones: Connecting Humans From A Bird’s Eye View
  124. Guest Name: Anastasios “Taso” Arima
    Company Name:IperionX
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Role Titanium Plays In A Low-To-Zero Carbon Future
  125. Guest Name: Alexander Tholl
    Company Name:Dive Design
    Podcast Link: Exploring The World Of 3-D Printing With Alexander Tholl Of Dive Design
  126. Guest Name: Adrian Griffiths
    Company Name:Recycling Technologies
    Podcast Link: Fantastic Plastic – Adrian Griffiths, CEO of Recycling Technologies – From Oil to Plastic and Back Again, a Journey to Purer Recycling for a Cleaner Planet
  127. Guest Name: Anouk Wipprecht
    Company Name:Fashion-Tech Designer
    Podcast Link: Fashion Tech – Anouk Wipprecht, Fashion-Tech Designer – Clothing That Communicates with Our World Through Technology
  128. Guest Name: Audrey Gaskins
    Company Name:Emory University
    Podcast Link: Fertility Fundamentals – Audrey Gaskins, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology at Emory University – Studying Semen Quality and Fertility Issues
  129. Guest Name: Ammie Harris
    Company Name:Ammie Harris
    Podcast Link: Finding New Ways To Become A Self-Sustaining Parent With Ammie Harris
  130. Guest Name: Arthur Lowery
    Company Name:Monash University
    Podcast Link: From a Vision to a Prototype: Understanding the First Human Bionic Eye
  131. Guest Name: Ajmal Zemmar
    Company Name:University of Louisville School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Functional Neurosurgery and Contributing to the Understanding of When Life Actually Ends with Ajmal Zemmar
  132. Guest Name: Anthony Siccardi
    Company Name:Georgia Southern University
    Podcast Link: Getting Familiar With A Functional And Sustainable Approach To Food Production
  133. Guest Name: Andrew Millison
    Company Name:Oregon State University
    Podcast Link: Getting Familiar With The Power Of Permaculture And Land Regeneration With Andrew Millison
  134. Guest Name: Andrea Ferrero
    Company Name:University of Oxford
    Podcast Link: Global Economics and COVID-19: Researcher Andrea Ferrero Discusses Possible Directions
  135. Guest Name: Andrew Morriss
    Company Name:Professor, Bush School of Government and Public Service and School of Law
    Podcast Link: Green Energy: Analyzing The Data With Andrew Morriss Of Texas A&M University
  136. Guest Name: Ahmed Iqbal
    Company Name:University of Sheffield
    Podcast Link: Heart Health and Hypoglycemia: Ahmed Iqbal Talks Low Blood Sugar Impact on Diabetic Heart
  137. Guest Name: Allison Tolman
    Company Name:New Little Life
    Podcast Link: Helping Working Mothers Develop Healthy Breastfeeding And Pumping Practices With Allison Tolman
  138. Guest Name: Aimee Tariq
    Company Name:A Life with Health
    Podcast Link: Helping You Live The Healthiest Version of Yourself—Aimee Tariq—Author, A Life with Health
  139. Guest Name: Andrew Farina
    Company Name:Fearless Health Coaching
    Podcast Link: Holistic Health Coaching—Andrew Farina—Fearless Health Coaching
  140. Guest Name: Alex Hussain
    Company Name:3DChimera
    Podcast Link: How 3D Printing Is Transforming The Manufacturing Industry
  141. Guest Name: Angelos Deltsidis
    Company Name:University of Georgia
    Podcast Link: How Does Fruit & Vegetable Physiology Change Post-Harvest? | An Expert Explains
  142. Guest Name: Ali Dianaty
    Company Name:Medtronic
    Podcast Link: How Industry Is Improving Access To and Advancing Treatments for People Living With Diabetes with Ali Dianaty
  143. Guest Name: Andrew Rush
    Company Name:Made In Space
    Podcast Link: How Space Manufacturing is Paving the Way for Life on Mars With Andrew Rush of Made In Space
  144. Guest Name: Andrew Thompson
    Company Name:Murdoch University
    Podcast Link: Human Life and Parasites in Wildlife—Andrew Thompson—Professor of Parasitology, Murdoch University
  145. Guest Name: Alexander
    Company Name:Human Rights Foundation
    Podcast Link: Human Rights Foundation – Utilizing Technology for the Betterment of the World
  146. Guest Name: Adria Recasens
    Company Name:Artificial Intelligence Lab
    Podcast Link: Humanizing the Human-Machine Interaction—Adria Recasens—MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
  147. Guest Name: Alisha Brosse
    Company Name:CBT
    Podcast Link: Identifying and Changing the Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors that Contribute to Insomnia—Alisha L. Brosse—Author of End the Insomnia Struggle
  148. Guest Name: Adam Lewandowski
    Company Name:University of Oxford
    Podcast Link: Impacts of Preterm Birth on Cardiovascular Health: Adam Lewandowski Discusses His Research
  149. Guest Name: Aric Prather
    Company Name:University of California, San Francisco
    Podcast Link: Improving Biological Health by Understanding the Psychology Behind It—Aric Prather, PhD—University of California, San Francisco Department of Psychiatry
  150. Guest Name: Abhaya Dandekar
    Company Name:UC Davis Department Of Plant Sciences
    Podcast Link: Improving The Productivity And Quality Of Orchard And Vineyard Crops With Abhaya Dandekar
  151. Guest Name: Amy Apprill
    Company Name:Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    Podcast Link: Inside a Coral Reef with Amy Apprill
  152. Guest Name: Andrew Hubbard
    Company Name:Ai-London
    Podcast Link: Insuring the Future – Andrew Hubbard, CEO of Ai-London – Strategic Solutions for Insurance and Investment Strategies
  153. Guest Name: Andriy Marusyk
    Company Name:Marusyk Lab at Moffitt Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: Investigating Tumor Cell Resistance to Targeted Therapies with Andriy Marusyk, PhD
  154. Guest Name: Anita Schjøll Brede
    Podcast Link: – Synthesizing the World’s Research
  155. Guest Name: Andrew Watson
    Company Name:University of Exeter
    Podcast Link: Is There Life On Other Planets? | A Research Professor Explains
  156. Guest Name: Andrew MacDonald
    Company Name:Joytoken
    Podcast Link: Joytoken — Andrew MacDonald, CEO — E-Gaming Platform for the Next Generation of Game Developers
  157. Guest Name: Amber Clour
    Company Name:Diabetes Daily Grind
    Podcast Link: Judged by a Number: Living with Type 1 Diabetes with Amber Clour
  158. Guest Name: Andrew Henderson
    Company Name:Nomad Capitalist
    Podcast Link: Keep More of Your Money, Live a Freer Life, and Grow Your Wealth
  159. Guest Name: Alex Cunningham
    Company Name:Perfect Keto
    Podcast Link: Kinetic Ketones – Alex Cunningham, Head of Partnerships, Perfect Keto – The Ketogenic Diet & Lifestyle: How Ketones Can Dramatically Improve Health, Boost Energy, and Deliver Clarity of Mind
  160. Guest Name: Andrew Latimer
    Company Name:Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis
    Podcast Link: Learning About Forest Preservation And Management With Andrew Latimer
  161. Guest Name: Alicia Trautwein
    Company Name:The Mom Kind
    Podcast Link: Learning to Understand the Autistic Child and Navigating Life as an Autistic Adult with Alicia Trautwein
  162. Guest Name: Augusto Villanueva Rodriguez
    Company Name:Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
    Podcast Link: Liver Lessons and Liquid Biopsies—Augusto Villanueva Rodriguez, MD—Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  163. Guest Name: Adryenn Ashley
    Company Name:Loly
    Podcast Link: Loly — Adryenn Ashley, CEO and Founder — Naughty Augmented Reality Dating App Built On the Blockchain
  164. Guest Name: Anton Korinek
    Company Name:University of Virginia
    Podcast Link: Looking at the Dark Underbelly of the Market System with Anton Korinek
  165. Guest Name: Adam Brown
    Company Name:Bright Spots & Landmines
    Podcast Link: Managing Diabetes – Adam Brown, Author of Bright Spots & Landmines – Effective Tips for the Successful Management of Diabetes
  166. Guest Name: Alessandra Sussulini
    Company Name:University of Campinas, Brazil
    Podcast Link: Measuring Metabolites in Sickness and Health—Alessandra Sussulini, Ph.D. —University of Campinas, Brazil
  167. Guest Name: Andrew Feinstein
    Company Name:Find Your Mind Meditation
    Podcast Link: Meditation for the Busy Millennial—Andrew Feinstein—Founder and CEO of Find Your Mind Meditation
  168. Guest Name: Adam Arkin
    Company Name:University of California, Berkeley
    Podcast Link: Microbial Musings—Adam Arkin, Ph.D.—Senior Faculty Scientist, University of California, Berkeley
  169. Guest Name: Anonymous Microplastics Researcher
    Company Name:University
    Podcast Link: Microplastics & Waste: What Can We Do To Effectively Solve The Problem?
  170. Guest Name: Andy Booth
    Company Name:SINTEF
    Podcast Link: Microplastics: How They Are Affecting Oceanic Ecosystems And The Environment At Large
  171. Guest Name: Aditi Uday Gurkar
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Molecular Mechanisms of Aging with Aditi Uday Gurkar
  172. Guest Name: Andris Merkulovs
    Company Name:Monetizr
    Podcast Link: Monetizr – Rewarding Gamers, Increasing Engagement for Developers and Enabling Brand Sponsored Rewards
  173. Guest Name: Arti Thangudu
    Company Name:Complete Medicine
    Podcast Link: More-than-Medicine Diabetes Care: Endocrinologist Arti Thangudu Talks Effective Treatments
  174. Guest Name: Anna Jacobsen
    Company Name:Anna Jacobsen
    Podcast Link: Movement Frees the Mind
  175. Guest Name: Aaron Johnson
    Company Name:Carnegie Mellon University
    Podcast Link: Mr. Roboto – Aaron Johnson, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University – Designing Robots That Meet the Challenges of the Real World
  176. Guest Name: AJ Perez
    Company Name:NVBOTS
    Podcast Link: NVBOTS – 3D Printing Assembly Line Systems for High Throughput
  177. Guest Name: Aleksandra Tubić
    Company Name:University of Novi Sad
    Podcast Link: Observing Microplastic Contamination From A Chemical Perspective With Aleksandra Tubić, Ph.D.
  178. Guest Name: Alex Gordon
    Company Name:Omega One
    Podcast Link: Omega One’s Alex Gordon Brander and the Plan to Transform the Crypto Market
  179. Guest Name: Alexey Potapov
    Company Name:SingularityNET
    Podcast Link: On the Latest in AI Research and Development—Alexey Potapov—SingularityNET
  180. Guest Name: Adrienne Scheck
    Company Name:Phoenix Children’s Research Institute
    Podcast Link: On the Relationship between Ketones and Pediatric Oncology—Adrienne Scheck, PhD—Phoenix Children’s Research Institute, Arizona College of Medicine, Cancer Biology Program at the University of Arizona
  181. Guest Name: Andrea Graham
    Company Name:Princeton University
    Podcast Link: Opening a Can of Worms on Infectious Disease Susceptibility and Varied Immune Responses
  182. Guest Name: Amber Scott
    Company Name:Outlier Canada
    Podcast Link: Outlier Canada – Managing Big Risks Effectively
  183. Guest Name: Amber Sparks And Emily Hazelwood
    Company Name:Blue Latitudes
    Podcast Link: Promoting Ocean Preservation And Stewardship With Amber Sparks And Emily Hazelwood
  184. Guest Name: Alan K. Davis
    Company Name:Johns Hopkins University
    Podcast Link: Psilocybin Salvation – Alan K. Davis, PhD, of the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins University – Unlocking the Power of Magic Mushrooms in a Clinical Setting that Could Offer New Hope for Depression Sufferers
  185. Guest Name: Angie Johnston
    Company Name:Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences
    Podcast Link: Puppy Dog Eyes, Baby Talk, and A Daily Dose of Oxytocin: Decoding Dog Behavior with Angie Johnston
  186. Guest Name: Andy Lowery
    Company Name:RealWear
    Podcast Link: RealWear – Wearable Computers
  187. Guest Name: Alicia Kavelaars
    Company Name:OffWorld
    Podcast Link: Robots in Space! – Alicia Kavelaars, Founder and CTO, OffWorld – How Advanced Machine Learning is Expanding Capabilities for Robotic Workforces in Extreme Environments
  188. Guest Name: Ann Merchant
    Company Name:National Academy of Sciences
    Podcast Link: Science, For the People by the People – Ann Merchant, Deputy Executive Director, Office of Communications at the National Academy of Sciences – Promoting Science and Education for a Better World
  189. Guest Name: Alex Heid
    Company Name:Security Scorecard
    Podcast Link: Security Score Card – What Wireless Signals Are In Your C-Suite, Boardroom, or Company?
  190. Guest Name: Armin Ebrahimi
    Company Name:Shocard
    Podcast Link: Shocard — Armin Ebrahimi, Founder and CEO — Mobile Digital ID Verification System Built On the Blockchain
  191. Guest Name: Azra Raza
    Company Name:Columbia University
    Podcast Link: Slash, Poison, Burn: How We Treat Cancer, and How We Should—Azra Raza, MD—Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) Center at Columbia University in New York
  192. Guest Name: Annie Miller
    Company Name:DC Metro Sleep and Psychotherapy
    Podcast Link: Sleep Health, Anxiety, and “Re-Entry” Therapy with Annie Miller
  193. Guest Name: Annie Miller
    Company Name:DC Metro Sleep and Psychotherapy
    Podcast Link: Sleep Health, Anxiety, and “Re-Entry” Therapy with Annie Miller
  194. Guest Name: Azizi A. Seixas
    Company Name:NYU School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Sleep is Serious! — Azizi A. Seixas, PhD, Assistant Professor at NYU School of Medicine — The Power of Sleep and How It Affects Our Health In More Ways Than You Might Expect
  195. Guest Name: Abraham Otero
    Company Name:San Pablo University
    Podcast Link: Slow and Fast Heart Rates, and Everything In Between: Using Heart Rate Variability to Identify Health Conditions – Abraham Otero – Associate Professor of Information Technology – San Pablo University
  196. Guest Name: Amber Scott and Joseph Ciccolo
    Company Name:Outlier Solutions and BitAML
    Podcast Link: Slow-moving Regulation Amidst the Blazing-Fast Blockchain Industry (BTC / ETH / Blockchain Superconference Intervew)
  197. Guest Name: Alexis Kirke
    Company Name:University of Plymouth
    Podcast Link: Starring Artificial Intelligence: AI Role in Media and Entertainment with Alexis Kirke
  198. Guest Name: Alexis Kirke
    Company Name:University of Plymouth
    Podcast Link: Starring Artificial Intelligence: AI Role in Media and Entertainment with Alexis Kirke
  199. Guest Name: Amy Bernard
    Company Name:The Kavli Foundation
    Podcast Link: Supporting Science At A Global Level | How This Expert Is Boosting Innovation
  200. Guest Name: Anthony Tanoto Tan
    Company Name:Duke-NUS Medical School
    Podcast Link: T-Cell Immunity and COVID-19—Anthony Tanoto Tan—Duke-NUS Medical School
  201. Guest Name: Anna Coussens
    Company Name:Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
    Podcast Link: Tackling the Tuberculosis Pandemic: Anna Coussens Studies Immune Response to Infection
  202. Guest Name: Andrew Smith Lewis
    Company Name:Cerego
    Podcast Link: Technology Teaches – Andrew Smith Lewis, Co-founder and CEO of Cerego – Improving Learning Through Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Learning, and Cognitive Science
  203. Guest Name: Adam Moseley, Dale Moseley, and Joe Schulz
    Company Name:Delta Waves
    Podcast Link: Testing Cutting-Edge Technology in Sleep Medicine, Bringing Relief to Patients—Adam Moseley, Dale Moseley, and Joe Schulz—Delta Waves
  204. Guest Name: Albert Presto
    Company Name:Carnegie Mellon University
    Podcast Link: The Air We Breathe – Albert Presto, Associate Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University – Monitoring Air Quality & Emissions
  205. Guest Name: Alex Savtchenko
    Company Name:University of California
    Podcast Link: The Conductivity Cure – Alex Savtchenko, Research Scientist, Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, University of California, San Diego – How Graphene Research May Provide New Options to Treat & Cure Disease
  206. Guest Name: Abel James
    Company Name:Fat Burning Man
    Podcast Link: The Fat Burning Man Opens Up about His Process: A Conversation with Abel James
  207. Guest Name: Andrew Rypel
    Company Name:California Trout Chair
    Podcast Link: The Fish Ecology of California and Efforts to Preserve the Environment for Freshwater Fish with Andrew Rypel
  208. Guest Name: Adam Boyko
    Company Name:Embark Veterinary
    Podcast Link: The Genomic Investigation of Dogs and Exploring how to Treat Genetic Diseases in Animals with Adam Boyko
  209. Guest Name: Asegun Henry
    Company Name:MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Podcast Link: The Hottest in Heat Storage—Asegun Henry, PhD—The Atomistic Simulation & Energy Research Group at MIT
  210. Guest Name: Andrea Vidali
    Company Name:Pregmune
    Podcast Link: The Immune Factors of Miscarriage How Endometriosis Can Affect Fertility and Embryos with Andrea Vidali
  211. Guest Name: Andres M. Gomez
    Company Name:University of Minnesota
    Podcast Link: The Magical Microbiome – Andres M. Gomez, Microbiomics, University of Minnesota – Microbiome Research, Health, Nutrition, Disease
  212. Guest Name: Aubrey de Grey
    Company Name:SENS Research Foundation
    Podcast Link: The Myth of Aging – Aubrey de Grey, PhD, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of SENS Research Foundation – Debunking the Myth That Nothing Can Be Done About Aging, Through Scientific Research and Development
  213. Guest Name: Amy Berger
    Company Name:Tuit Nutrition
    Podcast Link: The Nutrition Advantage – Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP, Founder of Tuit Nutrition – Nutrition, Disease, Weight Loss & Cognition—We Are Certainly What We Eat
  214. Guest Name: Adrienne Scheck
    Company Name:Arizona State University
    Podcast Link: The Origin of Cancer Growth and the Path to Proliferation – An In-Depth Conversation with Adrienne Scheck
  215. Guest Name: Asher Yaron
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: The Science of Good Coffee: Asher Yaron Pours a Full Cup of Knowledge
  216. Guest Name: Allison Schickel
    Company Name:Brobe
    Podcast Link: The Superpower of a Robe — Transforming Post-Op Life with Allison Schickel
  217. Guest Name: Ardy Arianpour
    Company Name:Seqster
    Podcast Link: The Whole Person: Seqster’s System for 360-Degree Healthcare Data
  218. Guest Name: Andy Weir
    Company Name:The Martian
    Podcast Link: To Mars and Back – Andy Weir, Author, The Martian – An Insider Discussion of Science-Fiction Writing, and How Dreams Become Reality
  219. Guest Name: Ashok Gupta
    Company Name:The Gupta Program
    Podcast Link: Train Your Brain: Managing Chronic Disease Symptoms with Ashok Gupta
  220. Guest Name: Amber Walker
    Company Name:Origin Wellness
    Podcast Link: Treating Chronic Illnesses By Uncovering The Root Issues
  221. Guest Name: Anatoly Kvitnitsky
    Company Name:Trulioo
    Podcast Link: Trulioo — Anatoly Kvitnitsky — Global Identity Verification System That Is AML/KYC Compliant
  222. Guest Name: Adrianna Mendez, Marina Reznik and Nathan Wosnack
    Company Name:Ubitquity.Io
    Podcast Link: Ubitquity.Io – Adrianna Mendez (VP Of Marketing), Marina Reznik (Partner), And Nathan Wosnack (Founder) – The First Blockchain Secured Platform For Real Estate Record Keeping
  223. Guest Name: Alice Siu
    Company Name:The Deliberative Democracy Lab
    Podcast Link: Understanding Public Opinion By Building A Deliberative Democracy
  224. Guest Name: Aaron Ferguson and Zach Rhoads
    Company Name:Social Exchange Podcast
    Podcast Link: Understanding the Social Determinants of Addiction—Aaron Ferguson and Zach Rhoads—Social Exchange Podcast
  225. Guest Name: Aaron Dukes
    Company Name:Dukes Legal, P.A
    Podcast Link: Unsure Of The Future? Consider This Advice From An Accomplished Cattle Rancher And Farmer
  226. Guest Name: Alex Bäcker
    Company Name:Drisit.
    Podcast Link: Using Drones To Keep People Safe | How Technology Is Improving Public Security
  227. Guest Name: Anacleto Rizzo
    Company Name:IRIDRA SRL
    Podcast Link: Using Engineering To Facilitate Sustainable Water Management With Anacleto Rizzo
  228. Guest Name: Adam Draper
    Company Name:Boost VC
    Podcast Link: Venture Capitalist Invests Big With Blockchain, VR & SciFi Tech
  229. Guest Name: Aurelie Rakotondrafara
    Company Name:University of Wisconsin in Madison
    Podcast Link: Viral Translation Strategies: Aurelie Rakotondrafara Talks Plant Viral Infections
  230. Guest Name: Alexis Smirnov
    Company Name:Dialogue
    Podcast Link: Virtual Medicine – Alexis Smirnov, Co-founder and CTO of Dialogue – Visiting Your Doctor Through an App for More Immediate Quality Care
  231. Guest Name: Aaron Frank
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Virtual Vitality – Aaron Frank, Principal Faculty, Singularity University – How Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Other Emerging Tech Will Change the Way We Work and Play (and it’s happening now)
  232. Guest Name: Adolfo Garcia-Sastre
    Company Name:Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
    Podcast Link: Viruses Are Dumb, But We Can Learn From Them Nonetheless: A Conversation with Adolfo Garcia-Sastre
  233. Guest Name: Adrien Schmidt
    Company Name:Bouquet
    Podcast Link: Voice-Activated Access to Your Data in Real Time, 24/7—Adrien Schmidt—Aristotle by
  234. Guest Name: Alex Bäcker
    Company Name:101 Clues to a Happy Life
    Podcast Link: What Does It Take To Live A Happy Life? There May Be Factors You Haven’t Considered
  235. Guest Name: Amit Gandhi
    Company Name:Microsoft
    Podcast Link: What Drives Your Decision-Making?—An Economical Perspective with Amit Gandhi
  236. Guest Name: Andrea Lynn Kritcher
    Company Name:Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Podcast Link: What Is Fusion? | Exploring The Intricacies Of An Immensely Powerful Form Of Energy
  237. Guest Name: Arnold de Loof
    Company Name:University of Leuven
    Podcast Link: What is Life? – Arnold de Loof – Department of Biology, Animal Physiology Research Group, University of Leuven
  238. Guest Name: Achina Stein
    Company Name:Dr. Archina
    Podcast Link: Your Symptoms Have Root Causes, and You Can Dig Them Up — A Conversation With a Functional Psychiatrist
  1. Guest Name: Ben Novak
    Company Name:Revive & Restore
    Podcast Link: A Biotechnological Boost to Wildlife Conservation—Ben Novak—Revive & Restore
  2. Guest Name: Bill Barhydt
    Company Name:Abra
    Podcast Link: Abra — Bill Barhydt, Founder and CEO — Wallet That Holds Cryptocurrencies and Fiat Directly on Your Smartphone
  3. Guest Name: Bailey Reutzel
    Company Name:FinTech
    Podcast Link: Bailey Reutzel – Cryptocurrency and FinTech Journalist
  4. Guest Name: Banning Garrett
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Banning Garrett – Faculty At Singularity University – Using Technology To Solve The Global Grand Challenges
  5. Guest Name: Barry Spielman
    Company Name:Sixgill
    Podcast Link: Barry Spielman – Staying Safe on the DarkWEB
  6. Guest Name: Balint Seeber
    Company Name:Bastille.Net
    Podcast Link: Bastille.Net – Securing the Internet of Radios
  7. Guest Name: Ben Feldman
    Company Name:NYIAX
    Podcast Link: Ben Feldman–VP of Tech Operations at NYIAX– Blockchain-based platform for buying, selling, and trading advertising inventory
  8. Guest Name: Ben Hindman
    Company Name:Splash
    Podcast Link: Ben Hindman-Splash-A Personalized Planning Tool For Your Next Business or Party Event
  9. Guest Name: Ben Jessel
    Company Name:Kadena
    Podcast Link: Ben Jessel, Head of Business Growth at Kadena
  10. Guest Name: Ben Joakim
    Company Name:Disberse
    Podcast Link: Ben Joakim: Controlling Transparency, Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Finance
  11. Guest Name: Ben Malouf
    Company Name:Aleph Objects, Inc
    Podcast Link: Ben Malouf of Aleph Objects Explains 3D Printing – The Reality and the Future
  12. Guest Name: Ben Way
    Company Name:Digits
    Podcast Link: Ben Way – Digits – Turning Debit & Credit Cards into Crypto Cards at the Push of a Button
  13. Guest Name: Beverly Macy
    Company Name:UCLA Blockchain Lab
    Podcast Link: Beverly Macy – Thought Leader In Emerging Technology And Media Trends
  14. Guest Name: Bob Zimmerman
    Company Name:Behind The Black
    Podcast Link: Beyond this World with Space Historian Bob Zimmerman
  15. Guest Name: Bill Ottman
    Company Name:Minds
    Podcast Link: Bill Ottman – CEO and Founder of Minds – Earning Digital Currency and Views for Social Networking
  16. Guest Name: Bianca Lopes
    Company Name:Bioconnect
    Podcast Link: Bioconnect — Bianca Lopes, Chief Identity Officer — Biometric Identity And Authentication Security Solutions For Enterprise Technology
  17. Guest Name: Bart Stephens
    Company Name:Blockchain Capital
    Podcast Link: Blockchain Capital – Venture Capital in the Blockchain Industry
  18. Guest Name: Bob Friday
    Company Name:Mist
    Podcast Link: Bob Friday – CTO/Co-Founder – Mist
  19. Guest Name: Bob O'Donnell
    Company Name:Technalysis Research
    Podcast Link: Bob O’Donnell – Founder – Technalysis Research
  20. Guest Name: Bobby Tinsley
    Company Name:Priatek
    Podcast Link: Bobby Tinsley, Co-Founder & EVP of Innovation at Priatek – Revolutionizing Customer Engagement
  21. Guest Name: Brad Templeton
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Brad Templeton of Singularity University – The Future of Self-Driving, Autonomous Vehicles
  22. Guest Name: Braden Glasgow
    Company Name:Open Bazaar
    Podcast Link: Braden Glasgow, Head Of Development For Open Bazaar–Upcoming Development Projects At Open Bazaar
  23. Guest Name: Bradford Siff
    Company Name:Biowave
    Podcast Link: Bradford Siff-Biowave- A Smarter Pain-blocking Technology in the Form of a Handheld Device
  24. Guest Name: Bradley Zastrow
    Company Name:Dash
    Podcast Link: Bradley Zastrow – Head Of Global Business Development At Dash – Cryptocurrency
  25. Guest Name: Brandon Mintz
    Company Name:Bitcoin Depot
    Podcast Link: Brandon Mintz, President Bitcoin Depot, Providing Cryptocurrency Atms.
  26. Guest Name: Brendan Eich
    Company Name:Brave Browser
    Podcast Link: Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave Browser – Built-in Ad Blocking Capability & More
  27. Guest Name: Brendan Finucane
    Company Name:Ecanvasser
    Podcast Link: Brendan Finucane, CEO at Ecanvasser – The #1 Voter Canvassing Solution
  28. Guest Name: Breno Fragomeni, Ph.D.
    Company Name:University of Connecticut
    Podcast Link: Breno Fragomeni, Ph.D. Discusses Current Research on Genetics and Livestock
  29. Guest Name: Brent Traidman
    Company Name:Brd
    Podcast Link: Brent Traidman Chief Revenue Officer – BRD (Formerly Bread) User Friendly, Simple And Safe Crypto Wallet.
  30. Guest Name: Brian Deery
    Company Name:Factom
    Podcast Link: Brian Deery On ASIC Boost, The Blockchain & The History & Future Of Bitcoin
  31. Guest Name: Brian Deery
    Company Name:Factom
    Podcast Link: Brian Deery-Chief Scientist at Factom, on Atomic Swaps, Decentralized Exchanges and More
  32. Guest Name: Brian Feth & James Lim
    Company Name:Xcellbio
    Podcast Link: Brian Feth & James Lim, Founders – Xcellbio
  33. Guest Name: Brian Kelly
    Company Name:BKCM LLC
    Podcast Link: Brian Kelly – Author of “The Bitcoin Big Bang” – Founder & CEO at BKCM LLC
  34. Guest Name: Brian Mcclafferty
    Company Name:Evident-Proof.Com
    Podcast Link: Brian Mcclafferty Co-Founder at Evident-Proof.Com – Date Verification and Proof Services.
  35. Guest Name: Brian Poppe
    Company Name:Mutual of Omaha
    Podcast Link: Brian Poppe – Mutual of Omaha – Bringing Smart Contracts and Real-Time Accounting into the Insurance Industry
  36. Guest Name: Brian Smocovich
    Company Name:Block Apps
    Podcast Link: Brian Smocovich – Business development at Block Apps – Blockchain Application Provider, Bringing Security, Permission-Based Visibility, And Efficiency To Enterprises Of All Sizes.
  37. Guest Name: Brian Spector
    Company Name:Qredo
    Podcast Link: Brian Spector, CEO of Qredo
  38. Guest Name: Brian Sweeney
    Company Name:IBM Consultant
    Podcast Link: Brian Sweeney – IBM Consultant
  39. Guest Name: Brigitte Luginbuhl
    Company Name:Swiss RealCoin
    Podcast Link: Brigitte Luginbuhl – CEO & Head of Real Estate SwissRealCoin – Switzerland’s First Real Estate Crypto Token
  40. Guest Name: Brit Morgan
    Company Name:Hilo
    Podcast Link: Brit Morgan – Co-Founder and COO at – Social Network For Cryptocurrency Traders.
  41. Guest Name: Brittany Stotler
    Company Name:Local Motors
    Podcast Link: Brittany Stotler – VP of Marketing, Local Motors
  42. Guest Name: Bryant Nielson
    Company Name:Blockchain Academy
    Podcast Link: Bryant Nielson – Founder of the Blockchain Academy – Blockchain Programs For Corporations And Developers.
  43. Guest Name: Benjamin D. Hopkins
    Company Name:The Tisch Cancer Institute
    Podcast Link: Cancer Genetics Research: The Latest in Highly Targeted Ways to Fight Back Against Cancerous Tumor Cells
  44. Guest Name: Billy Price
    Company Name:BILLY Footwear
    Podcast Link: Changing the Footwear Game: Combining Adaptability with Convenience and Widespread Desirability—Billy Price—BILLY Footwear
  45. Guest Name: Brian Altman
    Company Name:University of Rochester Medical Center
    Podcast Link: Circadian Rhythm Cancer Treatment with Brian Altman
  46. Guest Name: Bryce Thomas And Frederick Brien
    Company Name:Tokenspin
    Podcast Link: Co-Founders Bryce Thomas And Frederick Brien – Co-founders Of Tokenspin – Changing The Way Charities Operate With Blockchain Tech
  47. Guest Name: Barbara Natterson Horowitz
    Company Name:Harvard Medical School
    Podcast Link: Delving Into Human Pathology through the Avenue of Examining Animal Behavior and Illness with Barbara Natterson Horowitz
  48. Guest Name: Brian McCarthy
    Podcast Link: Dental Care, Digital World – Brian McCarthy, Executive Vice President, – Using Technology and Communication to Advance the Oral Care Industry, Connect Patients to Doctors, and Improve Wellness
  49. Guest Name: Biao He
    Company Name:University of Georgia
    Podcast Link: Developing Vaccines and Treatments For Deadly Diseases Through Alternative Delivery of Vaccination with Biao He
  50. Guest Name: Brandon K. Fornwalt
    Company Name:Geisinger Department
    Podcast Link: Earlier Detection and Accurate Predictions of Life-Threatening Conditions Using Machine Learning—Brandon K. Fornwalt and Aalpen Patel—Geisinger Department of Imaging Science and Innovation
  51. Guest Name: Beverly and Dereck Joubert
    Company Name:National Geographic
    Podcast Link: Earth Day Special: National Geographic Explorers Discuss Born Wild and Wildlife Conservation
  52. Guest Name: Bonnie Southgate
    Company Name:Ehlers Danlos
    Podcast Link: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and the Potential For Pilates-Based Physical Therapy and Training with Bonnie Southgate
  53. Guest Name: Bastian Tzovaras
    Company Name:Open Humans Foundation
    Podcast Link: Empowering People to Make the Most of Their Own Data—Bastian Tzovaras—Open Humans Foundation
  54. Guest Name: Beth Tuck
    Company Name:Genspace
    Podcast Link: Encouraging the Growth of Your Inner Scientist—Beth Tuck—Genspace
  55. Guest Name: Brett Bernstein
    Company Name:Gatsby
    Podcast Link: Energizing E-Commerce – Brett Bernstein, Co-founder and CEO at Gatsby – The Dominating Influence of Social Media—Powerful Tools Businesses Can Use to Rev Up Their Consumer Activity and Online Conversions
  56. Guest Name: Brian Curtis
    Company Name:Concentric Power
    Podcast Link: Energy Evolution – Brian Curtis, CEO of Concentric Power – The Future Is Now. Sustainable Energy Makes Its Way Forward Into the Power Grid
  57. Guest Name: Bryan Feinberg
    Company Name:Etheralabs
    Podcast Link: Etheralabs — Bryan Feinberg — Venture Capital Acceleration and Intelligence Platform for Cryptospace
  58. Guest Name: Brendon Coventry
    Company Name:University of South Australia
    Podcast Link: Examining the Chemotherapy Process Relating to Bodily Processes and Rhythms – An In-Depth Conversation with Brendon Coventry
  59. Guest Name: Byron Johnson
    Company Name:Baylor University
    Podcast Link: Examining The Intersection Of Criminology And Religion With Byron Johnson
  60. Guest Name: Benjamin Lightburn
    Company Name:Filament Health
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Benefits Of Psychedelic Medicine | Is This The Future Of Medical Treatment?
  61. Guest Name: Brad Lancaster
    Company Name:Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands
    Podcast Link: Exploring the Benefits Of Water Harvesting In A Dryland Environment
  62. Guest Name: Bruce R. Sutherland
    Company Name:BIRS
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Microplastic Problem From A Fresh Perspective
  63. Guest Name: Brian Deery
    Company Name:Factom
    Podcast Link: Factom – Securing Data Using The Bitcoin Blockchain
  64. Guest Name: Brian Deery, Paul Snow & David Johnston
    Company Name:Factom
    Podcast Link: Factom’s Brian Deery, Paul Snow & David Johnston on the Future of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash And Segwit 2x
  65. Guest Name: Ben Atkinson
    Company Name:Functional Health Podcast
    Podcast Link: Food Power – Ben Atkinson, Nutritionist, Podcaster (the Functional Health Podcast) – Nutrition, Our Bodies, and How We Can Improve Health
  66. Guest Name: Ben Smith
    Company Name:Fysical
    Podcast Link: Fysical – Decentralized Location Data Market
  67. Guest Name: Berenice A. Benayoun
    Company Name:USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
    Podcast Link: Gerontologist Berenice Benayoun Reconfigures How We Study Aging
  68. Guest Name: Becky Barker
    Company Name:Becky Adelaide Tattoo
    Podcast Link: Getting Familiar With The Healing Power Of Medical Tattoos
  69. Guest Name: Barry Raphael
    Company Name:The Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics
    Podcast Link: Getting to the Root Cause of Crooked Teeth—Barry Raphael, Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry—The Raphael Center for Integrative Orthodontics
  70. Guest Name: Bryan Roth
    Company Name:University of North Carolina
    Podcast Link: Going Down The Psychoactive Rabbit Hole With Pharmacologist Bryan Roth
  71. Guest Name: Ben Ziomek
    Company Name:Actuate
    Podcast Link: Gun Detection via Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Tech—Ben Ziomek—Actuate
  72. Guest Name: Ben Hwang
    Company Name:Profusa
    Podcast Link: Helping You Harness the Power of Your Real-Time Biochemical Data—Ben Hwang—Profusa
  73. Guest Name: Barbara Royal
    Company Name:Royal Treatment Veterinary Center
    Podcast Link: Holistic Pet Care – Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA – Complementary and Holistic Veterinary Medicine
  74. Guest Name: Brandon Hopkins
    Company Name:Washington State University Apiary Program
    Podcast Link: Honey Bee Sperm and Reproductive Bee Anatomy with Brandon Hopkins
  75. Guest Name: Bhuvnesh Bharti
    Company Name:LSU Department of Chemical Engineering
    Podcast Link: How Do We Clean Up Oil Spills? This Researcher Explains How Chemical Engineering May Hold the Solution
  76. Guest Name: Beran Parry
    Company Name:Beran Parry
    Podcast Link: Insights from an Expert in Nutrition, Health, and Exercise Physiology—Beran Parry—Certified Nutritional Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, Eating Behavior Specialist, Health Coach
  77. Guest Name: Blake Harris
    Company Name:blake j harris
    Podcast Link: Insights from the Author of Console Wars and The History of the Future: Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality—Blake Harris
  78. Guest Name: Baker Perry
    Company Name:Appalachian State University
    Podcast Link: Installing the World’s Highest Weather Station with Professor Baker Perry, PhD
  79. Guest Name: Bruce Sinclair
    Podcast Link: – Using the Internet (of Things) in Innovative Ways
  80. Guest Name: Ben Azadi
    Company Name:Keto Kamp
    Podcast Link: Keto Diet Explained: Nuances and Cautionary Tales for How to Keto with Ben Azadi
  81. Guest Name: Beth Zupec-Kania
    Company Name:ketogenic diet therapies
    Podcast Link: Ketogenic Diets & Disease Treatment – Beth Zupec-Kania, RDN, CD – The Amazing Power of Nutrition, a Ketogenic Pathway to Better Health
  82. Guest Name: Brian Hooker
    Company Name:Simpson University
    Podcast Link: Looking at the Controversies Surrounding Childhood Inoculation With Brian Hooker, Professor at Simpson University
  83. Guest Name: Ben Marzeion
    Company Name:Institute of Geography and MARUM
    Podcast Link: Melting of the Icebergs Causes and Effects and the Components of Climate Change That Affects It with Ben Marzeion
  84. Guest Name: Brian McKelligon
    Company Name:Akoya Biosciences
    Podcast Link: Next-Generation Tissue Analysis Furthering the Field of Immuno-Oncology—Brian McKelligon—Akoya Biosciences
  85. Guest Name: Brendan Egan
    Company Name:DCU
    Podcast Link: On How to Age Healthfully—Brendan Egan, PhD—School of Health and Human Performance and the National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology at Dublin City University
  86. Guest Name: Ben Berwick
    Company Name:Prevalent Architecture
    Podcast Link: Origami Screen Turns Windows into Solar Panels: Prevalent Architecture’s Ben Berwick Talks Solar
  87. Guest Name: Bill Arnold
    Company Name:University of Minnesota
    Podcast Link: Pesticides, Medications, and More: Oh, the Places They’ll Go — Professor Bill Arnold Discusses Chemical Pollution
  88. Guest Name: Bryan Doreian
    Company Name:PIVX
    Podcast Link: PIVX — Bryan Doreian, Community And Business Development — Privacy Token With Proof-Of-Stake And Zerocoin Protocol
  89. Guest Name: Brett Younginger
    Company Name:Washington State University
    Podcast Link: Plant Life – Brett Younginger, Postdoctoral Researcher at Washington State University – Plants, Soil, and Symbiotic Relationships
  90. Guest Name: Brenda Davis
    Company Name:Brenda Davis RD
    Podcast Link: Plant-Based Diets: There’s a Wrong and a Right Way to Do It
  91. Guest Name: Bethanie Carney Almroth
    Company Name:University of Gothenburg
    Podcast Link: Plastic Problems—Bethanie Carney Almroth—University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  92. Guest Name: Bryan Wade
    Company Name:Sigstr
    Podcast Link: Powering Up Your Business Email – Bryan Wade, CEO, Sigstr – Email Marketing That Will Expand Your Company’s Outreach, Generate Interest, and Increase Retention
  93. Guest Name: Bianca Rodriguez
    Company Name:YOU ARE COMPLETE
    Podcast Link: Processing Trauma, Finding Holistic Wellness with Bianca Rodriguez
  94. Guest Name: Bianca Rodriguez
    Company Name:YOU ARE COMPLETE
    Podcast Link: Processing Trauma, Finding Holistic Wellness with Bianca Rodriguez
  95. Guest Name: Blaine Hitzfield
    Company Name:Seven Sons Farms
    Podcast Link: Providing Ethical And Transparent Pasture-Raised Meats And Groceries With Blaine Hitzfield Of Seven Sons Farms
  96. Guest Name: Brian J. Ford
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Research Scientist Brian J. Ford Talks Microbiology, Microbes, and Viruses
  97. Guest Name: Biquan Luo
    Company Name:Lumos
    Podcast Link: Seeking Sleep – Biquan Luo, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Lumos – The Sleep Mask That Could Help Put an End to Jet Lag and Chronic Fatigue
  98. Guest Name: Brian T. Cunningham
    Company Name:University of Illinois
    Podcast Link: Shining a Light on COVID-19 Virus Detection
  99. Guest Name: Barry O'Reilly
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Singularity University — Barry O’Reilly, Faculty — Impact Of New Technologies On Society And Services
  100. Guest Name: Ben Godfrey
    Company Name:SportVEST
    Podcast Link: Sports Investment – Ben Godfrey, Founder & General Partner of SportVEST – How Blockchain and Tokenization Are Breathing New Life Into Sports-Related Businesses
  101. Guest Name: Barry Stripp and John Mahoney
    Company Name:Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute & Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Lab
    Podcast Link: Stem Cell Therapeutics and Cystic Fibrosis Affected Lung Regeneration – A Conversation with Barry Stripp and John Mahoney
  102. Guest Name: Brendon Coventry
    Company Name:University of South Australia
    Podcast Link: Strides Down Different Avenues of Cancer Research with Brendon Coventry
  103. Guest Name: Ben Pring
    Company Name:Future of Work
    Podcast Link: Technology and Its Impact on Our Lives, Our Children’s Lives, and How to Unplug for a Happier Life with Ben Pring
  104. Guest Name: Barrett Klein
    Company Name:University of Wisconsin
    Podcast Link: The Ecological Role of Insects and the Relationship to Human Culture – An In-Depth Examination with Barrett Klein
  105. Guest Name: Brendon Coventry
    Company Name:Adelaide, South Australia
    Podcast Link: The Evolutionary Biology of Your Immune System and How it Can Remove Cancer from the Body with Brendon Coventry
  106. Guest Name: Brant Cortright
    Company Name:California Institute of Integral Studies
    Podcast Link: The Many Sides of Mental Wellness with Functional Psychologist Brant Cortright
  107. Guest Name: Bjorn Lomborg
    Company Name:Dr. Bjorn Lomborg
    Podcast Link: The Misconceptions Surrounding Climate Change Statistics and The Myths They Caused with Bjorn Lomborg
  108. Guest Name: Brandon Thomas
    Company Name:Blockview Partners
    Podcast Link: The Newsletter That Helps Leaders and Investors Understand Blockchain (With Brandon Thomas)
  109. Guest Name: Blair Lock
    Company Name:Coapt
    Podcast Link: The Next Generation of Prosthetic Limb Control—Blair Lock—Coapt
  110. Guest Name: Barak Rotblat
    Company Name:University of the Negev
    Podcast Link: The Non-Coding RNA Puzzle: Barak Rotblat Discusses New Class of RNA Molecules
  111. Guest Name: Brian Keating
    Company Name:Brian Keating
    Podcast Link: The Origins of the Universe Understood Through Physics and How It Can Impact Our Life with Brian Keating
  112. Guest Name: Brendon Coventry
    Company Name:The University of Adelaide
    Podcast Link: Therapeutic Vaccination as a Solution to Cancer?
  113. Guest Name: Bokai Zhu
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Tidal Rhythms Encoded Human and Animal Physiology: Bokai Zhu Discusses Ultradian Rhythms
  114. Guest Name: Ben Bocchicchio
    Company Name:Smart Plan for Diet and Total Health
    Podcast Link: Total Health – Ben Bocchicchio, Doctor, Author, Health and Fitness Expert – High Intensity Exercise and Proper Diet For Maximizing Metabolism
  115. Guest Name: Brandon Sweeney
    Company Name:TriFusion Devices
    Podcast Link: TriFusion Devices – 3D Printing Lower Limbs & Prosthetics
  116. Guest Name: Ben Z. Stanger
    Company Name:University of Pennsylvania
    Podcast Link: Understanding Pancreatic Cancer and the Research Behind New Therapeutic Techniques with Ben Z. Stanger
  117. Guest Name: Bishoy Goubran
    Company Name:Rush University Medical Center
    Podcast Link: Understanding The Mind & Body | How To Enhance Your Mental & Physical Health
  118. Guest Name: Beverly Mok
    Company Name:Harvard University
    Podcast Link: Understanding the Possibilities of Next Generation Biotherapeutics With Beverly Mok
  119. Guest Name: Bruno Aziza
    Company Name:Oracle
    Podcast Link: Using AI to Increase Your Company’s Efficiency and Efficacy—Bruno Aziza—Oracle
  120. Guest Name: Brian Burzynski
    Company Name:Intelligent Threads
    Podcast Link: Using Wearable Technology To Release Tight Muscles With Brian Burzynski
  121. Guest Name: Brenden Kumarasamy
    Company Name:MasterTalk
    Podcast Link: What Does It Mean To Be A Great Communicator? | A Public Speaking Coach Explains
  122. Guest Name: Beran Parry
    Company Name:Beran Parry
    Podcast Link: What We Eat and How We Live – Beran Parry, Nutritionist and Author of, The Ageless Metabolic Cure: The Science of Looking 20 Years Younger: Natural Hormone Reset: Get Lean and Genetically Clean – Cleaning Up Our Health Through Diet and Better Understanding of Our Metabolism and Genetics
  123. Guest Name: Ben Hayward
    Company Name:Xabian Tech
    Podcast Link: Xabian- Developing Prosthetic Limbs
  1. Guest Name: Carrie Wrigley
    Company Name:Carrie Wrigley
    Podcast Link: 16 Low or No-Cost Strategies for Easing Your Anxiety and Depression
  2. Guest Name: Colan
    Company Name:3Diligent
    Podcast Link: 3Diligent – The Digital Manufacturing Partner for Every Business
  3. Guest Name: Carlo Maley
    Company Name:Biodesign Institute in the School of Life Sciences
    Podcast Link: A Cancer Cell’s Advantage: Evolutionary Forces and Cancer Therapy
  4. Guest Name: Colin Champ
    Company Name:Duke University
    Podcast Link: A Healthy Diet and Exercise as a Preventative Measure and Cancer Therapy Treatment – A Discussion on Health and Cancer Prevention with Colin Champ
  5. Guest Name: Chris Berka
    Company Name:Advanced Brain Monitoring
    Podcast Link: Advanced Brain Monitoring – Producing Innovative Medical Devices
  6. Guest Name: Charles Fisher
    Podcast Link: AI in Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence is the Way to Advance into the Next Era of Medical Technology
  7. Guest Name: Charles Fisher
    Podcast Link: AI in Healthcare: Artificial Intelligence is the Way to Advance into the Next Era of Medical Technology
  8. Guest Name: Charlie Silver
    Company Name:Permission
    Podcast Link: Algebraix — Charlie Silver, CEO — Permissioned Mobile Marketing Platform That Rewards Users In Cryptocurrency
  9. Guest Name: Charlie Silver
    Company Name:Algebraix Data
    Podcast Link: Algebraix Data — Charlie Silver, Chairman And CEO — Blockchain-Based Platform To Own And Monetize Your Personal Data
  10. Guest Name: Chelsea Rochman
    Company Name:Rochman Lab at the University of Toronto Lab
    Podcast Link: Anthropogenic Assays and Plastic Problems—Chelsea Rochman, PhD—Rochman Lab at the University of Toronto Lab
  11. Guest Name: Chris Gibson
    Company Name:Skin So Fabulous
    Podcast Link: Anti Aging Techniques and Treating Acne and Other Common Skin Issues using Skincare and Wellness with Chris Gibson
  12. Guest Name: Catherine Pittman
    Company Name:St. Mary's College
    Podcast Link: Anxiety Based Disorders, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Distinguishing Fear and Anxiety with CBT Techniques with Catherine Pittman
  13. Guest Name: Chima McGruder
    Company Name:Harvard University
    Podcast Link: Are We Alone In This Universe? Uncovering Cosmic Mysteries With Exoplanet Research
  14. Guest Name: Cheryl Burdette
    Company Name:Progressive Medical
    Podcast Link: Avoiding “One Pill per Ill:” Utilizing Naturopathic Medicine to Achieve Optimal Health: Cheryl Burdette, ND, Director of Education for the Naturopathic residency program at Progressive Medical
  15. Guest Name: Chase Beisel
    Company Name:Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research
    Podcast Link: Bacterial Genetics, RNA Based Infection Engineering, and the Immune System – A Discussion with Chase Beisel
  16. Guest Name: Charles
    Company Name:Survival Preparedness for Beginners
    Podcast Link: Be Prepared For Anything: Actions You Can Take To Equip Yourself For An Uncertain Future
  17. Guest Name: Cameron Jack
    Company Name:University of Florida
    Podcast Link: Bee Space: Honey Bee Social Behavior with Cameron Jack
  18. Guest Name: Cristina Aosan
    Company Name:Melidava Consulting in Romania
    Podcast Link: Bees: Breaking Conventional Medicine, Regenerating Health
  19. Guest Name: Chris Kline
    Company Name:Bitcoin IRA
    Podcast Link: Bitcoin IRA: The First and Only Cryptocurrency-Based IRA
  20. Guest Name: Colan Meggy
    Company Name:Bitcoin.Tax system
    Podcast Link: Bitcoin.Tax, Calculating Capital Gains and Taxes for Crypto-Currencies.
  21. Guest Name: Cavin Balaster
    Company Name:Feed a Brain
    Podcast Link: Brain Breakthrough – Cavin Balaster, Author, and Founder of Feed a Brain, and Adventures in Brain Injury – Neurology, Nutrition, and the Specific Dietary Changes That Can Optimize Brain Function and Repair The Brain
  22. Guest Name: Charles Allen
    Company Name:BTCS
    Podcast Link: — From Bitcoin’s Prehistory, Till Now
  23. Guest Name: Cambridge Global Payments and Qwil Partnering
    Company Name:Qwil
    Podcast Link: Cambridge Global Payments and Qwil Partnering to Streamline Payments for Freelancers
  24. Guest Name: Cameron Shilling
    Company Name:McLane Middleton
    Podcast Link: Cameron Shilling- McLane Middleton- Moving Toward an Industry Best Practice for Greater Data Security and Regulatory Compliance
  25. Guest Name: Casey Flaherty
    Podcast Link: Casey Flaherty of – Technology Training And Benchmarking Made Easy
  26. Guest Name: Caspar Thykier
    Company Name:Zappar
    Podcast Link: Caspar Thykier – Zappar – Democratizing the Augmented Reality Experience
  27. Guest Name: Cassandra Borchers
    Company Name:Thompson Hine
    Podcast Link: Cassandra Borchers – Partner at Thompson Hine – Ensuring Blockchain and Crypto Compliance for Your Business
  28. Guest Name: Catherine
    Company Name:Bixin
    Podcast Link: Catherine–CEO of Bixin–China-based, Bitcoin wallet, exchange, and social media platform
  29. Guest Name: Charley Lineweaver
    Company Name:Dr Charles H. Lineweaver
    Podcast Link: Cellular Oxygen Deficiency and how the Cellular Microbiome Plays a Role in Cancer Formation with Charley Lineweaver
  30. Guest Name: Chad Bennett
    Company Name:Heroic
    Podcast Link: Chad Bennett – Founder/CEO/Chief Architect,
  31. Guest Name: Chad Kettering and Armando Pantoja
    Company Name:HireMatch
    Podcast Link: Chad Kettering and Armando Pantoja, Co-founders of HireMatch: Decentralizing, Streamlining and Monetizing the Employee Recruitment Process
  32. Guest Name: Chaitanya Shah
    Company Name:Emblematic Group
    Podcast Link: Chaitanya Shah – Lead Engineer for Emblematic Group – Using VR to Make a Social Difference
  33. Guest Name: Colin Touhey
    Company Name:Pvilion
    Podcast Link: Changing the Solar-Powered Game—Colin Touhey—Pvilion
  34. Guest Name: Charles Green
    Company Name:RFi Group
    Podcast Link: Charles Green- RFi Group- Providing the Digital Banking Sector with the Data it Needs to Succeed
  35. Guest Name: Chase Smith
    Company Name:Open Platform
    Podcast Link: Chase Smith – Open Platform – A Blockchain-Agnostic ICO Fostering the Mainstream Adoption of Blockchain Payments
  36. Guest Name: Chris Aimone
    Company Name:Muse
    Podcast Link: Chris Aimone – Chief Technical Officer – InteraXon
  37. Guest Name: Chris Harrison
    Company Name:Carnegie Mellon University
    Podcast Link: Chris Harrison – Making Human-Computer Interaction Delightful
  38. Guest Name: Chris Kitze
    Podcast Link: Chris Kitze of discusses Flashcoin, Megacoin, and Blockchain Security Holes
  39. Guest Name: Chris Smith
    Company Name:Phix Solutions Group & Digital Asset Strategies Summit
    Podcast Link: Chris Smith – Founder & CEO of Phix Solutions Group and Co-Founder of the Digital Asset Strategies Summit
  40. Guest Name: Chris Tse
    Company Name:Cardstack
    Podcast Link: Chris Tse, Technologist by Trade, Designer in Practice, and Entrepreneur at Heart. Giving Power Back to Makers via Blockchains
  41. Guest Name: Christian Merz
    Company Name:Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Podcast Link: Christian Merz- Cultivating Digital Solutions for Smallholder Farmers
  42. Guest Name: Christopher Brown
    Company Name:Tropic of Kansas
    Podcast Link: Christopher Brown Is The Author Of ‘Tropic Of Kansas’
  43. Guest Name: Chuck McGraw
    Company Name:TLDR Capital
    Podcast Link: Chuck McGraw, Former US Navy Seal and Chief of Operations at TLDR Capital-The Importance of Centralized Planning and Decentralized Execution in the Corporate World
  44. Guest Name: Ciaran Hynes
    Company Name:Cosimo Ventures
    Podcast Link: Ciaran Hynes – Of Cosimo Ventures – Deep Tech Investment Firm for Blockchain, Ai, A/R, Iot
  45. Guest Name: Cim Bergdahl
    Company Name:BLB Industries
    Podcast Link: Cim Bergdahl – Co-Founder/CEO – BLB Industries
  46. Guest Name: Cali Estes
    Company Name:Cali Estes
    Podcast Link: Coach or Counselor? Discover Which One You Might Need
  47. Guest Name: Cody Burke
    Company Name:Stratasys
    Podcast Link: Cody Burke Director of Investor Relations at Stratasys – the largest 3D Printing Solutions Company in the World
  48. Guest Name: Christopher Hendon
    Company Name:University of Oregon
    Podcast Link: Coffee Chemistry with Christopher Hendon: Dr. Coffee Investigates Each Sip
  49. Guest Name: Colin Cantrell
    Company Name:Nexus Coin
    Podcast Link: Colin Cantrell – Creator of NXS Cryptocurrency, Inspired by Bitcoin’s Protocol
  50. Guest Name: Colin Cantrell
    Company Name:Nexus Coin
    Podcast Link: Colin Cantrell, creator of Nexus Coin (NXS)
  51. Guest Name: Colin Gounden
    Company Name:VIA
    Podcast Link: Colin Gounden- VIA- Using AI and Machine Learning to Prioritize Global Energy Infrastructure Upgrades and Maintenance
  52. Guest Name: Colin Pape
    Company Name:Presearch
    Podcast Link: Colin Pape — Presearch: A Decentralized Search Engine, Powered by the Community
  53. Guest Name: Charles J. Meakin
    Company Name:Care Oncology Clinic
    Podcast Link: Combatting Cancer – Charles J. Meakin, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Care Oncology Clinic USA – Finding New Ways to Fight Cancer, Combinations of Drugs, and Rethinking Treatment
  54. Guest Name: Clay Braswell
    Company Name:Commit Good
    Podcast Link: Commit Good – The Future of Charity is now on the Blockchain
  55. Guest Name: Conor Liston
    Company Name:Liston Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Conor Liston — Targeted mental health treatments through psychiatry and neuroscience
  56. Guest Name: Calix Lewis Reneau
    Company Name:Calix8
    Podcast Link: Coping With Depression | Exploring Psychological Problems & How To Deal With Them
  57. Guest Name: Corey Todaro
    Company Name:Hashed Health
  58. Guest Name: Courtney Morris
    Company Name:Artifacts
    Podcast Link: Courtney Morris – Co-Founder – Artifacts
  59. Guest Name: Craig Emmerich
    Company Name:Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet
    Podcast Link: Craig Emmerich-Author of Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet- Reversing and Significantly Reducing the Symptoms of Common and Chronic Diseases
  60. Guest Name: Cullen Hilkene
    Company Name:3Diligent
    Podcast Link: Cullen Hilkene of 3Diligent, Helps Businesses Evaluate & Use 3D Printing
  61. Guest Name: Cheri Huber
    Company Name:Cheri Huber
    Podcast Link: Cultivating Awareness | How Meditation Can Improve Mental Health & Expand Consciousness
  62. Guest Name: Cyrus Taghehchian
    Podcast Link: Cyrus Taghehchian – CEO at – Global Inventory On The Blockchain
  63. Guest Name: Courtney Sexton
    Company Name:Primate Genomics Lab
    Podcast Link: Decoding Dog Behavior with Researcher Courtney Sexton
  64. Guest Name: Christine Purdon
    Company Name:University of Waterloo
    Podcast Link: Depression & Anxiety, and Their Effects on the Overall Health of the Individual with Christine Purdon
  65. Guest Name: Chris Weilemann
    Company Name:CloudSight
    Podcast Link: Digital Recognition – Chris Weilemann, CTO of CloudSight – Visual Understanding of High Volume Media Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence Image Recognition
  66. Guest Name: Cecelia Doucette
    Company Name:Wireless Education
    Podcast Link: Electromagnetic Kinetic – Cecelia Doucette, Technical Writer and Education Services Director at Wireless Education – Environmental Toxins
  67. Guest Name: Christopher Hendon
    Company Name:University of Oregon
    Podcast Link: Energy Storage, and All Things Organic Chemistry—Christopher Hendon—Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oregon
  68. Guest Name: Can Kisagun
    Company Name:Enigma
    Podcast Link: Enigma – User Created AI Trading Bots In a Decentralized Data Marketplace
  69. Guest Name: Chris Horlacher
    Company Name:Equibit
    Podcast Link: Equibit – Trading Securities with a Blockchain
  70. Guest Name: Cece Gerstenbacher
    Company Name:Merrimack Valley Planning Commission
    Podcast Link: Exploring Environmental Conservation With Marine Biologist Cece Gerstenbacher
  71. Guest Name: Claire Whitaker
    Company Name:University of California, Riverside
    Podcast Link: Exploring Plant-Pathogen Interactions And How They Affect Our Food Security
  72. Guest Name: Chris Impey
    Company Name:University of Arizona
    Podcast Link: Exploring the Intricacies of Our Universe with Astronomer Chris Impey
  73. Guest Name: Carson Block
    Company Name:Muddy Waters Research
    Podcast Link: Exposing Financial Fraud | How To Hold Deceptive Businesses Responsible
  74. Guest Name: Chris Polly
    Company Name:Muon g-2 project
    Podcast Link: Fermilab’s Particle Physics Division – The Search For Antimatter and the Machinations of the Universe with Chris Polly
  75. Guest Name: Clive Smith
    Company Name:Thinklabs
    Podcast Link: Finally, an Intelligent Stethoscope: Meet ThinkLabs’ One Digital Stethoscope
  76. Guest Name: Charlotte Reznick
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Finding Calm – Charlotte Reznick, PhD, Author, The Power of Your Child’s Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success – Meditation and Mindfulness for a Healthier Life
  77. Guest Name: Chris Kitze
    Company Name:FlashCoin
    Podcast Link: Flash Coin & the Bitcoin Ecosystem – Chris Kitze Discusses Where the Blockchain Industry is, and Where It’s Headed
  78. Guest Name: Carla Sridevi Cohen
    Company Name:quantummindshift
    Podcast Link: From Bedridden and Broken to Holistic Healer
  79. Guest Name: Carolyn Hogg
    Company Name:Australasian Wildlife Genomics Group
    Podcast Link: From Koalas with Chlamydia to Contagious Cancer in Tasmanian Devils: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
  80. Guest Name: Chantal Abergel
    Company Name:French National Centre for Scientific Research
    Podcast Link: Giant Viruses Give the Big Picture Researcher Chantal Abergel Explains What Giant Viruses Show Us
  81. Guest Name: Cassie Bjork
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Good Food, Good Life – Cassie Bjork, Nutrition and Weight Loss Expert, Founder of Cassie.Net – Eating Better, Losing Weight, and Feeling Great
  82. Guest Name: Customminer
    Company Name:Gridcoin
    Podcast Link: Gridcoin Community Moderator Customminer–Earning Cryptocurrency Through Volunteer Distributed Computing
  83. Guest Name: Cass Nelson-Dooley
    Company Name:Health First Consulting, LLC
    Podcast Link: Helping Healing – Cass Nelson-Dooley, M.S., Owner and CEO of Health First Consulting, LLC – The Microbiome, Plant Diversity, and Natural Pathways to Healing
  84. Guest Name: Clinton Rubin
    Company Name:Stony Brook University
    Podcast Link: High-Frequency Mechanical Signals as a Surrogate for Exercise
  85. Guest Name: Céline Gounder
    Company Name:Just Human Productions
    Podcast Link: Home Is Where the Health Is: Unmasking U.S. and Global Health Inequalities
  86. Guest Name: Clare Rittschof
    Company Name:University of Kentucky
    Podcast Link: Honey Bee Behavioral Adaptations with Clare Rittschof
  87. Guest Name: Christian Frezza
    Company Name:University of Cambridge
    Podcast Link: How Cancer Fuels Itself: Christian Frezza Explains Metabolism of Cancer Types
  88. Guest Name: Christopher D'Elia
    Company Name:Louisiana State University’s
    Podcast Link: How Do Coral Reefs Function Within Aquatic Environments? | An Expert Explains
  89. Guest Name: Christian Brucculeri
    Company Name:Snaps
    Podcast Link: How to Get Your Customers To Happily Advertise for You On Their Mobile Messaging Apps With Christian Brucculeri of Snaps
  90. Guest Name: Christos Chinopoulos
    Company Name:Semmelweis University
    Podcast Link: How to Starve a Tumor: Cancer Treatment Research Assesses Metabolic Pathways
  91. Guest Name: Chris Stringer
    Company Name:Natural History Museum
    Podcast Link: Human Origins and Archaeological Discoveries – Chris Stringer Discusses Modern Human’s Ties to the Past
  92. Guest Name: Chris Ellis
    Company Name:AudioCardio
    Podcast Link: I Hear You! – Chris Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder of AudioCardio – Using Technology to Improve Hearing
  93. Guest Name: Cherry Lim's
    Company Name:Igloohome
    Podcast Link: Igloohome – Smart, Safe, Secure Keyless Home Access
  94. Guest Name: Cali Estes
    Company Name:Cali Estes
    Podcast Link: Improving Coping Mechanisms, Treating All Forms of Addiction—Cali Estes, PhD—Addictions and Recovery Professional
  95. Guest Name: Camila Rodrigues
    Company Name:Auburn University College of Agriculture
    Podcast Link: Improving Food Safety And Quality With Horticulturist Camila Rodrigues
  96. Guest Name: Clair Brown
    Company Name:University of California, Berkeley
    Podcast Link: Insight on Environmental and Global Health from an Economist—Clair Brown, PhD—Department of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley
  97. Guest Name: Carmen Boening
    Company Name:Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Interactions Between Climate Fluctuation and the Changes in Gravity which May Affect Sea Level Rise with Carmen Boening
  98. Guest Name: Charlie Shrem
    Company Name:Jaxx
    Podcast Link: Jaxx — A Browser for Blockchain
  99. Guest Name: Cynthia Loh
    Company Name:Charles Schwab
    Podcast Link: Keeping You on Track to Meet Your Goals—Cynthia Loh—Digital Advice and Innovation at Charles Schwab
  100. Guest Name: Charles Manning
    Company Name:Kochava and XCHNG
    Podcast Link: Kochava and XCHNG — Charles Manning, Founder and CEO — Providing Measurement and Analytics for the Advertising Industry Through Blockchain
  101. Guest Name: Colin Gounden
    Company Name:Via Science
    Podcast Link: Learn How Via Science Uses Big Math on a Tiny Scale to Improve AI and Solve Huge Problems
  102. Guest Name: Chamindie Punyadeera
    Company Name:Queensland University of Technology
    Podcast Link: Liquidizing Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Diagnostics—Chamindie Punyadeera—Queensland University of Technology
  103. Guest Name: Charlie Key
    Company Name:Losant IoT
    Podcast Link: Losant IoT – Building IoT Solutions and Lowering Barriers to IoT Adoption
  104. Guest Name: Charles Martin
    Company Name:Calculation Consulting
    Podcast Link: Machine Learning, Business Success – Charles Martin, PhD, Data Scientist, Machine Learning AI Consultant, and Chief Scientist at Calculation Consulting – Rapidly Evolving Opportunities For Business Via Machine Learning and Data Science
  105. Guest Name: Chadwick turner
    Company Name:MANDT VR
    Podcast Link: MANDT VR – a Fully Functioning 360 Degree Virtual Reality Video Production Studio
  106. Guest Name: Colin Hill
    Company Name:University College Cork
    Podcast Link: Microbiome as Organ: Researcher Colin Hill Talks Bacteria and Bacteriophages in Human Body
  107. Guest Name: Colleen Fitzpatrick
    Company Name:Identifinders International
    Podcast Link: Modern Forensic Genealogy with Colleen Fitzpatrick of Identifinders International
  108. Guest Name: Casey Kuhlman
    Company Name:Monax
    Podcast Link: Monax – Decentralized Ledgers and Contracts for Business
  109. Guest Name: Cassandra Leah Quave
    Podcast Link: Nature’s Next Medicine – The Production of Biofilm and Fighting Off Pathogenic Bacteria with Cassandra Leah Quave
  110. Guest Name: Cheri Ackerman and Cameron Myhrvold
    Company Name:Concerto Biosciences
    Podcast Link: New Multi-Virus Diagnostic Method by Broad Institute
  111. Guest Name: Charles Morris
    Company Name:NextBlock Global
    Podcast Link: Nextblock Global: Investing in the Next Era of the Internet
  112. Guest Name: Charles Dowding
    Company Name:No Dig: Nurture Your Soil to Grow Bette
    Podcast Link: No Dig Gardening: A High-Yielding And Nature-Friendly Way To Grow Food
  113. Guest Name: Cheryl Meyer
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Pain-Free Living: Author Cheryl Meyer Shares Her Journey toward Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
  114. Guest Name: Cyrus Khambatta and Robby Barbaro
    Company Name:Mastering Diabetes
    Podcast Link: Permanently Reversing Insulin Resistance—Cyrus Khambatta, PhD, and Robby Barbaro, MPH—Mastering Diabetes
  115. Guest Name: Chris Lewicki
    Company Name:Planetary Resources
    Podcast Link: Planetary Resources – Mining Asteroids for Earth-bound Materials & Materials Use In Space
  116. Guest Name: Colin Pape
    Company Name:Presearch
    Podcast Link: Presearch – Colin Pape, Project Lead – A Decentralized Search Engine that is Community Driven
  117. Guest Name: Charlie Conway
    Company Name:Biohaven Pharmaceuticals
    Podcast Link: Preventing and Treating Migraines: New Promising Therapy from Biohaven Pharmaceuticals
  118. Guest Name: Carmel Majidi and Eric Markvicka
    Company Name:Carnegie Mellon University
    Podcast Link: Professor Carmel Majidi And Phd Candidate Eric Markvicka- Creating Self-Healing Artificial Skin
  119. Guest Name: Catharina Svanborg
    Company Name:HAMLET
    Podcast Link: Professor Catharina Svanborg Discusses the Clinical Development of HAMLET, a New Cancer-Killing Molecular Complex
  120. Guest Name: Colin Stuckert
    Company Name:Wild Foods Co.
    Podcast Link: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles | How This Company Is Taking Charge Of Food & Nutrition
  121. Guest Name: Christian Kaelin
    Company Name:Leiio Wellness
    Podcast Link: Psilocybin Mushrooms and the Potential for Astronomical Healing and Benefits Using Medicinal Mushrooms with Christian Kaelin
  122. Guest Name: Cameron Williams
    Company Name:Purple Platypus
    Podcast Link: Purple Platypus – 3D Printing Solutions
  123. Guest Name: Chris Taylor
    Company Name:financial prepper
    Podcast Link: Resource Shortages And Economic Instability: How You Can Brace Yourself For Upcoming Hardships
  124. Guest Name: Christopher Fisher
    Company Name:Colorado State University
    Podcast Link: Scanning this Big Blue Marble: Laser Mapping Technology Applied to our Earth with Christopher Fisher
  125. Guest Name: Charley Lineweaver
    Company Name:The Australian National University
    Podcast Link: Searching for Life in Space and Exploring Space and Time – A Conversation into Theoretical Cosmology with Charley Lineweaver
  126. Guest Name: Carlos R. Ponce
    Company Name:Washington University School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Seeing What We See – Carlos R. Ponce, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at Washington University School of Medicine – Using AI to Better Understand Biological Vision
  127. Guest Name: Creon Levit
    Company Name:Planet Labs
    Podcast Link: Sensational Satellites – Creon Levit, Director R&D, Planet Labs – How Satellites Are Changing the Way We See and Study Earth
  128. Guest Name: Catia Reis
    Company Name:Lisbon University
    Podcast Link: Sleep & Circadian Rhythms – Catia Reis, PhD Student, Faculty of Medicine at Lisbon University – Understanding How We Sleep and Its Impact on Health & Safety
  129. Guest Name: Caitlin Long
    Company Name:Symbiont
    Podcast Link: Symbiont – Blockchain-Based, Bank to Bank Trading & Information Sharing
  130. Guest Name: Camila Espejo
    Company Name:Tasmanian School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumors and how Disease Ecology can Forward the Oncology Field as a Whole with Camila Espejo
  131. Guest Name: Carmen VanderHeiden Brodie
    Company Name:Removery
    Podcast Link: Tattoo Removal – The Nuances of Laser Technology for Hair and Tattoo Removal with Carmen VanderHeiden Brodie
  132. Guest Name: Christy Darlington
    Company Name:Green Living Off Grid
    Podcast Link: Teaching Self-Sustainable Living With Hydroponics, Aquaponics, And Organic Gardening Methods
  133. Guest Name: Carla McGuire Davis
    Company Name:Baylor College of Medicine
    Podcast Link: The Allergic Reaction – Carla McGuire Davis, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine and Director of the Food Allergy Program at Texas Children’s Hospital – New Research and Effective Treatments for Allergies of All Kinds
  134. Guest Name: Craig Goldberg
    Company Name:inHarmony
    Podcast Link: The Benefits Of Sound Therapy | How To Optimize Your Nervous System Health
  135. Guest Name: Charlie Bailes
    Company Name:CB Supplements
    Podcast Link: The Collagen Quest – Charlie Bailes, Founder and CEO of CB Supplements – Improving Our Health with Important Supplements
  136. Guest Name: Claudia Husseneder
    Company Name:Louisiana State University
    Podcast Link: The Impact Horizon Oil Spill and Horseflies – Professor Claudia Husseneder Discusses Population Genetics and Ecosystem Health
  137. Guest Name: Chris Hanson
    Company Name:Aromyx
    Podcast Link: The Nose Knows – Chris Hanson, Founder and CEO, Aromyx – The Amazing Tech That Can Measure Taste and Smell
  138. Guest Name: Chiara Marletto
    Company Name:University of Oxford
    Podcast Link: The Quantum Theory of Computation and Developing Constructors to Revolutionize Computing with Chiara Marletto
  139. Guest Name: Carl Johan Calleman
    Company Name:Calleman
    Podcast Link: The Quantum Theory of Mayan Cosmology: Carl Johan Calleman Talks Evolution of the Mind
  140. Guest Name: Carl Johan Calleman
    Company Name:Calleman
    Podcast Link: The Quantum Theory of Mayan Cosmology: Carl Johan Calleman Talks Evolution of the Mind
  141. Guest Name: Carlos Sonnenschein M.D.
    Company Name:Tufts School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: The Reimagination of the Formation and Proliferation of Cancer Cells – A Conversation with Carlos Sonnenschein M.D.
  142. Guest Name: Connel Fullenkamp
    Company Name:Duke University
    Podcast Link: The State of Financial Markets Amid COVID-19—Connel Fullenkamp, PhD—Duke Economics Department
  143. Guest Name: Clay and Maddie Guillory
    Company Name:Titan Robotics
    Podcast Link: Titan Robotics, Large Scale 3D Printing and Manufacturing
  144. Guest Name: Chris Aiken
    Company Name:The Mood Treatment Center
    Podcast Link: Treating Mood Disorders and Revolutionizing how Cases of Bipolar Disorder are Handled with Chris Aiken, M.D.
  145. Guest Name: Corinne Zeiderman
    Company Name:Hale Clinic
    Podcast Link: Treating Various Pain, Health, And Postural Issues With A Distinct Approach To Physical Therapy
  146. Guest Name: Christos Chinopoulos
    Company Name:Semmelweis University
    Podcast Link: Understanding Cancer Cells in the Human Body and Discussing New Tumor Treatments with Christos Chinopoulos
  147. Guest Name: Chris Johnson
    Company Name:Chris Johnson
    Podcast Link: Understanding the Opioid Crisis and the Effects of Addiction, Withdraw, and Opioid Toxicity Treatment with Chris Johnson
  148. Guest Name: Catherine Freije and Cameron Myhrvold
    Company Name:Sabeti Lab
    Podcast Link: Using CRISPR for Covid-19 Surveillance: Virologists at the Sabeti Lab Discuss their Test Development
  149. Guest Name: Charlie Burgoyne
    Company Name:Valkyrie
    Podcast Link: Valkyrie on Your Side: CEO Charlie Burgoyne Talks Role of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Making
  150. Guest Name: Charlie Burgoyne
    Company Name:Valkyrie
    Podcast Link: Valkyrie on Your Side: CEO Charlie Burgoyne Talks Role of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Making
  151. Guest Name: Charles Bernard
    Company Name:Team AIRE
    Podcast Link: Virus as Puppet Master: Phage Communication with Charles Bernard
  152. Guest Name: Curtis Suttle
    Company Name:Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, The University of British Columbia
    Podcast Link: Virus Vocation – Curtis Suttle, Professor, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, The University of British Columbia – An Overview of Viruses and Their Many Important Functions
  153. Guest Name: Cole Rosengren
    Company Name:Waste Dive
    Podcast Link: Wasted – Cole Rosengren, Senior Reporter, Waste Dive – As China Says No To Massive Amounts of The World’s Waste, What Are We Going To Do With All This Stuff?
  154. Guest Name: Christopher Aubuchon
    Company Name:Filld
    Podcast Link: Why the Gas is Always Greener at Filld, With Christopher Aubuchon
  155. Guest Name: Corrado Spadafora
    Company Name:Italian National Research Council
    Podcast Link: Why You Might Have More Than Just Your Father’s Eyes—Corrado Spadafora—Institute of Translational Pharmacology; Italian National Research Council
  156. Guest Name: Craig Buntin
    Company Name:SPORTLOGiQ
    Podcast Link: Winning! – Craig Buntin, Co-founder, SPORTLOGiQ – How AI Sports Data Analytics Are Literally Changing the Game and Giving Coaches an Irrefutable Inside Edge
  157. Guest Name: Chia-Lin Simmons
    Company Name:LookyLoo
    Podcast Link: Your Very Own AI-Powered Personal Shopper–Chia-Lin Simmons—LookyLoo, Lucy AI
  1. Guest Name: Daniel Cohen, Ph.D
    Company Name:3DBio Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: 3DBio: Printing Living Human Tissues for Therapeutic Applications
  2. Guest Name: Danny Flood
    Company Name:Hack Sleep
    Podcast Link: A Better Sleep, A Better You—Danny Flood—Hack Sleep: How to Fall Asleep Faster, Increase Your Energy, and Wake Up Refreshed
  3. Guest Name: Dr. Sandy Bevacqua
    Company Name:Dr. Sandy Bevacqua
    Podcast Link: A Biochemical Examination of Anxiety and Depression
  4. Guest Name: Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff
    Company Name:Chiro-Health, Inc.
    Podcast Link: A Chiropractor Conversation – Dr. Amelia Mazgaloff, Principal, Chiro-Health, Inc. – Discussing Modern Chiropractic and Soft Tissue Techniques
  5. Guest Name: Dr. Jonathan Clayton
    Company Name:University of Nebraska
    Podcast Link: A Conversation with The Monkey Doc on Host-Microbiome Interactions—Dr. Jonathan Clayton—Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska
  6. Guest Name: Dr. Laura Tiu
    Company Name:Florida Sea Grant
    Podcast Link: A Deep Dive Into Aquaculture in Florida’s Panhandle
  7. Guest Name: Dr. Arland Hill
    Company Name:Biotics Research
    Podcast Link: A Deep Dive into the Supplement Industry, Nutritional Supplements, and Biotics Research with Dr. Arland Hill
  8. Guest Name: Dr. Tobias Carling
    Company Name:Carling Adrenal Center
    Podcast Link: A Discussion with Leading Expert on Adrenal Gland Surgery, Dr. Tobias Carling
  9. Guest Name: David Pamies
    Company Name:University of Lausanne, Switzerland
    Podcast Link: A Faster, Cheaper, Mouse-Free Model for Studying the Effects of Environmental Toxins on the Human Brain—David Pamies, PhD—University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  10. Guest Name: Dr. Robin Smith
    Company Name:Sheffield Hallam University
    Podcast Link: A Foray into Nuclear Physics – Dr. Robin Smith, Lecturer in Physics, Sheffield Hallam University, UK – The Current State of Nuclear Physics Research
  11. Guest Name: Dominic D’Agostino
    Company Name:NASA’s Latest Deep-Sea Mission
    Podcast Link: A Glimpse Into NASA’s Latest Deep-Sea Mission—Dominic D’Agostino—University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine
  12. Guest Name: Dr. Thomas O’Bryan
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: A Path to Better Health – Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, Sought-After Speaker and Recognized Expert on Autoimmune Diseases – Autoimmune Issues, Toxins, and How We Can Be Healthier
  13. Guest Name: Dr. Seema Khosla
    Company Name:North Dakota Center for Sleep
    Podcast Link: A Pulmonologist’s Perspective on Sleep—Seema Khosla, MD—Medical Director of the North Dakota Center for Sleep
  14. Guest Name: Dr. Toeno van der Sar
    Company Name:Delft University of Technology
    Podcast Link: A Spin Wave of Information from Dr. Toeno van der Sar, Head of the Van der Sar Lab in the Department of Quantum Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology
  15. Guest Name: Dr. Rabia Bhatti
    Company Name:River Forest Breast Care Center
    Podcast Link: A Surgeon’s Insight on Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  16. Guest Name: David Olney
    Company Name:Blind Insights with David Olney
    Podcast Link: A Unique Perspective on Responses to and Consequences of COVID-19 Around the World
  17. Guest Name: Daryl Puryear
    Company Name:ABRA
    Podcast Link: ABRA – A Digital, Global, Currency-Agnostic Wallet
  18. Guest Name: Dr. Sandrine Miller-Montgomery
    Company Name:Center for Microbiome Innovation
    Podcast Link: Accelerating Microbiome Research for Improved Human Health—Dr. Sandrine Miller-Montgomery—UC San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation
  19. Guest Name: David Beran
    Company Name:Geneva University Hospitals
    Podcast Link: Access to Insulin: Managing Diabetes in Low-Income Countries with David Beran
  20. Guest Name: Dr. Gabriela Kalčíková
    Company Name:University of Ljubljana
    Podcast Link: Addressing The Global Problem Of Microplastics | How Can We Effectively Solve It?
  21. Guest Name: Dr. Conrad Iber
    Company Name:University of Minnesota
    Podcast Link: Adolescent Health, Obesity, and the Latest in Sleep Technology—Dr. Conrad Iber—University of Minnesota and Fairview Sleep Center
  22. Guest Name: Dr. John Knight
    Company Name:UNSW Sydney
    Podcast Link: Affordable Dialysis: Accessibility in Poorer Regions with The George Institute’s John Knight
  23. Guest Name: Dr. Lisa Amini
    Company Name:IBM Research Cambridge
    Podcast Link: AI Ingenuity – Dr. Lisa Amini, Director, IBM Research Cambridge – The Future of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in AI-based Products and Structures
  24. Guest Name: Dr. Dholakia
    Company Name:American Alliance of Healthy Sleep
    Podcast Link: All about Sleep with Dr. Dholakia: A Neurologist for Sleep Disorders Explores Concerns
  25. Guest Name: Danny Tomsett
    Company Name:FaceMe
    Podcast Link: Almost Human – Danny Tomsett, CEO of FaceMe – The Exciting Technological Advances in Digital Personas that Will Enhance Our Consumer Experience
  26. Guest Name: Debra and Miriam Aczel
    Company Name:Amir D. Aczel Foundation for Research
    Podcast Link: Amir D. Aczel’s Family Talks about Finding Zero and the Amir D. Aczel Foundation for Research
  27. Guest Name: Daniel Gartenberg
    Company Name:Sonic Sleep Coach
    Podcast Link: An App That Can Help You Achieve Deep, High-Quality Sleep—Daniel Gartenberg, PhD—Sonic Sleep Coach
  28. Guest Name: Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
    Company Name:The Sandy Hook Clinic
    Podcast Link: An Epigenetics Expert Talks Aging, Health, Medicine, and More – Kara Fitzgerald and the Sandy Hook Clinic
  29. Guest Name: Dr. Qi Chen
    Company Name:University of California
    Podcast Link: An Exploration of Epigenetic Inheritance—Dr. Qi Chen, PhD—Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences at UC Riverside
  30. Guest Name: Dr. Sherif Hassan
    Company Name:Luna Health
    Podcast Link: An Integrative Approach to Sleep Disorders and Cardiovascular Health—Dr. Sherif Hassan—International Physician and Keynote Speaker
  31. Guest Name: Dr. Ryan Mathis
    Company Name:PolarityTE
    Podcast Link: An Interview With A Frontline Innovator For Skin Regeneration
  32. Guest Name: Dr. Dominic Papineau
    Company Name:University College London
    Podcast Link: Analyzing Ancient Earth To Provide Context For The Origins Of Life
  33. Guest Name: Dr. Ann Rajnicek
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Analyzing Electricity In The Human Body, And How Doctors May Be Able To Harness It For Medical Treatment
  34. Guest Name: Dr. Richard J. Johnson
    Company Name:University of Colorado
    Podcast Link: Analyzing Why Humans Gain Weight From A Biological Perspective
  35. Guest Name: Dr. Raychelle Cassada Lohmann
    Company Name:University of Mount Olive
    Podcast Link: Anger Issues: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Management Strategies with Dr. Raychelle Cassada Lohmann
  36. Guest Name: Dr. Raychelle Cassada Lohmann
    Company Name:University of Mount Olive
    Podcast Link: Anger Issues: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Management Strategies with Dr. Raychelle Cassada Lohmann
  37. Guest Name: Diana Reiss
    Company Name:Diana Reiss
    Podcast Link: Animal Behavior and how Communication in Dolphins can Reveal a New Layer of the Animal Kingdom with Diana Reiss
  38. Guest Name: David Richard Nash
    Company Name:University of Copenhagen
    Podcast Link: Ant Associations with Professor David Richard Nash
  39. Guest Name: Dr. Ben Hoffman
    Company Name:Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
    Podcast Link: Ant Invasion: Understanding and Examining Invasive Ant Species
  40. Guest Name: Dr. John H. Rex
    Company Name:F2G, Ltd
    Podcast Link: Antimicrobial Developments: the Way Forward with Dr. John H. Rex, MD.
  41. Guest Name: Dr. Janos Zsolt Kormendy Racz
    Company Name:Hungarian Apitherapy Association
    Podcast Link: Apitherapy Benefits: The Use of Bee Farming Products to Treat Lots of Diseases from Canker Sores to Cancer
  42. Guest Name: Dr. James Lyons-Weiler
    Company Name:Pure and Applied Knowledge
    Podcast Link: Applying A Skeptical Lens To The COVID-19 Vaccination Narrative With Dr. James Lyons-Weiler
  43. Guest Name: Dr. Thaddeus Gala
    Company Name:Complete Care
    Podcast Link: Approaching Wellness – Dr. Thaddeus Gala, Founder and CEO of Complete Care – A Fascinating Look at How We Can Help Heal Ourselves With Lifestyle Changes and Nutritional Improvement
  44. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:New Aquatech Panama
    Podcast Link: Aquaponics and Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture – A Look into the Future of Non-Soil Agriculture with Dr. Bill McGraw
  45. Guest Name: Dr. Kelly D. Moran
    Company Name:San Francisco Estuary Institute
    Podcast Link: Are Tire Particles Harming The Environment? | An Expert Explains
  46. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Z. Lieberman
    Company Name:Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD
    Podcast Link: Are You Really In Control Of Your Thoughts? Analyzing The Role The Unconcious Mind Plays In Your Life
  47. Guest Name: Dan Rubins
    Company Name:Legal Robot
    Podcast Link: Artificial Intelligence For Legal Documents – Legal Robot
  48. Guest Name: Dr. Anthony Chang and Dr. Orest Boyko
    Company Name:American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM)
    Podcast Link: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and the Applications in the Field with Dr. Anthony Chang and Dr. Orest Boyko
  49. Guest Name: Dr. Osler Ortez
    Company Name:Department of Horticulture and Crop Science
    Podcast Link: At The Service Of Agriculture: Exploring Crop Production With Dr. Osler Ortez
  50. Guest Name: David Fragale
    Company Name:Atonomi
    Podcast Link: Atonomi – The Secure Ledger of Things
  51. Guest Name: Dr. Tony Guerra
    Company Name:Des Moines Area Community College
    Podcast Link: Audio Pharma – Dr. Tony Guerra, Instructor and Pre-Pharmacy Advisor, Des Moines Area Community College – Audio Books for the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Fields, Education & Outreach
  52. Guest Name: Dr. Eddy Gutierrez
    Company Name:Baptist Medical Center in Florida
    Podcast Link: Avoiding the Dangers of Mechanical Ventilation: An Alternative Life-Saving Oxygen Therapy
  53. Guest Name: David Pride
    Company Name:UC San Diego
    Podcast Link: Bacteriophages, the Microbiome, and Human Health—David Pride—Associate Director of Microbiology, Associate Professor of Pathology and Medicine, UC San Diego
  54. Guest Name: Dr. Basil Harris
    Company Name:Basil Leaf Team
    Podcast Link: Basil Leaf Team – Making Science Fiction a Reality
  55. Guest Name: Dr. Oliver Schacht
    Company Name:OpGen
    Podcast Link: Battling Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance with OpGen’s Dr. Oliver Schacht
  56. Guest Name: Dana Roseman
    Company Name:Integrative Diabetes Services
    Podcast Link: Better Blood Sugar: Dana Roseman Guides Patients with Type 1 & 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes
  57. Guest Name: Dr. Laura Esserman
    Company Name:Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative
    Podcast Link: Better Breast Cancer Data: Improve Screening and Breast Cancer Awareness with Dr. Laura Esserman
  58. Guest Name: Danny Cabrera
    Company Name:BioBots
    Podcast Link: BioBots – The Future of 3D Bioprinting
  59. Guest Name: Denis Noble
    Company Name:University of Oxford
    Podcast Link: Biologically Speaking – Denis Noble, CBE, PhD, FRS, Renowned British Biologist – The Complex Biology of Cells and Extracellular Vesicles
  60. Guest Name: David Freedman
    Company Name:NanoView
    Podcast Link: Bioscience Breakthroughs – David Freedman, Co-founder and Founding CEO of NanoView Biosciences – New Methods for Research and Discovery
  61. Guest Name: Dr. Dominique Potvin
    Company Name:USC : University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
    Podcast Link: Birds And Their Songs: Is There More To It Than We Think?
  62. Guest Name: Dror Medalion
    Company Name:BitJob
    Podcast Link: BitJob — Dror Medalion, CEO and Co-Founder — Peer-to-Peer Platform for Student Employment and Services
  63. Guest Name: Dean Masley
    Podcast Link: BlockChainEDU – Interview with Dean Masley of
  64. Guest Name: Don M. Huber
    Company Name:Purdue University
    Podcast Link: Botany, Plant Pathology, and the Importance of Sustainable Farming Techniques and Crop Rotation with Don M. Huber
  65. Guest Name: Dr. James V. Hardt
    Company Name:Biocybernaut Institute, Inc.
    Podcast Link: Brain Feedback – Dr. James V. Hardt, President and Founder of Biocybernaut Institute, Inc. – Analyzing Our Brainwaves for Life and Skills Improvement
  66. Guest Name: Dr. Marc Milstein
    Company Name:UCLA
    Podcast Link: Brain Health 101 | How To Lower Your Risk Of Memory Loss & Improve Longevity
  67. Guest Name: Dr. Myles Spar
    Company Name:Vault Health
    Podcast Link: Bringing Men’s Health Issues into Integrative Medicine Programs with Dr. Myles Spar
  68. Guest Name: Dr. Ali Tavakkoli
    Company Name:Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University
    Podcast Link: Bypassing Gastric Bypass Surgery: A New Treatment for People with Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes—Dr. Ali Tavakkoli—Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University, Center for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery
  69. Guest Name: Dr. Robert A Gatenby
    Company Name:Moffitt Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: Can Cancer Be Driven to Extinction?
  70. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Dr. Bill McGraw
    Podcast Link: Can Sound Frequencies Kill Cancer? | Exploring The Benefits Of The Rife Machine
  71. Guest Name: Dr. Eleftherios Mylonakis
    Company Name:Brown University
    Podcast Link: Can We Beat Bacteria? – Dr. Eleftherios Mylonakis, the Charles C.J. Carpenter Professor of Infectious Disease at Brown University – Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Responses
  72. Guest Name: Danny Welch
    Company Name:University of Kansas Medical Center
    Podcast Link: Can We Succeed In Making Cancer Non-Deadly Using Something That Already Exists In Our Bodies?
  73. Guest Name: Doru Paul
    Company Name:Weill Cornell Medical College
    Podcast Link: Cancer as Different Life Form: Understanding Cancer Disease with Doru Paul
  74. Guest Name: Dr. Anthony B. Miller
    Company Name:University of Toronto
    Podcast Link: Cancer Causation – Dr. Anthony B. Miller, Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto – Taking a Closer Look at Cancer and Its Causes
  75. Guest Name: Dr. Joanne Lysaght
    Company Name:Trinity College
    Podcast Link: Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, and Exploring the Efficacy of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors with Dr. Joanne Lysaght
  76. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Dr. Bill McGraw
    Podcast Link: Cancer-Killing Frequencies?—Understanding the Rife Machine with Dr. Bill McGraw
  77. Guest Name: Dr. Kathryn Schmitz
    Company Name:Moving Through Cancer
    Podcast Link: Cancer, Nutrition, and the Value of Moving Through Life for Cancer Treatment and Progression with Dr. Kathryn Schmitz
  78. Guest Name: Dr. William B. Miller, Jr.
    Company Name:Dr. William B. Miller, Jr.
    Podcast Link: Cancer’s Quest for Homeostasis and Self Awareness – Discussing What Makes Cancer Tick with William Miller Jr.
  79. Guest Name: Daniel Yuabov
    Company Name:Carvoy
    Podcast Link: Carvoy — Daniel Yuabov, CEO — An End-To-End E-Commerce Marketplace for Leasing Cars
  80. Guest Name: Dr. Adam Chekroud
    Company Name:Spring Health
    Podcast Link: Causes of Mental Illness and Tips for Mental Health Treatment Discussed In-Depth with Dr. Adam Chekroud
  81. Guest Name: Dr. Christian Regenbrecht
    Company Name:CELLphenomics
    Podcast Link: Cell Culture – Dr. Christian Regenbrecht, Shareholder, CEO, CELLphenomics – Assisting the Researchers, New Drugs for Disease Treatment
  82. Guest Name: Dr. Gail McIntyre
    Company Name:Aravive
    Podcast Link: Cell Wars – Dr. Gail McIntyre, Chief Scientific Officer, Aravive – Researching Ways to Combat Disease at the Cellular Level
  83. Guest Name: Dr. Jonathan Greenberg
    Company Name:Sleep Certified
    Podcast Link: Certifiably Sound Sleep—Dr. Jonathan Greenberg—Sleep Certified
  84. Guest Name: Dr. Jonathan Greenberg
    Company Name:Sleep Certified
    Podcast Link: Certifiably Sound Sleep—Dr. Jonathan Greenberg—Sleep Certified
  85. Guest Name: Dr. Brad Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen
    Company Name:BaleDoneen Method
    Podcast Link: Challenging and Revolutionizing the Heart Health Standard of Care with Dr. Brad Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen
  86. Guest Name: Dr. Brad Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen
    Company Name:BaleDoneen Method
    Podcast Link: Challenging and Revolutionizing the Heart Health Standard of Care with Dr. Brad Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen
  87. Guest Name: Dr. Alexander Robel
    Company Name:School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech University
    Podcast Link: Changes In Glaciers & Ice: How Does This Impact Our Climate System?
  88. Guest Name: Dr. Joanna LaPrade
    Company Name:Aionpsychotherapy
    Podcast Link: Changing Life After Trauma and Handling Anxiety and Depression Through Personal Growth with Dr. Joanna LaPrade
  89. Guest Name: Dr. Patrick Flynn
    Company Name:The Wellness Way
    Podcast Link: Changing the Health Paradigm with Dr. Patrick Flynn
  90. Guest Name: Dr. Dolores Di Vizio
    Company Name:Cedars-Sinai.
    Podcast Link: Chasing Extracellular Vesicles in Cancer: Dr. Dolores Di Vizio Explains Hopes for Her Research
  91. Guest Name: Dr. Karen Shaw Becker and Rodney Habib
    Company Name:Forever Dog
    Podcast Link: Chronic Diseases in Animals and the Potential for the Forever Dog with Dr. Karen Shaw Becker and Rodney Habib
  92. Guest Name: Dr. Colleen A. McClung
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Circadian Rhythms: How Are They Connected To Psychiatric Disorders?
  93. Guest Name: David Pogue
    Company Name:Unsung Science
    Podcast Link: Climate Change Is Progressing, Are You Prepared For Our Planet’s Future?
  94. Guest Name: Dr. Xavier Fettweis
    Company Name:Chercheur qualifié (FNRS)
    Podcast Link: Climate Modeling Using the Polar Ice Sheets and Changes to their Environment with Dr. Xavier Fettweis
  95. Guest Name: Dr. Babak Govan
    Company Name:Integrative Northwest
    Podcast Link: Clinical Psychology Answers – Babak Govan, PhD, MAOB, Psychologist at Integrative Northwest – Accelerating Change in Moderative Psychotherapy, Thoughts on Insomnia Treatment and Psychopathology
  96. Guest Name: Diana Elena Stanescu
    Company Name:Perlman School of Medicine with the University of Pennsylvania
    Podcast Link: Closer to a Cure: Type 1 Diabetes Pancreas Research with Diana Elena Stanescu
  97. Guest Name: Dr. Sandra Indacochea Sobel
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
    Podcast Link: Closer to Closed-Loop Diabetes Care: Today’s Endocrinology with Dr. Sandra Indacochea Sobel
  98. Guest Name: Dr. Pamela Lyon
    Company Name:Southgate Institute for Health
    Podcast Link: Cognition as a Necessary Part of Biological Function: Moving Back, to Before the Human-Centric View
  99. Guest Name: Dr. Nasha Winters
    Company Name:Dr. Nasha Winters
    Podcast Link: Cohabitating with Cancer: Dr. Nasha Winters Talks Trauma and Metabolic Approach to Cancer
  100. Guest Name: Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and Jason Wolfe
    Company Name:SleepPhones
    Podcast Link: Comfortable, Wearable SleepPhones – Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and Jason Wolfe, founders of SleepPhones – Headphones in a Headband for Sleep, Work, Exercise and More to Improve Relaxation, Sleep, and Ease of Movement
  101. Guest Name: Dr. Richard Allen White III
    Company Name:RAW Lab
    Podcast Link: Comparing the Connections Between Cancer and Viruses with Dr. Richard Allen White III
  102. Guest Name: Dan Jacobson
    Company Name:Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Computing COVID: Computational Biology Research with Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Dan Jacobson
  103. Guest Name: Dr. Michael E. Platt
    Company Name:Platt Wellness
    Podcast Link: Conditions Caused by Excess Adrenaline and the Internal Medicine Approach For a Happy and Healthy Life with Dr. Michael E. Platt
  104. Guest Name: Dr. Colin Dombroski
    Company Name:Sole Science
    Podcast Link: Connect with Your Feet: Foot Specialist Dr. Colin Dombroski Shares Tips
  105. Guest Name: Dr. Gerardo Ceballos
    Company Name:Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
    Podcast Link: Conservation Crisis! – Dr. Gerardo Ceballos, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Ecology of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – The Conservation Efforts that Must Happen Now to Curb Climate
  106. Guest Name: Dr. Paul Héroux
    Company Name:McGill University
    Podcast Link: Convenience at the Cost of Human Health and Wellness—Dr. Paul Héroux—Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Occupational Health at McGill University
  107. Guest Name: Dr. David Miklowitz
    Company Name:UCLA Semel Institute
    Podcast Link: Coping With Bipolar Disorder | Proven Strategies To Help Young People & Their Families
  108. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Panama Fresh Organic
    Podcast Link: Coral Bleaching, Symptoms of Coral Diseases, and the Importance of Coral Reefs and their Formation with Dr. Bill McGraw
  109. Guest Name: Dominic D'Agostino
    Company Name:Keto Nutrition
    Podcast Link: Could Mitochondrial Robustness Prevent Cancer?
  110. Guest Name: Dr. Chris Rinke
    Company Name:University of Queensland
    Podcast Link: Could Superworms Be The Answer To Our Plastic Crisis? | Taking A Closer Look At Microbial Research
  111. Guest Name: David Olney
    Company Name:Blind Insights with David Olney
    Podcast Link: Counter Terrorism is Out; Cyber Warfare is In: The Future of War in The Current Modern Era and Beyond
  112. Guest Name: Dr. Louis Falo
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh Medical School
    Podcast Link: COVID-19 Vaccine by Patch: Dr. Louis Falo Describes Exciting New Vaccine Delivery System
  113. Guest Name: Dr. Clive Svendsen and Dr. Arun Sharma
    Company Name:Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute
    Podcast Link: COVID-19: The Heart of the Matter with Dr. Clive Svendsen and Dr. Arun Sharma
  114. Guest Name: Dr. Dan Gartenberg
    Company Name:SleepSpace
    Podcast Link: Create Healthy Habits: Exploring This Company’s Commitment To Improving Your Sleep Quality
  115. Guest Name: Dr. Dan Gartenberg
    Company Name:SleepSpace
    Podcast Link: Create Healthy Habits: Exploring This Company’s Commitment To Improving Your Sleep Quality
  116. Guest Name: Dr. Rakesh Nagarajan
    Company Name:PierianDx
    Podcast Link: Creating a Source of Collective Knowledge and Applying Genomics to Advance the Medical Field- Dr. Rakesh Nagarajan, M.D., Ph.D. – PierianDx
  117. Guest Name: David Selinger
    Company Name:Deep Sentinel
    Podcast Link: Crime Busters – David Selinger, Founder, Deep Sentinel – How Advanced Artificial Intelligence & Camera Technology Are Retooling Home Security
  118. Guest Name: Dr. Paul Moayyedi
    Company Name:Imagine Network
    Podcast Link: Cross-Discipline Research on Bowel Disease: Dr. Paul Moayyedi Discusses the Promise of an Expansive Collaboration
  119. Guest Name: Dan Romero
    Company Name:Coinbase
    Podcast Link: Cryptocurrency Convergence – Dan Romero, Vice President & General Manager, Coinbase – Digital Finance and the Cryptocurrency Revolution
  120. Guest Name: Dan Larimer
    Company Name:Cryptonomex
    Podcast Link: Cryptonomex: The Blockchain Development Company of Speed and Scale
  121. Guest Name: Daryl Snyder
    Company Name:Cryptosumer Mining
    Podcast Link: Cryptosumer Mining — Daryl Snyder, CEO And Managing Partner — E-Commerce Platform For Cryptocurrency Mining Servers And Co-Location Services
  122. Guest Name: Desmond Layne
    Podcast Link: Cultivating Sustainable Orchard Management Practices With Desmond Layne
  123. Guest Name: Dr. Ali Mansour
    Company Name:Cygnus Investments
    Podcast Link: Cygnus Investments — Dr. Ali Mansour — Bringing Cryptocurrency to Youth and Teens around the Country
  124. Guest Name: Dr Kilian Kelly
    Company Name:Cynata Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Cynata Therapeutics – Producing Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine
  125. Guest Name: Dale Pfost And Mark Heiman
    Company Name:Microbiome Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Dale Pfost And Mark Heiman – Co-founders Of Microbiome Therapeutics
  126. Guest Name: Dale Pfost
    Company Name:Microbiome Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Dale Pfost-MicroBiome Therapeutics-A Drinkable Blend of Prebiotics to Feed Human Microorganisms and Boost Human Health
  127. Guest Name: Damien Scott
    Company Name:Renovo
    Podcast Link: Damien Scott – COO – Renovo
  128. Guest Name: Dan Jansen
    Company Name:Nextlaw Ventures
    Podcast Link: Dan Jansen- Nextlaw Ventures- Reinventing the Practice of Law through Artificial Intelligence
  129. Guest Name: Daniel Corey
    Company Name:Danger Katt studios
    Podcast Link: DangerKatt – Daniel Corey’s Virtual Reality Comic Books (Graphic Novels)
  130. Guest Name: Dr. David Benrimoh
    Company Name:Aifred Health
    Podcast Link: Dangerous Diagnosis – Dr. David Benrimoh, CEO & CMO, Aifred Health – How Machine Learning Technology Can Assist in Making Accurate Mental Health Diagnoses Faster
  131. Guest Name: Daniel Jones
    Company Name:Aural Analytics
    Podcast Link: Daniel Jones-Aural Analytics-A Low-Cost, Objective Way of Measuring Brain Health Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  132. Guest Name: Daniel Khesin
    Company Name:Bitfi
    Podcast Link: Daniel Khesin – Founder of Bitfi – The World’s First Un-Hackable Crypto Wallet.
  133. Guest Name: Daniil Saiko and Brad Loder
    Company Name:Cambridge Global Payments
    Podcast Link: Daniil Saiko and Brad Loder, Cambridge Global Payments and Foreign Exchange Provider
  134. Guest Name: Danny An
    Company Name:TrustToken
    Podcast Link: Danny An – Co-Founder and CEO at TrustToken – The Bridge Between Blockchains And $256 Trillion Worth Of Real-World Assets
  135. Guest Name: Danny Loeb
    Company Name:SafeRide
    Podcast Link: Danny Loeb – Head of Marketing & Partners – SafeRide
  136. Guest Name: Darlene Damm
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Darlene Damm of Singularity University – Solving Social Problems with Exponential Technologies
  137. Guest Name: Darryl W. Perry
    Company Name:Free Talk Live
    Podcast Link: Darryl W. Perry – Host of FreeTalkLive on
  138. Guest Name: Darryll DiPietro
    Company Name:Coincierge Club
    Podcast Link: Darryll DiPietro – President & CEO at Coincierge Club
  139. Guest Name: Darryll DiPietro
    Company Name:Coincierge Club
    Podcast Link: Darryll DiPietro – President And CEO At Coincierge Club – A Private Key Wallet With Over 12,000 Coins Supported And Transaction Speeds At 250,000 Per Second.
  140. Guest Name: Dave Carlson
    Company Name:Giga-watt
    Podcast Link: Dave Carlson — Giga-Watt: Full Service and Transparent Hosting for Cryptocurrency Miners
  141. Guest Name: David Bailey
    Company Name:Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network
    Podcast Link: David Bailey on Rebranding the ‘Let’s Talk Bitcoin’ Network and the Bright Future of Crypto
  142. Guest Name: David Bleznak
    Company Name:Totle
    Podcast Link: David Bleznak – Founder And CEO Totle.Com – Decentralized Trading Platform
  143. Guest Name: David Getoff
    Company Name:David Getoff
    Podcast Link: David Getoff Addresses the Issues of Unhealthy Lifestyle, the Immune System, and Cancer Prevention
  144. Guest Name: David Grainger
    Company Name:Methuselah
    Podcast Link: David Grainger – Methuselah – Investigating and Targeting the Ageing Process in an Unprecedented Way
  145. Guest Name: David Henderson
    Company Name:Sweetbridge
    Podcast Link: David Henderson- Sweetbridge- A Low-Cost Trading and Banking Platform for Everyone
  146. Guest Name: David J. Gunkel
    Company Name:Žižek Studies & Indiana University Press series
    Podcast Link: David J. Gunkel – Author of “Gaming the System” & “Robot Rights”
  147. Guest Name: David Knight
    Podcast Link: David Knight – Starting Small With Petabytes of Data
  148. Guest Name: David Orban
    Company Name:Network Society Research
    Podcast Link: David Orban On Decentralized, Exponential Technologies
  149. Guest Name: David Quammen
    Company Name:The Tangled Tree
    Podcast Link: David Quammen-Author of The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life- Shifting Our Perception of Evolutionary History
  150. Guest Name: David Siegel
    Company Name:Pillar
    Podcast Link: David Siegel- Pillar Project- Building a User-Run Economy within a Crypto Wallet
  151. Guest Name: David Yerger
    Company Name:RDG Fund
    Podcast Link: David Yerger, Managing Partner At RDG Fund- The Newest In Algorithmic Crypto Trading, Data Organizing And Indexing
  152. Guest Name: David Yu
    Company Name:Ecomi
    Podcast Link: David Yu – Ecomi – Pay, Protect and Collect
  153. Guest Name: Davis Sawyer
    Company Name:Deeplite
    Podcast Link: Deep Learning for Digital Devices – Davis Sawyer, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Deeplite – How Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Efficiency and Productivity, and Bring Faster Power to the Palm of Our Hands
  154. Guest Name: Dr. Cate Shanahan
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Deep Thoughts About Nutrition – Dr. Cate Shanahan –
  155. Guest Name: Deepak Dutt
    Company Name:Zighra
    Podcast Link: Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra – Adaptive Behavioral Authentication for Electronic Devices
  156. Guest Name: Donny Greens
    Company Name:Finest Foods
    Podcast Link: Delving Into The World Of Microgreens And Their Powerful Health Benefits
  157. Guest Name: David Edelman
    Company Name:Dartmouth College
    Podcast Link: Demonstrating Consciousness in Non-Human Animals – David Edelman, Ph.D. – Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College
  158. Guest Name: Denis Noble
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Denis Noble – The Cutting Edge of Biology
  159. Guest Name: Dennis Nobelius
    Company Name:Zenuity
    Podcast Link: Dennis Nobelius – CEO – Zenuity
  160. Guest Name: Dr. Timothy Chase
    Company Name:New York University Dental School
    Podcast Link: Dental Diligence – Dr. Timothy Chase, NY Cosmetic Dentist – Modern Dentistry, Oral Health, Bacteria, Disease, Proper Care and Treatment
  161. Guest Name: Dr. Mark Abramson
    Company Name:Dr. Mark Abramson
    Podcast Link: Dentistry for Sleep Apnea and TMJ Pain: Dr. Mark Abramson Talks about Innovations to Treat Pain
  162. Guest Name: Dr. Lisa Machoian
    Company Name:Dr. Lisa Machoian
    Podcast Link: Depression in Teens and the Causes and Ramification of Self-Harm when Enduring Mental Health Struggles with Dr. Lisa Machoian
  163. Guest Name: Derek Urben
    Company Name:Coinigy
    Podcast Link: Derek Urben-CFO of Coinigy- Aggregating the World’s Exchanges on a Single, Standardized API
  164. Guest Name: Derin Alemli
    Company Name:Square Roots Kitchen
    Podcast Link: Derin Alemli-Square Roots Kitchen- A New, Fully Customizable, and Healthy Dining Experience
  165. Guest Name: David Thawley
    Company Name:Derive Systems
    Podcast Link: Derive – Intelligent, Customized Driving Experiences
  166. Guest Name: Derreck Stratton
    Company Name:Startup Syndicate
    Podcast Link: Derreck Stratton – Founder/CEO – Startup Syndicate
  167. Guest Name: Danial Heller
    Company Name:Daniel Heller Lab
    Podcast Link: Detecting Cancer Earlier: Daniel A. Heller Discusses Nanotechnologists’ Advances
  168. Guest Name: Dr. Petra Davelaar
    Company Name:Dr. Petra Davelaar
    Podcast Link: Deuterated Water and Effects of Nutrition on Disease – Dr. Petra Davelaar Discusses Functional Medicine
  169. Guest Name: Dr. Andrea Gambotto
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine: Dr. Gambotto Explains Process Compared to Other Infectious Diseases
  170. Guest Name: Dr. Lisa von Moltke
    Company Name:Seres Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Developing Microbiome Therapeutics and Gastrointestinal Conditions | Dr. Lisa von Moltke Explains
  171. Guest Name: Dr. Lisa von Moltke
    Company Name:Seres Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Developing Microbiome Therapeutics and Gastrointestinal Conditions Explored with Dr. Lisa von Moltke
  172. Guest Name: David Napier
    Company Name:University College London
    Podcast Link: Diabetes: Seeing a Global Epidemic Through the Eyes of a Medical Anthropologist
  173. Guest Name: Dr. Brenda McManus
    Company Name:Trinity College in Dublin
    Podcast Link: Diabetic Dental Health Might Lead to the Foot: Brenda McManus Explains the Connection
  174. Guest Name: David J. Leehey
    Company Name:Loyola University
    Podcast Link: Dialysis Process Stuck in Time: Diabetes and Kidney Disease with David J. Leehey
  175. Guest Name: Dr. Takuya Segawa
    Company Name:ETH Zurich Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Diamonds Pave Way to New Tech: Dr. Takuya Segawa Explains Nanodiamond Quantum Physics
  176. Guest Name: Dr. Sharmin Habib
    Company Name:Umay
    Podcast Link: Digital Diagnosis – Sharmin Habib, OD, Optometrist, Wellness Advocate, and Co-Founder of Umay – Thermal Therapy for Reduction of Eye Strain and Improved Relaxation
  177. Guest Name: David Christopher
    Company Name:Open Media
    Podcast Link: Digital Rights & Privacy | Interview With David Christopher of Open Media
  178. Guest Name: Dr. DeNunzio
    Company Name:Sweere Clinic
    Podcast Link: Digitizing the Body for 3D Movement Analysis
  179. Guest Name: Diana Jabour
    Company Name:Jabour Environmental
    Podcast Link: Dirty Electricity: Diana Jabour Discusses How to Make a Healthier Home
  180. Guest Name: Dr. Mark A. Cruz
    Company Name:Dr. Mark A. Cruz
    Podcast Link: Discoveries in Dentistry – Mark A. Cruz, D.D.S, Dental Expert – Oral Health and Airway Issues
  181. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Griffin
    Company Name:Columbia University
    Podcast Link: Discussing Disease – Dr. Daniel Griffin, Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University – Studying and Treating Infectious Diseases
  182. Guest Name: Dede Willis and Harold Garner
    Company Name:Orbit Genomics
    Podcast Link: Discussing Genomics – Dede Willis, President & CEO, and Harold Garner, Chief Scientific Officer, Orbit Genomics – Microsatellite Markers, Searching for Answers in the Human Genome
  183. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Panama Fresh Organic
    Podcast Link: Discussing the Toxic Effects of Aluminum and Related Remedies with Dr. Bill McGraw
  184. Guest Name: Dr. Martin Scharf
    Company Name:fibromyalgia
    Podcast Link: Disorders That Affect Our Sleep – Dr. Martin Scharf, Research And Development Consultant at Cleveland Sleep Research Center – Clinical Trials, Drug Approval, and Treatment for Sleep Disorders, Fibromyalgia, and More
  185. Guest Name: Dr. Caroline Ng
    Company Name:University of Nebraska Medical Center
    Podcast Link: Disrupting the Complicated Cycle of Malaria: Caroline Ng Discusses her Work
  186. Guest Name: Duncan Brown, Merrick Reed
    Company Name:Distributed ID
    Podcast Link: Distributed ID- Housing Your Verifiable Identity on the Blockchain
  187. Guest Name: Daniel Wells
    Company Name:Auburn University College of Agriculture
    Podcast Link: Diving Deep Into Horticulture: Optimizing Controlled Agricultural Environments To Improve Plant Production
  188. Guest Name: Dr. Michelle S. Min
    Company Name:UCI's Faculty Profile System
    Podcast Link: Diving Into Dermatology | How Do Experts Manage Rare Skin Disorders?
  189. Guest Name: Dario J. Chavez
    Company Name:University of Georgia
    Podcast Link: Diving Into Peach Physiology And Genetics With Horticulturist Dario J. Chavez
  190. Guest Name: Dr. Bradley Nelson
    Company Name:Dr. Bradley Nelson
    Podcast Link: Does Emotional Energy Impact Your Health? | A Unique Outlook On Holistic Healing
  191. Guest Name: Don White
    Company Name:Satisfi Labs
    Podcast Link: Don White, Co-Founder/CEO, Satisfi Labs
  192. Guest Name: Dong Lin
    Company Name:Kansas State University
    Podcast Link: Dong Lin, Ph.D- Kansas State University- 3D Printing Graphene Aerogel
  193. Guest Name: Donnie Gebert
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Donnie Gebert – Empowering the Electorate with BlockChain
  194. Guest Name: Dorian Kieken
    Company Name:Age of Minds
    Podcast Link: Dorian Kieken- Age of Minds- Promoting Human and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration
  195. Guest Name: Doug Aley
    Company Name:EVER AI
    Podcast Link: Doug Aley – Chief Revenue Officer at Ever AI – Advancement of Face Recognition Technology
  196. Guest Name: Douglas Pike
    Company Name:Vericoin
    Podcast Link: Douglas Pike, Co-Creator of Vericoin- Presenting the First Ever Dual Blockchain System
  197. Guest Name: Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum
    Company Name:Chemothermia
    Podcast Link: Dr. Abdul Kadir Slocum Discusses New Ways of Treating Cancer in Conjunction with Conventional Cancer Treatments
  198. Guest Name: Dr. Arianne Missimer
    Company Name:The Movement Paradigm
    Podcast Link: Dr. Arianne Missimer Discusses The Movement Paradigm, Functional Medicine, and Healing
  199. Guest Name: Dr. Ben Goertzel
    Company Name:Singularity Net
    Podcast Link: Dr. Ben Goertzel, Founder And CEO Of Singularity Net–An Online Platform At The Intersection Of Blockchain And AI
  200. Guest Name: Dr. Bret Scher
    Company Name:My Boundless Health
    Podcast Link: Dr. Bret Scher-My Boundless Health- Transforming Health with Individually-Tailored Programs
  201. Guest Name: Dr. Debbie Rice
    Company Name:Precision Analytical Inc
    Podcast Link: Dr. Debbie Rice Explains What Hormones Can Dictate In The Human Body
  202. Guest Name: Diyar Talbayev
    Company Name:Femtosecond & Terahertz Spectroscopy Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Dr. Diyar Talbayev, Ph.D. Discusses the Tools and Techniques for Researching Nanoscience and Solid-State Physics
  203. Guest Name: Dr. Geoff Rutledge
    Company Name:HealthTap
    Podcast Link: Dr. Geoff Rutledge-HealthTap-Physician Advice and Healthcare Guidance at the Tap of a Button on Your Mobile Device
  204. Guest Name: Dr. James Blum
    Company Name:CLEW
    Podcast Link: Dr. James Blum-CLEW Medical-Monitoring Critically Ill Patients Using Artificial Intelligence
  205. Guest Name: Dr. Judith Campisi
    Company Name:Buck Institute for Research on Aging
    Podcast Link: Dr. Judith Campisi of the Buck Institute Discusses Cell Senescence, Aging, and Quality of Life
  206. Guest Name: Dr. Julian Hosp
    Company Name:Tenx
    Podcast Link: Dr. Julian Hosp, Founder Of Tenx–Mobile Wallet And Debit Card Allowing Real-Life Purchases In Cryptocurrency
  207. Guest Name: Dr. Kenneth Stanley
    Company Name:Uber AI Labs
    Podcast Link: Dr. Kenneth Stanley – Uber AI Labs – Improving Business Operations Through the Development of Machine Learning and Neuroevolutionary Tools
  208. Guest Name: Dr. Mark Jackson
    Company Name:Care Quality Commision
    Podcast Link: Dr. Mark Jackson, Scientific Lead Of Business Development With Cambridge Quantum Computing
  209. Guest Name: Dr. Massimiliano Versace
    Company Name:Neurala
    Podcast Link: Dr. Massimiliano Versace- Neurala- AI Technology on Edge and Mobile Devices
  210. Guest Name: Dr. Monika Weber
    Company Name:Fluid-Screen
    Podcast Link: Dr. Monika Weber – CEO of Fluid-Screen – Disrupting Traditional Petri Dish Methods for Bacterial Testing
  211. Guest Name: Dr. Pantas Sutardja
    Company Name:Latticeworks Inc
    Podcast Link: Dr. Pantas Sutardja – Latticeworks Inc – Cloud Computing Solutions
  212. Guest Name: Dr. Richard J. Johnson
    Company Name:The Department of Physiology and Biophysics
    Podcast Link: Dr. Richard J. Johnson Talks about the Role of Fructose in Obesity and Diabetes
  213. Guest Name: Dr. Roy Labban
    Company Name:Gozo
    Podcast Link: Dr. Roy Labban, Co-Creator Of Gozo.Io – Empowering Travelers Everywhere With Blockchain
  214. Guest Name: Dr. Stephen Long
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Dr. Stephen Long – Adapting Plants to Global Change
  215. Guest Name: Dr. Sudhagar
    Company Name:Swansea University
    Podcast Link: Dr. Sudhagar- Researcher at Swansea University- Exploring the Many Applications of Quantum Dots
  216. Guest Name: Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert
    Company Name:Good Science Beauty
    Podcast Link: Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, CEO & Founder of Good Science Beauty – How Technology is Pushing Beauty and Skincare Products to a Higher Level of Effectiveness
  217. Guest Name: Dr. Thomas Cowan
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Dr. Thomas Cowan Explains How His Healing Philosophy Differs from Mainstream Medication Advice
  218. Guest Name: Dr. Tro Kalayjian
    Company Name:Greenwich Hospital
    Podcast Link: Dropping Weight – Dr. Tro Kalayjian, Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician and Weight Loss Expert – A Diet and Exercise Program That Produces Real Weight Loss, Reverses Medical Problems, and Improves Overall Heath
  219. Guest Name: Dror Medallion
    Podcast Link: Dror Medallion– A decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace connecting university students with job opportunities
  220. Guest Name: Dror Oren
    Company Name:Kasisto
    Podcast Link: Dror Oren – Co-Founder and CPO at Kasisto – Better Banking with AI Technology
  221. Guest Name: Dr. Sönke Ahrens
    Company Name:Take Smart Notes
    Podcast Link: Duly Noted – Dr. Sönke Ahrens, Author, How to Take Smart Notes – Finding Efficiency in Note Taking to Achieve More Comprehensive Learning and Increased Productivity
  222. Guest Name: Dylan Jones
    Company Name:Refereum
    Podcast Link: Dylan Jones – Founder at Refereum – Directly Rewarding Influencers And Gamers
  223. Guest Name: Dylan Senter and Nick Ravanbakhsh
    Company Name:Spectiv
    Podcast Link: Dylan Senter and Nick Ravanbakhsh – Spectiv – Decentralizing and Tokenizing Ad Campaigns
  224. Guest Name: Dr. Josh Ofman
    Company Name:GRAIL
    Podcast Link: Early Cancer Detection Test for with GRAIL’s Dr. Josh Ofman
  225. Guest Name: Danny Grannick
    Company Name:Bristle
    Podcast Link: Easy At-Home Test Reveals Root Causes of Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, and Bad Breath
  226. Guest Name: Dr. Thomas Levy
    Company Name:Dr. Thomas Levy
    Podcast Link: Effective Treatment of Disease Using Vitamins and the Benefits of Vitamin C for Recovery from Viruses with Thomas Levy
  227. Guest Name: Dave Stetzer
    Company Name:Stetzer Electric
    Podcast Link: Electrifying Environments – Dave Stetzer, Founder of Stetzer Electric – Discovering Dirty Electricity and How to Reduce Its Negative Health Impact
  228. Guest Name: Dr. Byron Bhagwandin
    Company Name:Recalibrate Solutions
    Podcast Link: Eliminating Toxic Stress the Treatment of Disease through Drug-Device Combination Process with Dr. Byron Bhagwandin
  229. Guest Name: Dr. Murano
    Company Name:Texas A&M University
    Podcast Link: Empowering Developing Countries | How To Elevate Farmers Out Of Poverty
  230. Guest Name: Dr. Dan Martin
    Company Name:EndoFound
    Podcast Link: Endometriosis and the Normalization of Pain Which May Cause Emotional Instability with Dr. Dan Martin
  231. Guest Name: Dr. Tony Reid
    Company Name:EpicentRx
    Podcast Link: Engineering a Virus that Infects Tumors: Dr. Tony Reid and the Cancer-Fighting Work of EpicentRx
  232. Guest Name: Daniel J. Mandell
    Company Name:GRO Biosciences
    Podcast Link: Engineering Proteins To Enhance Medicine With GRO Biosciences CEO Daniel J. Mandell
  233. Guest Name: Dr. Isabelle Mansuy
    Company Name:Laboratory of Neuroepigenetics
    Podcast Link: Epigenetic Inheritance: Dr. Mansuy Discusses Research on Trauma and Neuroepignetics
  234. Guest Name: Dr. William B. Miller, Jr.
    Company Name:The Microcosm Within
    Podcast Link: Era of the Cell: William B. Miller, Jr., Shares Dynamic Theory of Cognition-Based Evolution
  235. Guest Name: Dr. Mehdi Soleymani
    Company Name:Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology
    Podcast Link: EV Conversations – Dr. Mehdi Soleymani-Goloujeh of the Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology, ACECR in Tehran, Iran – Learning About Extracellular Vesicles and Their Important Roles in the Body
  236. Guest Name: Dr. Peter Breggin
    Company Name:Peter Breggin
    Podcast Link: Examining the Conscience of Psychiatry with Dr. Peter Breggin
  237. Guest Name: Dr. James Thomas
    Company Name:University of North Carolina
    Podcast Link: Examining the Ethics of Health Care and COVID-19—Dr. James Thomas—Department of Epidemiology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  238. Guest Name: Dr. Jason Kindrachuk
    Company Name:University of Manitoba
    Podcast Link: Examining The Nature Of Emerging Viruses With Dr. Jason Kindrachuk
  239. Guest Name: Dr Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi & Katelyn Ann Walzer
    Company Name:Duke University School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Exciting Advantages to Single-Cell Sequencing of Parasites: Researchers Walzer and Chi Explain
  240. Guest Name: Denis Noble
    Company Name:University of Oxford
    Podcast Link: Exploring a Viral Vantage Point with Denis Noble
  241. Guest Name: Dr. Noelle Patno
    Company Name:University of Chicago
    Podcast Link: Exploring How A Healthy Intestinal Ecosystem Influences Overall Wellness
  242. Guest Name: Dr. Ilya V. Buynevich
    Company Name:Dr. Ilya V. Buynevich - Temple University
    Podcast Link: Exploring How Animals Impact The Environment Around Them With Dr. Ilya V. Buynevich
  243. Guest Name: Dr. Michelle Kukla and Dr. Eugene Lipov
    Company Name:Stella
    Podcast Link: Exploring PTSD Symptoms And Treatments With Two Frontline Medical Professionals
  244. Guest Name: Dr. Brandon M. Collins
    Company Name:Berkeley Environmental Science, Policy & Mngmt
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Fundamentals Of Wildfire And Land Management With Dr. Brandon Collins Of UC Berkeley
  245. Guest Name: Dr. David Friedman
    Company Name:Dr. David Friedman
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Healing Properties Of Laughter | The Top Health Issues That Humor Has Been Shown To Treat
  246. Guest Name: Dr. Keshav K. Singh
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Intricacies Of Mitochondrial Research With Dr. Keshav K. Singh
  247. Guest Name: Dr. John Peever
    Company Name:peeverlab
    Podcast Link: Exploring the Neurobiology of Sleep—Dr. John Peever—University of Toronto Department of Cell and Systems Biology, Canadian Sleep Society
  248. Guest Name: Dr. Eliot Peyster
    Company Name:University of Pennsylvania Cardiovascular Institute
    Podcast Link: Exploring the Possibilities of New Diagnostic Tools and Advanced Computer Technologies in the Fight Against Heart Failure with Dr. Eliot Peyster
  249. Guest Name: Dr. Matt Webber
    Company Name:University of Notre Dame
    Podcast Link: Exploring the Value of Supramolecular Chemistry—Dr. Matt Webber—Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Notre Dame
  250. Guest Name: Dr. Zoran Radic
    Company Name:UC San Diego
    Podcast Link: Exploring Toxic Nerve Agents and Possible Antidotes Using Virtual Reality—Dr. Zoran Radic—UC San Diego
  251. Guest Name: David Greening
    Company Name:Baker Institute
    Podcast Link: Extracellular Explorations—David Greening—Molecular Proteomics at the Baker Institute
  252. Guest Name: Dr. Carolina Soekmadji
    Company Name:QIMR Berghofer
    Podcast Link: Extracellular Vesicles Might Cause Prostate Cancer Cell Growth: Dr. Soekmadji’s Explains Her Research
  253. Guest Name: Dr. Dmitry Ter-Ovanesyan
    Company Name:Wyss Institute
    Podcast Link: Extracellular Vesicles Research: Dr. Dmitry Ter-Ovanesyan Explains the Exciting Potential and Challenges Ahead
  254. Guest Name: David Berger
    Company Name:Duke University
    Podcast Link: Eyes on the Economy Before, During, and After COVID-19—David Berger, PhD—Duke University
  255. Guest Name: David Johnston
    Company Name:Factom
    Podcast Link: Factom – Storing Massive Corporate Data on the Bitcoin Blockchain
  256. Guest Name: David Johnston
    Company Name:Factom
    Podcast Link: Factom — David Johnston, Chairman Of The Board — Blockchain-Based Platform That Secures And Validates Digital Documents And Assets
  257. Guest Name: Dr. Scott L. Friedman
    Company Name:Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
    Podcast Link: Fatty Liver, Inflammation, and Scarring: Dr. Friedman Talks Disease of Liver Progression and Prevention
  258. Guest Name: Dr. Beth Westie
    Company Name:Female Health Solution Podcast
    Podcast Link: Female Health Tips: How to Balance Hormones with Dr. Beth Westie
  259. Guest Name: Dr. Jennifer Bomberger
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Fighting Chronic Bacterial Infections in Lung Disease Patients: Dr. Jennifer Bomberger Shares Her Research
  260. Guest Name: Dr. Simon Lockrey
    Company Name:Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre
    Podcast Link: Fighting Food Loss And Waste With Sustainability Expert Dr. Simon Lockrey
  261. Guest Name: Dr. Richard Allen White
    Company Name:RAW Molecular Systems, LLC
    Podcast Link: Fighting Pathogens with Biotherapy: An Interview with Founder and CEO of RAW Molecular Systems, LLC
  262. Guest Name: Dr. Oded Nir
    Company Name:Nir Water Lab
    Podcast Link: Finding Practical Solutions To Environmental And Water-Related Issues With Dr. Oded Nir
  263. Guest Name: Dr. Lee Bartel
    Company Name:Music and Health Research Collaboratory
    Podcast Link: Finding the Rhythm: Dr. Lee Bartel Talks Neuroscience Music Therapy
  264. Guest Name: Dr. Richard Wasserman
    Company Name:Dallas Food Allergy Cente
    Podcast Link: Food Allergy Fix—Dr. Richard Wasserman, M.D., Ph.D.—Dallas Food Allergy Center
  265. Guest Name: Dr. Nicolas Laos
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Food for Philosophical Thought—Dr. Nicolas Laos—Philosopher, Author, Religious Visionary, Mathematician, Noopolitics Expert
  266. Guest Name: Dr. Jerry Silver
    Company Name:NervGen
    Podcast Link: Foundational Nerve Damage Regeneration Therapy with NervGen’s Dr. Jerry Silver
  267. Guest Name: Dr. Randy Paterson
    Company Name:Changeways Clinic
    Podcast Link: From Adolescence to Adulthood—A Difficult Transition For Many
  268. Guest Name: Dr. Richard McCulloch
    Company Name:University of Glasgow
    Podcast Link: From Fly to Host: Understanding Parasitic Life—Dr. Richard McCulloch—University of Glasgow
  269. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Pompa
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: From Pain to Purpose: Understanding Neurotoxicity—Dr. Daniel Pompa—Natural Detox Health Solutions
  270. Guest Name: Duc Pham
    Company Name:Fundcru
    Podcast Link: Fundcru — Duc Pham, CEO — Blockchain-Powered Fundraising Platform Focused On Promoting Social Good
  271. Guest Name: Dr. Omar A. Hurricane
    Company Name:Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Fusion Science: Uncovering The Physics Behind An Intricate Form Of Power Generation
  272. Guest Name: Dr. Alejandro
    Company Name:Columbia University
    Podcast Link: Gene Editing & Research – Dr. Alejandro “Alex” Chavez, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Columbia University – Using CRISPR-Cas9 Technology to Edit Genes and Understand the Biology of Disease
  273. Guest Name: Dinesh Thakur
    Company Name:Dinesh Thakur
    Podcast Link: Generic Fail: Dinesh Thakur Discusses the Lack of Generic Drug Manufacturing Oversight and Actions to Take
  274. Guest Name: Dr. Theodore Piliszek
    Company Name:Advanced Health and Wellness Center
    Podcast Link: Genetic Pathways – Dr. Theodore Piliszek, Founder and Medical Director of the Advanced Health and Wellness Center in Houston, Texas – Genetics, Health, and Disease
  275. Guest Name: Dr. Yael Joffe
    Company Name:3x4 Genetics
    Podcast Link: Genetics Versus Calories: Is a Person’s Weight Determined by their DNA or by the Amount of Food They Consume?
  276. Guest Name: Dr. Paldeep S. Atwal
    Company Name:Atwal Clinic
    Podcast Link: Getting Familiar With Clinical Genomic Medicine And Hypermobility Disorders With Dr. Paldeep Atwal
  277. Guest Name: David Olney
    Company Name:Blind Insights with David Olney
    Podcast Link: Global Machinations Face Applied Critical Thinking with David Olney
  278. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Panama Fresh Organic
    Podcast Link: Glyphosate and the Other Harmful Chemicals Found in Foods we Consume Every Day with Dr. Bill McGraw
  279. Guest Name: Dr. Jeffrey A. Morgan
    Company Name:BIOLIFE4D
    Podcast Link: Growing Beating Hearts from Cells – Dr. Jeffrey A. Morgan – Chief Medical Officer for BIOLIFE4D
  280. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Fels
    Company Name:Biophysical Cell Communication Lab
    Podcast Link: Guided by the Light: Cell Communication—Dr. Daniel Fels—Biophysical Cell Communication Lab
  281. Guest Name: Dr. H.J. M. Harmsen
    Company Name:University of Groningen
    Podcast Link: Gut Bacteria Diversity and Health: Dr. H.J. M. Harmsen Offers Listeners a Solid Explanation
  282. Guest Name: Dale R. Pfost
    Company Name:Microbiome Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Gut Microbiome – Dale R. Pfost, PhD, Director and Cofounder, Microbiome Therapeutics – The Microbiome, Gut to Brain Connections, Probiotics & Prebiotics
  283. Guest Name: Dr. Margaret Mc-Fall Ngai
    Company Name:The Squid Vibrio Labs
    Podcast Link: Hawaiian Bobtail Squid: Using Light to Hide in the Dark—Dr. Margaret Mc-Fall Ngai—The Squid Vibrio Labs
  284. Guest Name: Deborah Vinall
    Company Name:Dr. Deborah Vinall
    Podcast Link: Healing From Trauma | How To Take Charge Of Your Mental Health
  285. Guest Name: Dr. Aggarwal
    Company Name:Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND
    Podcast Link: Healing the Mind and Body: Ameet Aggarwal Explains Naturopathy Benefits
  286. Guest Name: Dave Sherwin
    Company Name:Dirobi
    Podcast Link: Health and Fitness Discussed in Terms of Healthy Dieting, Exercises, and Healthy Habits for Losing Weight with Dave Sherwin
  287. Guest Name: David Korsunsky
    Company Name:Heads Up Health
    Podcast Link: Health Help – David Korsunsky, Founder and CEO of Heads Up Health – Organizing Health Data, Monitoring Trending Factors & Taking Charge of Our Overall Health
  288. Guest Name: Dafna Tachover
    Company Name:Children's Health Defense
    Podcast Link: Health Risks of Wireless Technology with Dafna Tachover
  289. Guest Name: Dr. Steve Young
    Company Name:BodySolutions
    Podcast Link: Healthy Living Tips and the Importance of Holistic Wellness and a Consistent Healthy Lifestyle with Steve Young
  290. Guest Name: Dr. Eric Zielinski
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Healthy Living Without Compromising Christian Values—Dr. Eric
  291. Guest Name: Dr. Monique Thompson
    Company Name:Academy of Cognitive Therapy
    Podcast Link: Help, I Can’t Sleep! – Michael A. Tompkins, PhD, ABPP, Co-Director of the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy – The Importance of Sleep – Why We Need It and What To Do When We Aren’t Getting Enough Quality Sleep
  292. Guest Name: Dr. Himender Bharti
    Company Name:Punjabi University, Patiala
    Podcast Link: High-Altitude Ants: The Evolutionary Biology of a Himalayan Species and More with Dr. Himender Bharti
  293. Guest Name: Dr. Richard Shames
    Company Name:thyroidpower
    Podcast Link: Holistic Health Approaches to Thyroid Conditions: Dr. Shames Discusses More Treatment Alternatives
  294. Guest Name: David Getoff
    Company Name:naturopath4you
    Podcast Link: Holistically Approaching Human Health Through Diet, Nutrition, And Detoxification Methods
  295. Guest Name: Dawn Gallop
    Company Name:Dawn Gallop of #9 Farms
    Podcast Link: Homesteading 101: Doing A Deep Dive Into Farming And Livestock Raising With Dawn Gallop
  296. Guest Name: Dr. Pamela Smith
    Company Name:American Academy of Anti-Aging
    Podcast Link: Honing in on Hormones—Dr. Pamela Smith MD, MPH, MS—The American Academy of Anti-Aging
  297. Guest Name: Dorren Saltiel
    Company Name:A4m
    Podcast Link: Hormones And Menopause: What Is Your Body Telling You About Your Hormone Levels?
  298. Guest Name: Dr. David Corry
    Company Name:Baylor College of Medicine
    Podcast Link: How a Fungal Infection Could Be Driving Your Allergy—David Corry, MD—Baylor College of Medicine: Immunology, Allergy, and Rheumatology
  299. Guest Name: Dr. Aydogan Ozcan
    Company Name:UCLA Samueli Electrical and Engineering Department
    Podcast Link: How AI Technology Is Helping Scientists Study Biopsies Smarter, Better, and Faster
  300. Guest Name: Dr. Robert Wolfe
    Company Name:The Amino Company
    Podcast Link: How Amino Acids Can Be Used To Improve Your Metabolic Health—A Conversation With Dr. Robert Wolfe from the Amino Company
  301. Guest Name: Dick Vethaak
    Company Name:Vrije Universiteit
    Podcast Link: How Are Microplastics Impacting Your Health? | Essential Insight From An Expert Biologist And Toxicologist
  302. Guest Name: Dr. Amanda K Gibson
    Company Name:University of Virginia
    Podcast Link: How do parasites evolve with us — Dr. Amanda K Gibson
  303. Guest Name: Dimitrios Floudas
    Company Name:Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate
    Podcast Link: How Does Fungi Break Down Organic Matter? | A Glimpse At The Decomposition Process
  304. Guest Name: Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar
    Company Name:American Heart Association
    Podcast Link: How Exposure To Polluted Air Affects Your Heart And Health Overall
  305. Guest Name: Dr. Greg Marchand
    Company Name:Marchand Institute For Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Podcast Link: How Minimally Invasive Surgeries Can Change The Lives Of Gynecology Patients
  306. Guest Name: David L. Katz
    Company Name:David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM
    Podcast Link: How Optimizing Your Eating Habits Can Prevent Chronic Disease And Improve Your Overall Wellness
  307. Guest Name: Dr. Janice Brahney
    Company Name:Environmental Biogeochemistry & Paleolimnology Lab
    Podcast Link: How Plastic Pollutants Travel Through The Environment, And What The Implications May Be
  308. Guest Name: Dr. Sanaz Hariri
    Company Name:305 Life
    Podcast Link: How Properly Nurturing Our Bodies Can Help Us Avoid Health Issues Down The Road
  309. Guest Name: Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Anderson
    Company Name:Moffitt Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: How Researchers Are Combating Cancer Using Mathematical Systems
  310. Guest Name: Dr. Brendon Coventry
    Company Name:University of Adelaide
    Podcast Link: How Researchers Are Using Vaccines to Effectively Treat Cancer
  311. Guest Name: Donnie Yance
    Company Name:Mederi Foundation
    Podcast Link: How Spirituality Lends Itself to Quality of Life Healthcare: Donnie Yance Explains
  312. Guest Name: Dr. AjiBoye
    Company Name:Braingate
    Podcast Link: How the Clinical Trial, Braingate, Transforms the Human Brain Into A Computer Interface and What That Means for Quadriplegics, With Dr. AjiBoye
  313. Guest Name: Dr. Brady K. Skaggs
    Company Name:Pontchartrain Conservancy
    Podcast Link: How This Organization Is Driving Environmental Stewardship By Taking Action Against Microplastics
  314. Guest Name: Dean Ornish
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: How to Change Your Life In Order to Save It—Dean Ornish, MD—A Leading Expert in the World of Health and Wellness
  315. Guest Name: Dr. Govind Rao
    Company Name:Center for Advanced Sensor Technology, UMBC
    Podcast Link: How To Develop Safe And Effective Medications | Exploring The Next Generation Of Therapeutics
  316. Guest Name: Daniel Willingham
    Company Name:Department of Psychology, University of Virginia,
    Podcast Link: How To Enhance The Learning Experience | Reframing How We Teach Our Students
  317. Guest Name: Dawn Gallop
    Company Name:#9 Farms
    Podcast Link: How To Grow Crops Year-Round Using Greenhouses | Advice From An Expert Homesteader
  318. Guest Name: Dr. Peter Kozlowski
    Company Name:The Institute for Functional Medicine
    Podcast Link: How To Take Charge Of Your Health And Wellness | Advice From A Functional Medicine Expert
  319. Guest Name: Dr. Rachel Rudolph
    Company Name:Department of Vegetable Crops Extension & Research UK
    Podcast Link: How Using An Alternative Approach To Plant Health Can Improve Crop Production
  320. Guest Name: Dafna Tachover
    Company Name:Children's Health Defense
    Podcast Link: How Wireless Technology Is Creating Sickness At Unprecedented Speed
  321. Guest Name: Dr. Raj K. Anand
    Company Name:Dr. Raj K. Anand, MD
    Podcast Link: How You Can Avoid Heart Disease By Following This Lifestyle Advice
  322. Guest Name: Dr. Elvir Causevic
    Company Name:Dr. Elvir Causevic
    Podcast Link: How You Can Manage Stress And Anxiety By Engaging Your Brain And Body
  323. Guest Name: Dr. Glenn R. Schiraldi
    Company Name:Resilience Training International
    Podcast Link: How You Can Prevent And Recover From Stress With Resilience Training
  324. Guest Name: Dr. Cassie Holmes
    Company Name:UCLA’s Anderson School of Management
    Podcast Link: How You Can Take Advantage Of Your Time, Elevate Your Happiness, And Live A More Fulfilling Life
  325. Guest Name: Daniel Krynzel
    Company Name:God Speed With Daniel
    Podcast Link: How You Can Walk With God | The Importance Of Listening To God’s Plan For Your Life
  326. Guest Name: Dr. James Hickman
    Company Name:Hesperos
    Podcast Link: Human-on-a-Chip – Dr. James Hickman, PhD, and Chief Science Officer of Hesperos – Utilizing Science and Technology to Design for Disease Modeling and Drug Testing
  327. Guest Name: Dr. Summer Knight
    Company Name:Humanizing Healthcare
    Podcast Link: Humanizing Healthcare Through the Lens of a Paramedic-Turned-Physician and Digital Care Activation Platforms Discussed with Dr. Summer Knight
  328. Guest Name: Dr. Scott Sherr
    Company Name:Dr. Scott Sherr
    Podcast Link: Hyperbaric Oxygen And the Revolutionary World of Healing with Hyperbaric Therapeutics with Dr. Scott Sherr
  329. Guest Name: David Mayoh
    Company Name:Hyperbridge
    Podcast Link:
  330. Guest Name: Dr. Michelle Saltarrelli
    Company Name:Autumn Oak Speech, Voice & Hearing
    Podcast Link: I Heard That! – Dr. Michelle Saltarrelli of Autumn Oak Speech, Voice & Hearing – Advances in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology
  331. Guest Name: Dr. Armando Hasudungan
    Company Name:Online Medical Educator
    Podcast Link: I Saw It on YouTube – Dr. Armando Hasudungan, Online Medical Educator – Modern Learning—Grasping Complex Medical Topics Through the Use of Innovative Explainer Videos
  332. Guest Name: Dr. Rajalingam Raja
    Company Name:University of California San Francisco
    Podcast Link: Immunogenetics Information and Transplantation Talks with Dr. Rajalingam Raja
  333. Guest Name: Dr. Naveed Akbar
    Company Name:Radcliffe Department of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Immunological Reactions and Heart Disease: Dr. Naveed Akbar Explains How our Body Hurts and Helps
  334. Guest Name: Dan Bates
    Company Name:ImpactPPA
    Podcast Link: Impact PPA- Using Blockchain and Ethereum to Change the Way We Use Energy
  335. Guest Name: Daniel Aaron
    Company Name:Spiritual Entrepreneur Enterprises
    Podcast Link: Importance of Spiritual Training and the Benefits of Yoga as a Spiritual Training Program with Daniel Aaron
  336. Guest Name: David Getoff
    Company Name:David Getoff
    Podcast Link: In Search of Unknown Facts, Finding Wellness in an Unwell World
  337. Guest Name: Dr. William B. Miller, Jr.
    Company Name:The Microcosm Within
    Podcast Link: Infectious Disease Looks in the Mirror and Sees Evolution: A Conversation with Dr. William B. Miller, Jr.
  338. Guest Name: Dr. James Shepherd
    Company Name:Yale, New Haven hospital
    Podcast Link: Infectious Diseases Expert Dr. James Shepherd Offers Global Perspective
  339. Guest Name: Dr. David Kendall
    Company Name:Zealand Pharma
    Podcast Link: Innovatively Balancing Sugar Highs and Lows with Dr. David Kendall
  340. Guest Name: Dr. Samantha Nazareth
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Insight from an Expert on the Bugs in Your Gut—Dr. Samantha Nazareth—A Clinical Internist and Gastroenterologist
  341. Guest Name: Dr. David Cave
    Company Name:University of Massachusetts Medical School
    Podcast Link: Insights on Video Capsule Endoscopy from a Gastroenterologist—Dr. David Cave, MD—University of Massachusetts Medical School
  342. Guest Name: Dr. Tom O'Bryan
    Company Name:Coffee with Dr. Tom
    Podcast Link: Inspiring Immunity in the Face of Covid-19 with Dr. Tom O’Bryan
  343. Guest Name: Derek Lovrenich
    Company Name:Insure Ecosystem
    Podcast Link: Insure Ecosystem — Derek Lovrenich , CEO — Blockchain-Enabled, Decentralized End-To-End Insurance Software Platform
  344. Guest Name: Dr. Gary Foresman
    Company Name:Middle Path Medicine
    Podcast Link: Integrative Cancer Treatment with Dr. Gary Foresman
  345. Guest Name: Dirk Avau
    Company Name:IntellectEU
    Podcast Link: IntellectEU – Dirk Avau on Hyperledger, Blockchain, Financial Integration and more
  346. Guest Name: Dr. Alex Liu
    Company Name:RMDS
    Podcast Link: Intelligently Building Community in the AI and Data Science Space—Dr. Alex Liu—RMDS Lab
  347. Guest Name: Dr. Cole
    Company Name:Dr Will Cole
    Podcast Link: Intuitively Intermittent Fasting: How You can use Your Diet to Reverse the Causes of Chronic Disease
  348. Guest Name: Dr. Marco Herling
    Company Name:herlinglab
    Podcast Link: Investigating an Extremely Rare and Aggressive Type of Cancer
  349. Guest Name: Dr. Arwen Podesta
    Company Name:Podesta Wellness
    Podcast Link: Investigating New Therapies and Techniques for Treating Mental Health Issues with Arwen Podesta, M.D.
  350. Guest Name: Dr. Dianne McGrath
    Company Name:Dianne McGrath
    Podcast Link: Investigating The Future Of Sustainability With Dr. Dianne McGrath
  351. Guest Name: Dr. Paul R. Frail
    Company Name:SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
    Podcast Link: Investigating the Innovation of Water Treatment with Dr. Paul Frail
  352. Guest Name: Dr. Ernst von Schwarz
    Company Name:Dr. Ernst von Schwarz
    Podcast Link: Investigating The Innovative World Of Stem Cell Research With Dr. Ernst von Schwarz
  353. Guest Name: Dr. Henrik Mouritsen
    Company Name:University of Oldenburg
    Podcast Link: Investigating The Internal Compasses Of Birds With Dr. Henrik Mouritsen
  354. Guest Name: Dr. Mitchell Sullivan
    Company Name:University of Queensland
    Podcast Link: Is Glycogen Accumulation Key to Diabetes and Kidney Damage? Dr. Mitchell Sullivan Investigates
  355. Guest Name: Dr. Wolfgang Smith
    Company Name:Dr. Wolfgang Smith
    Podcast Link: Is The World We See Actually Real? | Quantifying Reality With Dr. Wolfgang Smith
  356. Guest Name: Dr. Michael Biamonte
    Company Name:The Biamonte Center
    Podcast Link: Is Your Gut Healthy? | How To Properly Take Care Of Your Microbiome
  357. Guest Name: Dr. Hein Min Tun
    Company Name:symbiota
    Podcast Link: Is Your Gut Microbiome Healthy, and Is Your Baby’s?—The Latest in Microbiome Research from Hein Min Tun, PhD, Public Health Veterinarian
  358. Guest Name: Dr. Andy Bannister
    Company Name:Solas Centre
    Podcast Link: Islam, Christianity, and Beyond with Andy Bannister – An Expert in Faith, Culture, and Politics
  359. Guest Name: Dr. Ryan Lowery
    Company Name:Ketogenic
    Podcast Link: Ketogenic Lifestyle – Dr. Ryan Lowery, CEO of – Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet for Improved Health, Higher Energy and Weight Loss
  360. Guest Name: Dr. David Jockers
    Company Name:drjockers
    Podcast Link: Ketosis Explained: Is the Ketogenic Diet Just Another Weight Loss Fad or Could It Actually Fight Cancer?
  361. Guest Name: Dr. Sandy Bevacqua
    Company Name:Dr. Sandy Bevacqua
    Podcast Link: Killing Cancer From Every Direction with Biochemist Sandy Bevacqua
  362. Guest Name: Dr. Brian Lenzkes
    Company Name:Low Carb Advisor
    Podcast Link: Kinetic Ketogenic Connections – Dr. Brian Lenzkes, Founder, Low Carb Advisor – The Power of the Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and Medical Condition Reversal
  363. Guest Name: Dominic D’Agostino
    Company Name:University of South Florida
    Podcast Link: King Ketone – Dominic D’Agostino, PhD, Associate Professor, University of South Florida – The Impressive Power of Ketones and How Our Diets Hold the Key to Improved Cognition, Increased Energy, Weight Control, and Disease Treatment
  364. Guest Name: Dr. Kiana Aran
    Company Name:Aran Lab
    Podcast Link: Learning About How the CRISPR Chip Technology and Biology May Lead to the Next Generation Electronic Sensors From Dr. Kiana Aran
  365. Guest Name: Dr. Diva Nagula
    Company Name:From Doctor to Patient.
    Podcast Link: Lessons of a Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor: Dr. Diva Nagula Explains Strategies for Health
  366. Guest Name: Dmitriy Titov
    Company Name:European Space Agency
    Podcast Link: Life on Mars? – Dmitriy Titov, Scientist, European Space Agency – An Interesting Look at the Many Scientific Possibilities Brought Forth by the Discovery of Liquid Water on Mars
  367. Guest Name: Dario Valenzano
    Company Name:Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, CECAD
    Podcast Link: Like Fish, Like Human: New Research That Might Shed Light on Longevity—Dario Valenzano–Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, CECAD
  368. Guest Name: Dr. Fareeha Al Siddiq
    Company Name:Biotricity
    Podcast Link: Listen to Your Heart: Biotricity’s Remote Cardiac Monitoring System
  369. Guest Name: Dr. Kevin Moore
    Company Name:University of College London
    Podcast Link: Livers, in Sickness and in Health – Dr. Kevin Moore – Professor of Hepatology – University of College London – Liver Specialist
  370. Guest Name: Dana Lewis
    Company Name:Open Artificial Pancreas Project
    Podcast Link: Living with Type 1 Diabetes: Improving Quality of Life–Dana Lewis–Open Artificial Pancreas Project
  371. Guest Name: Dr. Sandra Leibel
    Company Name:University of California San Diego
    Podcast Link: Lung Organoid Research: Advancing Surfactant Protein B Deficiency Treatment with Dr. Sandra Leibel
  372. Guest Name: Dug Campbell
    Company Name:Maidsafe
    Podcast Link: Maidsafe – The World’s First Autonomous Data Network
  373. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Geschwind
    Company Name:UCLA
    Podcast Link: Making Sense of Sequencing: Exome Sequencing Analysis and What’s Next with Dr. Daniel Geschwind
  374. Guest Name: Dr. Jeff Marksberry
    Company Name:Oska Wellness
    Podcast Link: Managing Chronic Pain with the Oska Pulse – Dr. Jeff Marksberry, Chief Medical Officer – Oska Wellness
  375. Guest Name: Dr. Ching-Yung Lin
    Company Name:Graphen.AI
    Podcast Link: Mapping Covid 19 through Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Ching-Yung Lin and Graphen.AI
  376. Guest Name: Dr. Laura-Isobel McCall
    Company Name:McCall Lab
    Podcast Link: Mapping Microbes: How Dr. Laura-Isobel McCall Uses Chemical Cartography to Fight Disease
  377. Guest Name: Dr. Will Bateman
    Company Name:CCell Renewables Ltd
    Podcast Link: Marine Solutions for Coastal Protections Against Erosion and Marine Ecosystem Restoration with Dr. Will Bateman
  378. Guest Name: Dr. Mark Jackson
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Mark Jackson on Space Mining, Quantum Computing and Machine Learning
  379. Guest Name: Daniel Faber
    Company Name:Deep Space Industries
    Podcast Link: Mass Migration of Humans into Space? Daniel Faber, former CEO of Deep Space Industries Explains How, Why & When
  380. Guest Name: Dr. Kristin Swanson
    Company Name:Mayo Clinic
    Podcast Link: Math Versus Cancer: Could Mathematics Provide Oncologists with the Perfect Formula for Brain Cancer Treatment?
  381. Guest Name: Dan Baird
    Company Name:Wrench.AI
    Podcast Link: Maximizing Marketing with AI – Dan Baird, CEO of Wrench.AI – Using AI to Gather a Better Understand of Consumer and Client Mindset
  382. Guest Name: Dr. Stephanie Wright
    Company Name:Imperial College London,
    Podcast Link: Measuring and Managing Microplastics with Dr. Stephanie Wright
  383. Guest Name: Dr. Robert Twilley
    Company Name:Department of Oceanography and Coastal Science
    Podcast Link: Measuring Carbon In Mangroves | What Can This Tell Us About The C02 Crisis?
  384. Guest Name: Dr. Nick West
    Company Name:Abbott
    Podcast Link: Measuring Microvasculature with Dr. Nick West
  385. Guest Name: Dr. Thomas Barrows
    Company Name:World Back to Work
    Podcast Link: Medical Laser Technology and Applications of Lasers for Medical Uses and Tattoo Removal with Dr. Thomas Barrows
  386. Guest Name: Drew Manning
    Company Name:Fit2Fat2Fit
    Podcast Link: Mental and Emotional Health as a Prerequisite for Losing Weight and Getting Fit—Drew Manning—Fit2Fat2Fit
  387. Guest Name: Dr. Alecia Carter
    Company Name:Dr. Alecia Carter
    Podcast Link: Meticulously Examining Primate Cognition With Dr. Alecia Carter
  388. Guest Name: Dr. Jen Wood
    Company Name:La Trobe University
    Podcast Link: Microbial Ecology and Diversity with Dr. Jen Wood
  389. Guest Name: Daniel Machado
    Company Name:Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    Podcast Link: Microbial Metabolisms: Harnessing the Ecology of Microbial Communities with Daniel Machado
  390. Guest Name: Dr. Eva Detko
    Company Name:Natural Health Specialist
    Podcast Link: Mind & Body Connection – Dr. Eva Detko, PhD, Natural Health Specialist, Author, and Speaker – Natural Medicine, the Human Mind, and Pathways to Healing
  391. Guest Name: Dr. Christoph Guger
    Company Name:g•tec
    Podcast Link: Mind Control – Dr. Christoph Guger, CEO and President, g • tec ( – How Groundbreaking Brain-Computer Interface Technology is Upending Everything We Thought We Knew About Brainwaves
  392. Guest Name: Dave Goulson
    Company Name:University of Sussex
    Podcast Link: Minding Your Bees with Expert Qs and As
  393. Guest Name: Dr. Paula Barreras
    Company Name:Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Podcast Link: Mini-Brains: The Cutting Edge of Neurological Disorders Treatment Research
  394. Guest Name: Dr. Paramjit Chopra
    Company Name:Midwest Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapies
    Podcast Link: Minimum to the Maximum – Dr. Paramjit Chopra, Founder, The Midwest Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapies – How Minimally Invasive Therapies Benefit Patient Health Physiologically and Emotionally, and Maximize Patient Well-being
  395. Guest Name: Dr. Samir Damani
    Company Name:Minthealth
    Podcast Link: Minthealth — Dr. Samir Damani, Co-Founder and CEO — Decentralized Healthcare Platform That Empowers Patients and Lowers Costs
  396. Guest Name: Dr. Nicole Catherine Woitowich
    Company Name:Women's Health Institute Research
    Podcast Link: Missing Women: Dr. Woitowich Talks about Implications of Leaving Sex and Gender Out of Health Research
  397. Guest Name: Dr. Nicole Apelian
    Company Name:Dr. Nicole Apelian
    Podcast Link: Modern Apothecary Living and Sustainability – A Deep Dive into Living From the Land with Dr. Nicole Apelian
  398. Guest Name: Dr. Sandy Bevacqua
    Company Name:Dr. Sandy Bevacqua
    Podcast Link: Molecular and Cellular Biology of Viruses and Biochemical Balance – An In-Depth Discussion with Dr. Sandy Bevacqua
  399. Guest Name: Dr. Fong Mun Yik
    Company Name:University of Malaya
    Podcast Link: Monkey-Derived Malaria: Dr. Fong Mun Yik Talks Parasitic Diseases in Humans by Cross-Infection
  400. Guest Name: Dan Seidler
    Podcast Link: Mood Tracking Made Easy—Dan Seidler—
  401. Guest Name: Dr. St. Leger
    Company Name:The University of Pittsburgh Department of Ophthalmology
    Podcast Link: More than Meets the Eye: Dr. St. Leger Explains Eye Microbiome and Disease
  402. Guest Name: Dr. Dana Cohen
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: More than Water: the Keys to Hydration with Dr. Dana Cohen
  403. Guest Name: Dimitry Murshik
    Company Name:Mycellium
    Podcast Link: Mycellium – High Security Bitcoin & Altcoin Wallet & Other Financial Tools
  404. Guest Name: Dr. Iliyan Iliev
    Company Name:Weill Cornell Medicine
    Podcast Link: Mycobiomes: Dr. Iliyan Iliev Devlves into the Importance of Understanding Gut Fungi
  405. Guest Name: Dr. Abby Johnson
    Company Name:University of Minnesota
    Podcast Link: Mysteries of the Microbiome – Dr. Abby Johnson, Postdoctoral Associate, Knights Lab at the University of Minnesota – Foods, Effects, and the Microbiome’s Diversity
  406. Guest Name: Dr. Eric Zielinski
    Company Name:Natural Living Family
    Podcast Link: Naturopathic Breakthrough or Pop Culture Trend: Can Essential Oils Really Improve Chronic Illness Symptoms?
  407. Guest Name: Dr. Young Hye Song
    Company Name:The Schmidt Lab, University of Florida
    Podcast Link: Nerve Repair Using Peripheral Nerve-Based Hydrogels—Dr. Young Hye Song—The Schmidt Lab, University of Florida
  408. Guest Name: Dr. Bernard Gilly
    Company Name:GenSight Biologics
    Podcast Link: Neurodegenerative Diseases and Optic Neuropathy Treatments for Blinding Conditions Explained By Dr. Bernard Gilly
  409. Guest Name: Dr. Santanu Datta
    Company Name:Bugworks Research, Inc
    Podcast Link: Next Generation Antibiotics: Dr. Santanu Datta Talks about the Latest Antibiotic Development
  410. Guest Name: David Olney
    Company Name:Blind Insights with David Olney
    Podcast Link: Not so in the Dark: A Glimpse Into the Experience of Blindness
  411. Guest Name: Dr. Alex Richardson
    Company Name:University of Oxford
    Podcast Link: Nutrition and Cognitive Decline with Dr. Alex Richardson
  412. Guest Name: Dr. Holly Kramer
    Company Name:Loyola University, Chicago
    Podcast Link: Obesity Issues – Dr. Holly Kramer, Professor of Public Health Sciences and Medicine, Loyola University – Obesity and Disease Overview
  413. Guest Name: David Kung
    Company Name:Oblong Industries INC
    Podcast Link: Oblong Industries INC – Creating Interactive and Immersive Meetings
  414. Guest Name: Dr. Mya Breitbart
    Company Name:University of South Florida
    Podcast Link: Ocean Overview – Dr. Mya Breitbart, Professor of Biological Oceanography at the University of South Florida – Marine Microbes, Bacteria, Viruses, and the Diversity of Life in our Oceans
  415. Guest Name: Dr. Dana Carroll
    Company Name:University of Utah School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: On the Latest in Gene Editing and Genomic Research—Dr. Dana Carroll—Department of Biochemistry, University of Utah School of Medicine
  416. Guest Name: Dr. Barry Fields
    Company Name:Emory University
    Podcast Link: On the Latest in Sleep Medicine from a Sleep Telemedicine Physician—Dr. Barry Fields—Atlanta VA Medical Center and Emory University
  417. Guest Name: Dr. Ken Cadwell
    Company Name:Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine
    Podcast Link: On the Latest in the Emerging Field of Virome Research—Ken Cadwell, PhD—Recanati Family Associate Professor of Microbiology, Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine at New York University
  418. Guest Name: Dr. Gabriele Barthlen
    Company Name:Sleep Center Hawaii
    Podcast Link: On the Latest in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea from an Expert in the Field
  419. Guest Name: Dr. Gabriele Barthlen
    Company Name:sleep center hawaii
    Podcast Link: On the Latest in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea from an Expert in the Field—Gabriele M. Barthlen, PhD, MD—Sleep Center Hawaii
  420. Guest Name: Dr. Stasha Gominak
    Company Name:Right Sleep
    Podcast Link: On the Relationship Between Vitamins and the Microbiome—Dr. Stasha Gominak—Neurologist and Expert on the Human Microbiome
  421. Guest Name: Doug Bertram
    Company Name:Structural Elements
    Podcast Link: One-Stop Shop: Structural Elements CEO Doug Bertram Explains Structural Balance Training
  422. Guest Name: Devin Burke
    Company Name:Devin Burke
    Podcast Link: Optimize Your Sleep: Guidance On Improving The Quality And Depth Of Your Rest
  423. Guest Name: Dr. Eric Thomas Stafne
    Company Name:Mississippi State University
    Podcast Link: Optimizing Fruit And Nut Crop Production With Horticulturist Dr. Eric Thomas Stafne
  424. Guest Name: Dan LeMoine
    Company Name:Re:Vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness
    Podcast Link: Optimizing Health & Nutrition | How To Create An Individualized Plan That Boosts Your Metabolism
  425. Guest Name: Dr. Mark Abramson
    Company Name:Dr. Mark Abramson
    Podcast Link: Oral Appliances with Sleep Apnea Dentist Dr. Mark Abramson
  426. Guest Name: Dr. Mark Abramson
    Company Name:Dr. Mark Abramson
    Podcast Link: Oral Appliances with Sleep Apnea Dentist Dr. Mark Abramson
  427. Guest Name: Dr. Thomas Neumann
    Company Name:Nortis
    Podcast Link: Organ-On-Chip Technology: Replacing Traditional Methods in Drug and Scientific Research—Dr. Thomas Neumann—Nortis
  428. Guest Name: David Deamer
    Company Name:UC Santa Cruz
    Podcast Link: Origins of Life: David Deamer Explains what Science Tells Us About the First Steps
  429. Guest Name: David Keith
    Company Name:Carbon Engineering
    Podcast Link: Out of Thin Air: Clean Fuel for Heavy Transportation and Industry—David Keith—Carbon Engineering
  430. Guest Name: Dr. David Olson
    Company Name:delix therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Overcoming The Stigma Of Psychedelics: What Psychoplastogens Can Do For Neurological Medicine
  431. Guest Name: Dr. David Olson
    Company Name:delix therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Overcoming The Stigma Of Psychedelics: What Psychoplastogens Can Do For Neurological Medicine
  432. Guest Name: Dr. Anumantha Kanthasamy
    Podcast Link: Parkinson’s Disease Research: Dissecting the Neurodegenerative Process with Dr. Anumantha Kanthasamy
  433. Guest Name: Dr. Jack Regan
    Company Name:LexaGene
    Podcast Link: Pathogen Detection and the Potential for Identifying Future and Current Threats with Dr. Jack Regan
  434. Guest Name: Dr. George V. Mazariegos
    Company Name:Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Pediatric Transplantation Challenges and Achievements: Dr. George V. Mazariegos Shares an Overview
  435. Guest Name: Dr. Ronald Brown
    Company Name:Dr. Ronald Brown
    Podcast Link: Phosphate Toxicity and Cancer: Ronald B. Brown, PhD, Connects Tumor Cells and Phosphate Sequestration
  436. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Britt
    Company Name:University of Central Florida
    Podcast Link: Planetary Geology: Investigating The Physical Properties And Mineralogy Of Asteroids And Comets With Dr. Daniel Britt
  437. Guest Name: Dr. Maggie Wagner
    Company Name:Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas
    Podcast Link: Plant Health 101 | How To Improve Crops Using Genomics & Genetics
  438. Guest Name: Donnie Yance
    Company Name:Mederi Center
    Podcast Link: Plant Medicine: How Donnie Yance Uses Plants to Improve Healthcare and Quality of Life
  439. Guest Name: Dr. Dayan Goodenowe
    Company Name:Prodrome Sciences
    Podcast Link: Plasmalogens and Longevity – Dr. Dayan Goodenowe Discusses Age-Related Diseases and how Age Affects Health
  440. Guest Name: Dr. Michael Gonsior
    Company Name:University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
    Podcast Link: Plastic Particles Are Contaminating Our Oceans | What This Chemist Has Discovered
  441. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:New Aquatech Panama
    Podcast Link: Plenty of Fish in the Sea…And Industry: An Insider’s Look at Aquaculture
  442. Guest Name: Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    Company Name:Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    Podcast Link: Politics Playing Medicine: A Closer Look at COVID-19
  443. Guest Name: Derek E. Lee
    Company Name:Wild Nature Institute
    Podcast Link: Population Ecology of Tanzanian Giraffes and Wildlife Responses to Climate Change and Other Threats with Derek E. Lee
  444. Guest Name: Dr. Jonathan Haws
    Company Name:University of Louisville
    Podcast Link: Portugal’s Cave: Piecing Together a Narrative, Illuminating the Lives of Modern Human Ancestors
  445. Guest Name: Dr. Darshan Shah
    Company Name:Next Health
    Podcast Link: Preventative Medicine Through Health Optimization–Dr. Darshan Shah–Founder, CEO, and Medical Director of Next Health
  446. Guest Name: Dr. Dale Bredesen
    Company Name:Apollo Health
    Podcast Link: Preventing Alzheimer’s: Importance of Brian Health with Dr. Dale Bredesen
  447. Guest Name: Dr. Alan Lindemann
    Company Name:Dr. Alan Lindemann
    Podcast Link: Preventing Maternal Mortality By Educating New Mothers And Their Families
  448. Guest Name: Dr. Sunit Das
    Company Name:University of Toronto
    Podcast Link: Primary Brain Tumors Cell-by-Cell with Dr. Sunit Das
  449. Guest Name: Dr. Ivan Poon
    Company Name:La Trobe University
    Podcast Link: Process of a Dying Cell Holds Potential for Disease Treatment: Dr. Ivan Poon Explains His Research
  450. Guest Name: Domenico Otranto
    Company Name:University of Bari
    Podcast Link: Protecting our Pets: Domenico Otranto Talks Veterinary Parasitology Research
  451. Guest Name: Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg
    Company Name:Yale School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Putting You (And Your Baby) To Sleep—Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg, Sleep Psychologist
  452. Guest Name: Dr. Florian Neukart
    Company Name:Volkswagen Group
    Podcast Link: Quantum Queries — Dr. Florian Neukart, Principle Scientist at Volkswagen — Quantum Computing for Research and Simulation, the Pathway to Understanding Materials and Building Better Products
  453. Guest Name: Dr. Charles E. Murray
    Company Name:University of Washington
    Podcast Link: Re-muscularizing the Heart—Dr. Charles E. Murray—Center for Cardiovascular Biology, University of Washington
  454. Guest Name: Dr. Clay Wright
    Company Name:Virginia Tech Department of Biological Systems Engineering
    Podcast Link: Reengineering Plant Behavior in Preparation for Environmental Changes—Dr. Clay Wright—Virginia Tech Department of Biological Systems Engineering
  455. Guest Name: David Berlinski
    Company Name:David Berlinski
    Podcast Link: Refining The Human Condition Via The Scientific Method With David Berlinski, A Devoted Scholar And Author
  456. Guest Name: Dr. Sylvia Lucas
    Company Name:University of Washington Medical Center
    Podcast Link: Relief from Migraines and Headaches: Migraines Explained with Dr. Sylvia Lucas
  457. Guest Name: Dr. Alex Richardson
    Company Name:Food and Behaviour Research
    Podcast Link: Researching the Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Physical and Mental Health—Dr. Alex Richardson—Food and Behavior (FAB) Research
  458. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Voytas
    Company Name:Clayxt
    Podcast Link: Resilient Plants: Drought & Pest Resistance through Gene Editing with Dr. Voytas
  459. Guest Name: Dr. Karen S. Ho
    Company Name:Clene Nanomedicine
    Podcast Link: Restoring And Protecting Neurological Function Using Revolutionary Treatments
  460. Guest Name: Dr. Hanan Elsaie
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Rethinking Dentistry – Dr. Hanan Elsaie, Voted One of ‘America’s Top Dentists’ – Modern Dentistry Practices and Procedures with a Holistic Approach
  461. Guest Name: Dr. Meghna Thacker
    Company Name:Seven Steps to Heal Your Thyroid
    Podcast Link: Rethinking the Thyroid – Meghna Thacker, Thyroid Expert, Author of, Seven Steps to Heal Your Thyroid: A Proven Plan to Increase Energy, Elevate Mood & Optimize Weight – Investigating the Many Frustrating Thyroid Conditions—Treatment and Recovery
  462. Guest Name: Dr. Paul Anderson
    Company Name:Anderson Medical Group
    Podcast Link: Rethinking Therapy – Dr. Paul Anderson, Anderson Medical Group – Beating Cancer and Staying in Remission
  463. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Panama Fresh Organic
    Podcast Link: Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease And The Decline Of Cognitive Abilities With Dr. Bill McGraw
  464. Guest Name: Dr. Stuart Madden
    Company Name:Neurelis
    Podcast Link: Revolutionary Advances in Seizure Treatment and the Implementation for Nasal Sprays in Treatment with Dr. Stuart Madden
  465. Guest Name: Dr. Peter Stone
    Company Name:Trinity College Dublin
    Podcast Link: Revolutionizing Democracy – The Benefits Of Sortition and Selected Citizens Councils with Dr. Peter Stone
  466. Guest Name: Dr. David H. Walker
    Company Name:University of Texas MB Center
    Podcast Link: Rickettsia Family: Scrub Typhus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and More with Dr. David H. Walker
  467. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Dr. Bill McGraw
    Podcast Link: Ridding Your Body of Mercury: Mercury Toxicity in Humans with Dr. Bill McGraw
  468. Guest Name: David Ewing Duncan
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Robotic Future – David Ewing Duncan, Journalist, Researcher, and Technology Author – Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and the Implications for a Future Society
  469. Guest Name: David Goode
    Company Name:Peter MacCallum Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: Rogue Cells: Cancer and Evolution with David Goode
  470. Guest Name: Dr. John Callahan
    Company Name:Veridium
    Podcast Link: Safe and Secure – Dr. John Callahan, Chief Technology Officer, Veridium – Fingers, Eyes, Voice, and Face (Advanced Biometric Security in a Digital World)
  471. Guest Name: Dr. Kim Kutsch
    Company Name:CariFree
    Podcast Link: Salivation Salvation—Dr. Kim Kutsch—CariFree
  472. Guest Name: Drew Taylor
    Company Name:Acorn Biolabs
    Podcast Link: Save Your Cells: Discussing The Future Of Stem Cell Treatment With Drew Taylor
  473. Guest Name: Dr. Micah J. Green
    Company Name:Texas A&M University
    Podcast Link: Science And Religion: Investigating Their Relationship With Dr. Micah J. Green
  474. Guest Name: Daniel Sanders
    Company Name:Gwella Mushrooms Inc
    Podcast Link: Science Behind Mushrooms and the Potential Benefits of Psychedelics and Botanical Extraction with Daniel Sanders
  475. Guest Name: Dr. Kat Arney
    Company Name:Genetics Unzipped
    Podcast Link: Science Unzipped: Dr. Kat Arney Talks Science Communication and Book on Cancer Research
  476. Guest Name: David Wishart
    Company Name:University of Alberta
    Podcast Link: Searching for Alzheimer’s Biomarkers: David Wishart Describes Foundational Research
  477. Guest Name: Doctor Carlos Mastrangelo
    Company Name:Sharpeye LLC
    Podcast Link: Sharpeyes LLC – Smart Glasses With Auto Focusing Capabilities
  478. Guest Name: Denys Bondar
    Company Name:Tulane University
    Podcast Link: Shining a Non-Linear Light on New Applications in Nuclear Physics
  479. Guest Name: Dr. Raghu Mirmira
    Company Name:Mirmira Lab
    Podcast Link: Signaling the End of a Long-Held Assumption About Diabetes with Dr. Raghu Mirmira
  480. Guest Name: Dr. Mo Hannah
    Company Name:Siena College in Loudonville
    Podcast Link: Signs of Psychiatric Corruption and the Dangers of Psychiatric Medication and its Effects with Dr. Mo Hannah
  481. Guest Name: Dr. Kiran Musunuru
    Company Name:Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
    Podcast Link: Silencing the Genes of a Killer?—Understanding the Heart (Disease) of the Matter
  482. Guest Name: David Bray
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Singularity University — David Bray, Faculty Member — A Better World from the Intersection of Technology and Society
  483. Guest Name: Dustin Lindblad
    Company Name:Dustin Lindblad Design
    Podcast Link: Sitting, Kneeling, and Backbending the Line—Dustin Lindblad—Yoga Slacklining
  484. Guest Name: Dr. Charles Samuels
    Company Name:Centre for Sleep & Human Performance
    Podcast Link: Sleep & Recovery — Dr. Charles Samuels, Medical Director, Centre for Sleep & Human Performance — Sleeping Well, the Key to Good Health
  485. Guest Name: Dr. Stuart Quan
    Company Name:Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    Podcast Link: Sleep Matter Initiative—Dr. Stuart Quan—Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders
  486. Guest Name: Dr. Jose Colon
    Company Name:Sleep Diet: A Novel Approach to Insomnia
    Podcast Link: Sleep Medicine: Expert Dr. Jose Colon Describes Sleep Disorders Treatment
  487. Guest Name: Dr. Jose Colon
    Company Name:Sleep Diet: A Novel Approach to Insomnia
    Podcast Link: Sleep Medicine: Expert Dr. Jose Colon Describes Sleep Disorders Treatment
  488. Guest Name: Dr. Katharina Lederle
    Company Name:Somnia
    Podcast Link: Sleeping Well? – Dr. Katharina Lederle, Human Sleep and Fatigue Specialist, Somnia – How Everyone Can Learn to Sleep Better
  489. Guest Name: Dr. Chris Winter
    Company Name:Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine
    Podcast Link: Sleepy Time – Dr. Chris Winter, MD, Author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How To Fix It, Founder of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine – Sleeping For Health, How to Get Better Sleep, and the Mystery of Insomnia
  490. Guest Name: Dragos Axinte
    Company Name:The University of Nottingham
    Podcast Link: Snake Robots Are Coming! – Dragos Axinte, Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, The University of Nottingham – Exploring the World of Advanced Robotic Technology for Industry
  491. Guest Name: Dr. Jay Khorsandi
    Company Name:Dr. Jay Khorsandi
    Podcast Link: Snoring: It’s Nothing to Snooze At—Dr. Jay Khorsandi—Dentist and Sleep and Snoring Expert
  492. Guest Name: David Quammen
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Spillover Author David Quammen Talks Pandemics
  493. Guest Name: Donny Hanjaya-Putra
    Company Name:University of Notre Dame
    Podcast Link: Stem Cell Manipulation – Donny Hanjaya-Putra, Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame – Utilizing Contemporary Engineering Principles to Control Stem Cell Differentiation, Cellular Repair, and Drug Therapy
  494. Guest Name: David H. Oi
    Company Name:USDA
    Podcast Link: Stemming the Sting of Fire Ants: Pest Management Strategies with USDA’s David H. Oi
  495. Guest Name: Dina Zielinski
    Company Name:NY Genome
    Podcast Link: Storing Data 215,000 times more densely using DNA – NY Genome
  496. Guest Name: Dr. Jannine Krause
    Company Name:Dr. Jannine Krause
    Podcast Link: Stress, Pain, and Mental Health Management Through the Fantastic Benefits of Acupuncture with Dr. Jannine Krause
  497. Guest Name: Dr. Ana M. Soto
    Company Name:Tufts University
    Podcast Link: Studying How Normal Cells are Formed to Understand How Cancer Forms with Dr. Ana M. Soto
  498. Guest Name: Dr. Frank Bodnar
    Company Name:Lifestyle Matrix Resource Center
    Podcast Link: Supporting Your Bones: Healthy Eating and Other Tips for Bone Density with Dr. Frank Bodnar
  499. Guest Name: Dr. Roger Smith
    Company Name:Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement
    Podcast Link: Surgical Robots – Dr. Roger Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Nicholson Center for Surgical Advancement – How Advanced Robots are Making Surgery More Precise and Offering Patients, and Surgeons, Better Options
  500. Guest Name: Don Mosites and Michael Oved
    Company Name:Swap Protocol
    Podcast Link: Swap Protocol – A Decentralized Crypto Exchange
  501. Guest Name: Debbie Hoffman
    Company Name:Symmetry Blockchain Advisors
    Podcast Link: Symmetry Blockchain Advisors
  502. Guest Name: Dr. Michael MacKenzie
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Taking A Different Approach To Democracy With Dr. Michael MacKenzie
  503. Guest Name: Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor
    Company Name:BOOST Thyroid
    Podcast Link: Taking Control of Thyroid Health – Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor – BOOST Thyroid CEO and Co-founder
  504. Guest Name: Dr. Archana Bandi
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Telehealth Technology Breaking the Barrier of Geography
  505. Guest Name: Dr. Theodore Belfor
    Company Name:Catskill
    Podcast Link: The Airway Analysis – Dr. Theodore Belfor, Dental Innovator and Expert – Snoring Causes and Effect, Snoring Treatment, and Modern Practices
  506. Guest Name: Dr. Jack Gilbert
    Company Name:Gilbert Laboratory
    Podcast Link: The Bat Microbiome: Part of the Bacterial Ecology Puzzle with Dr. Jack Gilbert
  507. Guest Name: Dr. Fani Hatjina
    Company Name:Institute of Animal Science & Department of Apiculture in Greece
    Podcast Link: The Bee’s Needs and Behavior: A Conversation with a Honey Bee Expert
  508. Guest Name: Dr. Adam Trainor
    Company Name:Vital Reaction
    Podcast Link: The Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen and how Supplementing Hydrogen in Your Lifestyle can Offer Relief with Dr. Adam Trainor
  509. Guest Name: Dr. Sam Rodgers
    Company Name:Medichecks
    Podcast Link: The Blood Knows – Dr. Sam Rodgers, Medical Director for Medichecks – Utilizing Convenient, Advanced Blood Testing Options to Regularly Monitor Health and Improve Wellness
  510. Guest Name: Dr. Christina Bjorndal
    Company Name:Dr. Christina Bjorndal
    Podcast Link: The Challenges of Mental Health and Bipolar Disorders and Possible Treatment Techniques with Dr. Christina Bjorndal
  511. Guest Name: Dr. Andrew Kaufman
    Company Name:Dr. Andrew Kaufman
    Podcast Link: The COVID-19 Trail of Evidence Leads to a Globalist Society
  512. Guest Name: Danny Sessom
    Company Name:The Crypto show
    Podcast Link: The Crypto Show – The Only FM Radio Show Dedicated to Cryptocurrency
  513. Guest Name: Danny Somthin & Chris Neandrathal
    Company Name:The Crypto Show
    Podcast Link: The Crypto Show – Austin, Texas Radio Show Covering Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Disruptive Technologies
  514. Guest Name: Del Bigtree
    Company Name:ICAN
    Podcast Link: The Current Health Movement and How Standardized Safety Testing is Conducted Explained by Del Bigtree
  515. Guest Name: Dr. Ronald Brown
    Company Name:Dr. Ronald Brown
    Podcast Link: The Current Virus Situation and Vaccine Ramifications – An In-Depth Examination of the Current Virus Situation with Dr. Ronald Brown
  516. Guest Name: Dr. Michael Presti
    Company Name:SafeRX
    Podcast Link: The Dangerous Interaction Between Opioids And Alcohol Consumption, And How We Can Stop It with Dr. Michael Presti, Ph.D.
  517. Guest Name: Decio Eizirik
    Company Name:Eizirik Lab
    Podcast Link: The Dialogue of Diabetes with Decio Eizirik, MD, PhD
  518. Guest Name: Dr. Jody Stanislaw
    Company Name:Dr. Jody Stanislaw
    Podcast Link: The Disorder Formerly Known as Juvenile Diabetes: The Complexity of Type 1 Diabetes
  519. Guest Name: Dr. Steven Ostoja
    Company Name:USDA California Climate Hub
    Podcast Link: The Effects of Climate Change on the Wildlife Around Us and the Exciting Possibility of Groundwater Recharge with Dr. Steven Ostoja
  520. Guest Name: Dr. Nicholas G. Evans
    Company Name:Nicholas G. Evans
    Podcast Link: The Ethics of Self-Driving Vehicles—Dr. Nicholas G. Evans—University of Massachusetts Lowell
  521. Guest Name: Dr. Sharmily S. Khanam
    Company Name:University of Oklahoma
    Podcast Link: The Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance in Gut Bacteria: Sharmily Khanam Explains Her Research
  522. Guest Name: Dr. Sharmily S. Khanam
    Company Name:University of Oklahoma
    Podcast Link: The Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance in Gut Bacteria: Sharmily Khanam Explains Her Research
  523. Guest Name: Denis Noble
    Company Name:University of Oxford
    Podcast Link: The Evolution of Species and Late-Stage Cancer: An Unexpected Relationship Fueled by the Standard of Care in Cancer Treatment
  524. Guest Name: Dr. Owen O’Connor, MD, PhD.
    Company Name:TG Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: The Fourth Era of Cancer Treatment: Where Immunotherapy Meets Precision Medicine
  525. Guest Name: Dan Faggella
    Company Name:TechEmergence
    Podcast Link: The Future of AI – Dan Faggella, Founder and CEO of TechEmergence – Discovering the Trends and Following Future Developments of the Furiously Expanding Artificial Intelligence Market
  526. Guest Name: Dr. Eric Maisel
    Company Name:Dr. Eric Maisel
    Podcast Link: The Future of Mental Health and Learning to Live with and Treat Mental Health Disorders and Anxiety with Dr. Eric Maisel
  527. Guest Name: Dr. Emeran Mayer
    Company Name:UCLA Microbiome Center
    Podcast Link: The Gut: The Biggest Sensory Organ That We Have—Dr. Emeran Mayer—UCLA Microbiome Center
  528. Guest Name: Dr. Jeffrey Morgan
    Company Name:BIOLIFE4D
    Podcast Link: The Heart of the Matter: Improving Transplantation Standards Through the Development of a Bioartificial Heart—Dr. Jeffrey Morgan—BIOLIFE4D
  529. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Dr. Bill McGraw
    Podcast Link: The History of GMO’s and Their Health Implications – Dr. Bill McGraw Shares the Whole Story on what You Find in the Grocery Store
  530. Guest Name: Diele-Viegas
    Company Name:Luisa Diele-Viegas
    Podcast Link: The Impact of Climate Change on the Biodiversity and Animal Behavior Around the World with Luisa Diele-Viegas
  531. Guest Name: Dr. Howard Hindin
    Company Name:Airway Health
    Podcast Link: The Importance of Airway Health for Improved Sleep and Better Overall Health—Dr. Howard Hindin, DDS—Foundation for Airway Health and American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry
  532. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Panama Fresh Organic
    Podcast Link: The Importance of Detoxification And the Potential Harms And Negative Impact of Graphene Oxide with Bill McGraw
  533. Guest Name: Dr. Paul Conti
    Company Name:Dr. Paul Conti
    Podcast Link: The Invisible Epidemic of Mental Illness and The Impact of Trauma Stressors on Life with Dr. Paul Conti
  534. Guest Name: Dr. Paul Conti
    Company Name:Pacific Premier Group
    Podcast Link: The Invisible Epidemic of Mental Illness and The Impact of Trauma Stressors on Life with Dr. Paul Conti
  535. Guest Name: Dominic D’Agostino
    Company Name:University of South Florida
    Podcast Link: The Ketogenic Defender – Dominic D’Agostino, PhD, Associate Professor, University of South Florida, Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology – The Potential Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet in Disease Treatment
  536. Guest Name: Denise Potter
    Company Name:Potter Dietitian Consulting
    Podcast Link: The Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and the Possibility for Ketogenic Therapeutics with Denise Potter
  537. Guest Name: Dr. Cory Kidd
    Company Name:Catalia Health
    Podcast Link: The Kindness of Robots – Dr. Cory Kidd, Founder, CEO, Catalia Health – How Robots with Sophisticated AI Are Helping Patients Take Better Care of Themselves
  538. Guest Name: Doug Finke
    Company Name:The Quantum Computing Report
    Podcast Link: The Latest in Quantum Technologies with Doug Finke
  539. Guest Name: Dr. Mikolaj Raszek
    Company Name:Merogenomics Inc
    Podcast Link: The Limitations of Genome Sequencing for the Public and How the Space Can Be Revolutionized with Dr. Mikolaj Raszek
  540. Guest Name: Dr. Emeran Mayer
    Company Name:Emeran Mayer, MD
    Podcast Link: The Little Brain in Our Gut: Dr. Emeran Mayer’s New Book on Gut Brian Interactions
  541. Guest Name: Dr. Emeran Mayer
    Company Name:UCLA
    Podcast Link: The Little Brain in Our Gut: Dr. Emeran Mayer’s New Book on Gut Brian Interactions
  542. Guest Name: Dr. Toni Pollin
    Company Name:University of Maryland School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: The Many Faces of Diabetes: Dr. Toni Pollin and Patient Discuss Monogenic Diabetes Treatment
  543. Guest Name: Dr. Sami Timimi
    Company Name:Dr. Sami Timimi
    Podcast Link: The Medicalization of Ordinary and Understandable: How Psychiatry Can Sometimes Do More Harm Than Good
  544. Guest Name: Dr. Sami Timimi
    Company Name:Dr. Sami Timimi
    Podcast Link: The Medicalization of Ordinary and Understandable: How Psychiatry Can Sometimes Do More Harm Than Good
  545. Guest Name: Dr. Jason Jones
    Company Name:Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies
    Podcast Link: The Melding of 3D Printing and Mainstream Manufacturing—Dr. Jason Jones—Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies
  546. Guest Name: Dr. Nasha Winters
    Company Name:Dr. Nasha Winters
    Podcast Link: The Mental Health and Metabolically-Minded Approach to Wellness
  547. Guest Name: Denis Noble
    Company Name:University of Oxford
    Podcast Link: The Microbiome of Cancer and the Role of Mutations in the New Model of Evolution with Denis Noble
  548. Guest Name: Dr. Timothy Geary
    Company Name:McGill University‎
    Podcast Link: The Molecular Language of Parasites: Dr. Timothy Geary Explains Parasite Ecology
  549. Guest Name: Dr. Richard White III
    Company Name:Raw Molecular Systems (RMS), LLC
    Podcast Link: The Most Perfect Parasite: Exploring Viruses with Dr. Richard White III
  550. Guest Name: Dr. Henry Mahncke
    Company Name:Posit Science
    Podcast Link: The Online Brain Training System That Could Save Your Life (With Dr. Henry Mahncke)
  551. Guest Name: Dr. Mark Bertin
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: The Path of Development – Dr. Mark Bertin, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician and Author –Developmental Issues in Children—Status & Treatment
  552. Guest Name: Daniel Schulof
    Company Name:KetoNatural Pet Foods
    Podcast Link: The Problem of Pet Obesity and How Progressive Pet Foods and Better Diets can Help Solve it with Daniel Schulof
  553. Guest Name: Dr. Sandra Kaufmann
    Company Name:The Kaufmann Anti-aging Institute
    Podcast Link: The Process of Aging and the Emerging Battle to Halt Cellular Aging Mechanisms with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann
  554. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Smalley
    Company Name:Smalley Holography
    Podcast Link: The Promise of 3D Projection Technology—Dr. Daniel Smalley—Smalley Holography
  555. Guest Name: Dr. Joost Huizinga
    Company Name:University of Wyoming
    Podcast Link: The Question of Neural Nativism – Dr. Joost Huizinga, Evolving Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, University of Wyoming – Neural Networks and the Challenge to Improve Their Connections, Structures, and Autodidactic Capabilities
  556. Guest Name: Dr. Ayanna Jones
    Company Name:Emory University
    Podcast Link: The Rhizosphere Zone: Focusing on the Importance of Plant Health in the Lab
  557. Guest Name: Dr. Carey Chronis
    Company Name:Dr. Carey’s Baby Care
    Podcast Link: The Role of Object Permanence in Sleep—Dr. Carey Chronis—Dr. Carey’s Baby Care
  558. Guest Name: Dr. Barry Raphael
    Company Name:Raphael Center for Integrative Education
    Podcast Link: The Sleeping Breath – Dr. Barry Raphael of the Raphael Center for Integrative Education – Understanding How We Breathe and the Disruptions That Can Affect Our Health
  559. Guest Name: Dr. Moshe Szyf
    Company Name:Sackler Institute for Epigenetics and Psychobiology
    Podcast Link: The Social Impact – Dr. Moshe Szyf, Pioneer in the Field of Epigenetics – How Social Epigenetics Plays an Important Role in Behavior and Health
  560. Guest Name: Derek Abbott
    Company Name:University of Adelaide
    Podcast Link: The Somerton Man: Derek Abbott Walks Us through the Mystery
  561. Guest Name: Dr. Steven Eisenberg
    Company Name:Dr. Steven Eisenberg
    Podcast Link: The Strongest Medicine: Cancer Treatment Insights with Dr. Steven Eisenberg
  562. Guest Name: David Galloway
    Company Name:David Galloway
    Podcast Link: The Theories Surrounding Cells, Cognition, and the Formation of Life of All Kinds with David Galloway
  563. Guest Name: Dr. Juan Quintana
    Company Name:University of Glasgow
    Podcast Link: The Trypanosoma Brucei Parasite in the Human Brain: Searching for a Better Understanding and Effective Treatment
  564. Guest Name: David M. Ewalt
    Company Name:Author of Defying Reality
    Podcast Link: The Unavoidable Reality of Virtual Reality – David M. Ewalt, Author of Defying Reality: The Inside Story of the Virtual Reality Revolution – How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Transform the Way We Work, Play, and Experience Daily Life
  565. Guest Name: Dr. Doru Paul
    Company Name:Weill Cornell Medical College
    Podcast Link: The Zoomed-Out Therapeutic Picture of Cancer with Clinician-Researcher Dr. Doru Paul
  566. Guest Name: Dr. Richard Rapoza
    Company Name:Abbott
    Podcast Link: Three Dimensions with Optical Coherence Tomography: Dr. Richard Rapoza Talks Technology
  567. Guest Name: Dr. Alan Christianson
    Company Name:drchristianson
    Podcast Link: Thyroid Health and A Life Well-Lived – Dr. Christianson, Naturopathic Medical Doctor – Improving the Thyroid, Adrenal Issues, and the Path to Better Health
  568. Guest Name: Dr. Zana Carver
    Company Name:Author
    Podcast Link: Thyroid Problems and How to Fix Them: Increasing Awareness and Education—Dr. Zana Carver—Author, The End of Chronic Fatigue
  569. Guest Name: Dr. Bryan Haugen
    Company Name:University of Colorado
    Podcast Link: Thyroid Tales Thyroid Cancer and Conditions with Dr. Bryan Haugen
  570. Guest Name: Dr. Yu Xu
    Company Name:TigerGraph
    Podcast Link: TigerGraph — Dr. Yu Xu, CEO and Founder — A High-Performance, Distributed Graphing and Data Analytics Platform
  571. Guest Name: David Parker
    Company Name:David Parker
    Podcast Link: Tiny Steps to an Immeasurably Improved Life
  572. Guest Name: Dr. John Hendy
    Company Name:Dr. John Hendy
    Podcast Link: Tissue Regeneration Using Low-Level Laser Therapy—Dr. John Hendy
  573. Guest Name: Dr. Jack Kruse and Daniel Huber
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Toxic Screens: How to Protect Eyes from Blue Light with Dr. Jack Kruse and Lucia Eyes CEO Dan Huber
  574. Guest Name: Dan Abbate
    Company Name:EIGHTY ONE-c
    Podcast Link: Tracking Transactions – Dan Abbate, CEO and Cofounder of EIGHTY ONE-c – Blockchain, Security, Crypto, and the Future of Transactional Business and Accounts
  575. Guest Name: Dr. Peter Small
    Company Name:HYFE
    Podcast Link: Tracking Your Cough With This App Could Tell You A Lot About How To Properly Treat It
  576. Guest Name: Drew McElroy
    Company Name:Transfix
    Podcast Link: Transfix — Drew McElroy, Co-founder and CEO — A Commerce Platform for the Trucking Industry in the US and Canada
  577. Guest Name: Dr. Marvin Singh
    Company Name:Integrative Gastroenterology at UC Irvine
    Podcast Link: Transformational Health Occurs at the Individual Level—Understanding Precision Gastroenterology with Dr. Marvin Singh
  578. Guest Name: Dr. Scott A. Johnson
    Company Name:Author
    Podcast Link: Treating Ankylosing Spondylitis – Dr. Scott A. Johnson, Author of Beating Ankylosing Spondylitis Naturally – Why Essential Oils May Be Just What You Need to Treat Your Condition
  579. Guest Name: Dr. Jim Woody
    Company Name:180 Life Sciences
    Podcast Link: Treating Distinct Inflammatory Diseases and Finding Solutions for Fibrosis and Pain with Dr. Jim Woody
  580. Guest Name: Dr. Ellen Vora
    Company Name:Meet Dr. Vora
    Podcast Link: True or False: There Are Two Main Types of Anxiety
  581. Guest Name: Dr. Ellen Vora
    Company Name:Meet Dr. Vora
    Podcast Link: True or False: There Are Two Main Types of Anxiety
  582. Guest Name: Dr. Kathy McCoy
    Company Name:Kathy McCoy Lab
    Podcast Link: Trust Your Gut: Dr. Kathy McCoy Shares Exciting Microbiome Research Discovery
  583. Guest Name: Dr. Kathy McCoy
    Company Name:Kathy McCoy Lab
    Podcast Link: Trust Your Gut: Dr. Kathy McCoy Shares Exciting Microbiome Research Discovery
  584. Guest Name: Dr. J. Dunn
    Company Name:My Happy Genes
    Podcast Link: Turning on Happy Genes: Adjusting Gene Expression with Dr. J. Dunn’s Genetic Testing Program
  585. Guest Name: Dr. Hasan Yilmaz
    Company Name:Yale University
    Podcast Link: Unblinded By the Light: Controlling the Shape of Light in Space – Dr. Hasan Yilmaz – Yale University, Department of Applied Physics
  586. Guest Name: Dr. Miles Nichols
    Company Name:Medicine with Heart
    Podcast Link: Uncovering and Treating Chronic, Complex Diseases with Functional Medicine Doctor Dr. Miles Nichols
  587. Guest Name: Dr. Daniel Peppe
    Company Name:Baylor University
    Podcast Link: Understanding Environmental Change Through the Examination of Biological Plant Landscapes with Dr. Daniel Peppe
  588. Guest Name: Dr. Cheng Fang
    Company Name:Annovis
    Podcast Link: Understanding Neurodegenerative Diseases and the Links Between Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease with Dr. Cheng Fang
  589. Guest Name: Dr. Ashani Weeraratna
    Company Name:Johns Hopkins
    Podcast Link: Understanding the Role of Aging in Cancer with Dr. Ashani Weeraratna
  590. Guest Name: Dr. Inbal Ben Ami Bartal
    Company Name:Tel-Aviv University
    Podcast Link: Unraveling Complex Pro-Social Behaviors From A Neurological Perspective With Dr. Inbal Ben Ami Bartal
  591. Guest Name: Dr. Ueli Rutishauser
    Company Name:Board of Governors Chair, Neurosciences
    Podcast Link: Unraveling The Intricacies Of Human Memory With Dr. Rutishauser
  592. Guest Name: Dr. Ardavan Aslie
    Company Name:Spine Treatment Surgery
    Podcast Link: Unveiling The Dark Side of Spinal Surgery With Dr. Ardavan Aslie
  593. Guest Name: Dr. Joanna Sadler
    Company Name:The University of Edinburgh
    Podcast Link: Up-Cycling Chemical Materials To Enhance Sustainability An Expert Explains
  594. Guest Name: Dr. Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis
    Company Name:University of Sheffield
    Podcast Link: Using Artificial Intelligence In Judicial Decision-making | Interview With Dr. Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis.
  595. Guest Name: Dr. Michael Ruscio
    Company Name:Dr. Ruscio
    Podcast Link: Using Functional Medicine And Nutritional Therapy To Diagnose And Treat Various Medical Conditions
  596. Guest Name: Dr. Nitu Bajekal
    Company Name:Nitu Bajekal (Women’s Health Expert)
    Podcast Link: Using Science-Based Lifestyle Guidance To Effectively Manage Women’s Health
  597. Guest Name: Dawn Prokop
    Company Name:Fed.Today
    Podcast Link: Utensils for Conscious Consumption: A New Way to Be Intentional About How You Eat
  598. Guest Name: Denis Jacob Machado
    Company Name:University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Podcast Link: Viral Genome Annotation and Comparative Genomics Through Evolutionary Processes with Denis Jacob Machado
  599. Guest Name: Dr. Frank Ryan
    Company Name:The University of Sheffield
    Podcast Link: Virus Expert Dr. Frank Ryan Discuss Behaviors of Viruses and Our Coevolution
  600. Guest Name: Dr. Snodgrass
    Company Name:VistaGen Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: VistaGen – On a Mission to Produce Safer & Faster Acting Next-Gen Medicines
  601. Guest Name: Dustin Byington
    Company Name:Wanchain
    Podcast Link: Wanchain — Dustin Byington — Rebuilding Finance with Private Crosschain Smart Contracts
  602. Guest Name: Dr. Daryl Gioffre
    Company Name:Gioffre Chiropractic Wellness Center
    Podcast Link: We Are What We Eat – Dr. Daryl Gioffre, Celebrity Nutritionist, Author, Alkaline and Ketogenic Diet Expert – Losing Weight, Fighting Inflammation, and Increasing Energy and Overall Good Health
  603. Guest Name: Dr. Bill McGraw
    Company Name:Panama Fresh Organic
    Podcast Link: We May Be Consuming Potentially Harmful Chemicals On A Daily Basis – Are You Safe
  604. Guest Name: Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci
    Company Name:Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci
    Podcast Link: What Will It Take To Mitigate The Spread Of Infectious Diseases In Nursing Homes?
  605. Guest Name: Dr. Bill Carroll
    Company Name:Bill Carroll
    Podcast Link: What Will It Take To Sustainably Recycle Our Plastic?
  606. Guest Name: Dr. Shalini Prasad
    Company Name:UT Dallas Department of Bioengineering
    Podcast Link: What’s In Your Sweat? | Why Monitoring Your Sweat Can Improve Your Health
  607. Guest Name: Dario Simões Zamboni
    Company Name:University of São Paulo
    Podcast Link: Where Immunology, Cell Biology, and Microbiology Meet—Dario Simões Zamboni—The Laboratory of Innate Immunity and Microbial Pathogenesis (Zamboni Lab)
  608. Guest Name: Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg
    Company Name:Dr. Schneeberg
    Podcast Link: Where Psychology and Medicine Meet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia—Lynelle Schneeberg, Psy.D—Yale School of Medicine
  609. Guest Name: Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Podcast Link: Why Healthcare Should Come Naturally – Dr. Joseph Mercola –
  610. Guest Name: Dafna Tachover
    Company Name:Children Health Defense
    Podcast Link: Wireless Technology and 5G is an Active Threat to Your Health and Privacy
  611. Guest Name: Dr. Lawrence Kirschner
    Company Name:ClinicalTrials
    Podcast Link: Working to Better Understand the Genetics of Endocrine Tumors—Dr. Lawrence Kirschner—Clinical Endocrinologist and Scientist
  612. Guest Name: Dimitri Sirota
    Company Name:BigID
    Podcast Link: Worried about the Safety, Monitoring, and Storage of Your Data? Here’s How BigID Is Helping to Protect It
  613. Guest Name: Dr. William B. Miller, Jr.
    Company Name:Our Bioverse
    Podcast Link: Your Body is a Cellular City: Learning from the Four Cs of Cellular Behavior
  614. Guest Name: Dr. Bruce Greyson
    Company Name:University of Virginia School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Your Brain as a Filtering Device for Your Mind: Learning from Near-Death Experiences
  615. Guest Name: Dr. Jon Lieff
    Company Name:Dr. Jon Lieff
    Podcast Link: Your Cells Talk More Than You Do—Listening to the Cellular World with Dr. Jon Lieff
  616. Guest Name: Dr. John Poothullil
    Company Name:Dr John on Health
    Podcast Link: Your Health is At Risk – Preventing Lifestyle Diseases and the Mal Effects of Disinformation with Dr. John Poothullil
  617. Guest Name: Dr. Liz Ross
    Company Name:Dr. Liz Ross
    Podcast Link: Your Thoughts as Friend or Foe—Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Liz Ross, PhD
  1. Guest Name: Emily Sims
    Company Name:Indiana University
    Podcast Link: A Deep Dive Into the Understanding of Type 1 Diabetes with Emily Sims
  2. Guest Name: Ellen Forney
    Company Name:Ellen Forney
    Podcast Link: A Graphic Look at Mental Health: Inside the Mind of an Artist with Bipolar Disorder
  3. Guest Name: Emily Largent
    Company Name:Perelman School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: A Social and Ethical Analysis of Alzheimer’s—Emily Largent, PhD, JD, RN—Emanuel & Robert Hart Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Perelman School of Medicine
  4. Guest Name: Eyal Harel
    Company Name:BlueGreen Water Technologies Ltd
    Podcast Link: A Solution to the Unchecked and Unbalanced Spread of Toxic Algal Blooms—Eyal Harel—BlueGreen Water Technologies Ltd
  5. Guest Name: Eli Goldstein
    Company Name:SkyCool Systems
    Podcast Link: Air Conditioning from the Great Beyond – Eli Goldstein, Co-founder and CEO of SkyCool Systems – The Amazing Tech that Uses Outer Space as a Cooling Resource
  6. Guest Name: Eyal Aviv
    Company Name:Columbian College of Arts & Sciences
    Podcast Link: An Introduction To Buddhism: How Training Your Mind Can Change The Way You See The World
  7. Guest Name: Edward Franz Pace
    Company Name:Harvard Medical School
    Podcast Link: Anxiety & Sleep – Edward Franz Pace-Schott, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School –Experimentation, Understanding the Connections Between Sleep and Anxiety
  8. Guest Name: Elina L. Niño
    Company Name:UC Davis
    Podcast Link: Apiculture and Working with Honeybees to Improve Queen Bee and Colony Reproductive Health with Elina L. Niño
  9. Guest Name: Eliu Huerta
    Company Name:Gravity Group at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) - University of Illinois at Urbana
    Podcast Link: Applications and Innovations of Gravitational Wave Analysis in Astrophysics – Eliu Huerta, PhD – Gravity Group at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  10. Guest Name: Eric Pallarés García
    Company Name:BCN3D Technologies
    Podcast Link: BCN3D Technologies – Open Source 360º printing
  11. Guest Name: Erin Elliott
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Breathe Well – Erin Elliott, Dentist, Sleep and Breathing Specialist – Understanding and Treating Oral Health and Related Airway and Breathing Issues and Conditions
  12. Guest Name: Edward Sawicki Jr
    Company Name:Think20 Labs
    Podcast Link: Cannabis Concepts – Edward Sawicki Jr., MBA, Chief Executive Officer at Think20 Labs, LLC – Unlocking the Many and Various Medical Uses for Cannabis
  13. Guest Name: Eugene V. Koonin
    Company Name:National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
    Podcast Link: Catching the Virus Evolution: Renowned Biologist Eugene Koonin Discusses the Vast Virus Universe
  14. Guest Name: Erick Miller
    Company Name:Coincircle
    Podcast Link: Coincircle — Erick Miller, Founder and CEO — ICO and Blockchain Advisory Firm for Established Companies
  15. Guest Name: Erica Hartmann
    Company Name:McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University
    Podcast Link: Damaging Disinfectants and Cleaning Considerations—Erica Hartmann, PhD—McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University
  16. Guest Name: Ebony Monson
    Company Name:Latrobe University in Australia
    Podcast Link: Diving Into Lipid Droplets, Exploring Early Viral Infections
  17. Guest Name: Edward Slingerland
    Company Name:University of British Columbia
    Podcast Link: Diving Into The Alcohol-Drenched History Of Human Civilization With Edward Slingerland
  18. Guest Name: Ed Donner
    Company Name:Untapt
    Podcast Link: Ed Donner – Ceo & Co-Founder – Untapt – Using Ai For Hiring & Job-Hunting In Tech Industry
  19. Guest Name: Eduardo Jorgensen
    Company Name:MedicSen
    Podcast Link: Eduardo Jorgensen, CEO-MedicSen-Non-Invasive, Predictive Technology and a Drug Delivery System Improving the Quality of Life for Patients with Diabetes
  20. Guest Name: Emma Torbert
    Company Name:Student Farm at UC Davis
    Podcast Link: Educating Students On Sustainable Farming With Emma Torbert From UC Davis
  21. Guest Name: Eiland Glover
    Company Name:Kowala
    Podcast Link: Eiland Glover – CEO – Kowala
  22. Guest Name: Elliot Roth
    Company Name:Spira
    Podcast Link: Elliot Roth, Founder of Spira: Enabling Access to Quality Nutrition for Anyone, Anywhere
  23. Guest Name: Emily Leproust
    Company Name:TwistBioScience
    Podcast Link: Emily Leproust – Making DNA from Scratch
  24. Guest Name: Ephi Zlotnick
    Company Name:Lucid Exchange
    Podcast Link: Ephi Zlotnick, CEO And Co-Founder Of Lucid Exchange–A Global, Decentralized Blockchain-Based Exchange For Securities, Currencies, And Commodities
  25. Guest Name: Edan Yago
    Podcast Link: – Making International Money Transfers Secure, Faster & Cheaper
  26. Guest Name: Eric Huang
    Company Name:BlockCAT
    Podcast Link: Eric Huang, CEO of BlockCAT
  27. Guest Name: Eric Schwertzel
    Podcast Link: Eric Schwertzel of – A digital identity and trust score for merchants
  28. Guest Name: Eric Solis
    Company Name:MovoCash
    Podcast Link: Eric Solis – Founder and CEO at MovoCash – E-Wallet App Combines Best of Banking and Blockchain
  29. Guest Name: Eric Solis
    Company Name:Movo Cash
    Podcast Link: Eric Solis, CEO & founder of MovoCash, Inc.
  30. Guest Name: Erik Aronesty
    Company Name:Vidaidentity
    Podcast Link: Erik Aronesty, CPO of Vidaidentity – Password-Less Encryption System Using Private Devices to Store Keys
  31. Guest Name: Errol Denger
    Company Name:Adobe and Magento blogs
    Podcast Link: Errol Denger- Adobe- Experience-Driven Commerce Program and the Acquisition of Magento
  32. Guest Name: Estrella Jaramillo Ríos
    Company Name:B-Wom
    Podcast Link: Estrella Jaramillo Ríos – Cofounder At B-Wom – Digital Feminine Health Coach
  33. Guest Name: Ethan Siegel
    Company Name:University of Arizona
    Podcast Link: Ethan Siegel On technology’s Future, inspired by Star Trek’s vision
  34. Guest Name: Ethan Siegel
    Company Name:
    Podcast Link: Ethan Siegel, Physicist And Author Of New Book Trekology–Evaluating Technology In The Star Trek Universe, And Resulting Ethics Considerations
  35. Guest Name: Eduard Willms
    Company Name:La Trobe University
    Podcast Link: Extracellular Engagements – Eduard Willms, Postdoctoral Scientist at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia – An Interesting and Informative Overview of Extracellular Vesicles
  36. Guest Name: Evan Jones
    Company Name:OpGen
    Podcast Link: Fighting Infections with Genomic Testing: Evan Jones of OpGen Describes Exciting New Technology
  37. Guest Name: Erik Andersen
    Company Name:Northwestern University
    Podcast Link: From Millions of Variants to One: Correlating the Genome and Phenome—Erik Andersen—Northwestern University
  38. Guest Name: Emily Vaughn
    Company Name:Gem
    Podcast Link: Gem – Developing a Blockchain Ecosystem for Healthcare & Other Fields
  39. Guest Name: Emily Fletcher
    Company Name:Ziva Online
    Podcast Link: Healing from a Lifelong Accumulation of Stress Through Deep Rest Meditation
  40. Guest Name: Eric Bapteste
    Company Name:Université Pierre et Marie Curie
    Podcast Link: History of Life on Earth and the Origin and Evolution of Life and Genetics Discussed In-Depth with Eric Bapteste
  41. Guest Name: Elise Pickett
    Company Name:The Urban Harvest LLC
    Podcast Link: Homegrown Education: Digging Into The Basics Of Home Vegetable Gardening
  42. Guest Name: Elyse Petersen
    Company Name:Tealet
    Podcast Link: How Bitcoin Helped This Small Business Owner Bridge The International Gap
  43. Guest Name: Eri Saikawa
    Company Name:SAIKAWA LAB
    Podcast Link: How Environmental And Societal Health Can Be Preserved By Combating Air Pollution
  44. Guest Name: Evangelos Danopoulos
    Company Name:Kleijnen Systematic Reviews
    Podcast Link: How Microplastics Are Contaminating Our Food And Water Sources, And The Potential Harm They Can Cause To Humans
  45. Guest Name: Ervin Kovac
    Company Name:Iconomi
    Podcast Link: Iconomi — Ervin Kovac, COO — Ethereum Blockchain-Based Digital Asset Management Platform
  46. Guest Name: Edward Savio
    Company Name:Battle For Forever
    Podcast Link: Inside the Mind of Novelist and Screenwriter Edward Savio
  47. Guest Name: Eddy Travia
    Company Name:Coinsilium
    Podcast Link: Interview With Eddy Travia, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder of Coinsilium
  48. Guest Name: Elodie Passeport
    Company Name:University of Toronto
    Podcast Link: Microplastics and Contaminants – Their Impact on the Health of the Environment and Humans Worldwide with Elodie Passeport
  49. Guest Name: Ed Maguire
    Company Name:Momenta Partners
    Podcast Link: Momenta Partners — A VC Firm Focused on Connected Industry
  50. Guest Name: Eoin O’Connor
    Company Name:Penn State University
    Podcast Link: Mushrooms, Microbiomes, and More with Eoin O’Connor
  51. Guest Name: Eric Roy
    Company Name:HydroViv
    Podcast Link: Not All Water is Created Equal: Finally, Neither Are Filters
  52. Guest Name: Eric Baker
    Podcast Link: An Online Bitcoin Gambling & Betting Platform
  53. Guest Name: E. Peter Greenberg
    Company Name:Greenberg Lab, University of Washington
    Podcast Link: Power in the Presence of Kin: Understanding Communication Between Bacterium—E. Peter Greenberg—Greenberg Lab, University of Washington
  54. Guest Name: Emily Monroe
    Company Name:Casita Copán
    Podcast Link: Preventing Child Abandonment While Providing Hope and Help in Honduras Through the Eyes of Emily Monroe
  55. Guest Name: Erica Mackie
    Company Name:GRID Alternatives
    Podcast Link: Put it Where the Sun Shines: Solar Technology Implementation in Frontline Communities – Erica Mackie – Co-founder of GRID Alternatives
  56. Guest Name: Earl Campbell
    Company Name:University of Sheffield
    Podcast Link: Quantum Computing: Can Someone Please Explain?
  57. Guest Name: Even Sengbusch
    Company Name:Phoenix
    Podcast Link: Reactor-Free Neutrons: Medical & Industrial Advances with Dr. Sengbusch
  58. Guest Name: Elia Abi-Jaoude
    Company Name:University of Toronto
    Podcast Link: Self-Harm in Adolescents Is on the Rise, and Self-Expression Is Critical
  59. Guest Name: Erik Voorhees
    Podcast Link: (and Prism) – A Simple Interface for Direct, Zero Slippage Trading
  60. Guest Name: Eran Ben-Shmuel
    Company Name:Juganu
    Podcast Link: Show Your True Colors with Juganu’s New Light Energy Products
  61. Guest Name: Elizabeth Parrish
    Company Name:BioViva
    Podcast Link: Sipping from the Fountain of Youth: Anti-Aging Treatments Explained By BioViva’s Elizabeth Parrish
  62. Guest Name: Erin Elliott
    Company Name:Sleep Better Northwest
    Podcast Link: Sleep and Snoring Struggles—Erin Elliott—Dentist and Sleep, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea Expert
  63. Guest Name: Erin Elliott
    Company Name:Sleep Better Northwest
    Podcast Link: Sleep and Snoring Struggles—Erin Elliott—Dentist and Sleep, Snoring, and Sleep Apnea Expert
  64. Guest Name: Engda Hagos
    Company Name:Colgate University
    Podcast Link: Symptoms and Causes of Metastatic Cancer and Cell Metastasis and How It Begins in the Body with Engda Hagos
  65. Guest Name: Elizabeth Parrish
    Company Name:BioViva
    Podcast Link: Tackling Diseases of Aging and Diseases of Childhood with One Approach—Elizabeth Parrish—BioViva
  66. Guest Name: Ernie Simpson
    Company Name:TerraCycle
    Podcast Link: TerraCycle – Recycling Hard-to-Recycle #7 Plastic
  67. Guest Name: Eric Fung
    Company Name:Grail
    Podcast Link: The Cure for Cancer is Prevention, And It’s Here
  68. Guest Name: Eric Gallandt
    Company Name:University of Maine
    Podcast Link: The Ecology of Weeds – How Improving Physical Weed Control Can Improve Overall Farming with Eric Gallandt
  69. Guest Name: Eugene B. Chang
    Company Name:National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    Podcast Link: The Mission of Microbes – Eugene B. Chang, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago – The Microbiome, What We Know Thus Far
  70. Guest Name: Eric Verhoogen
    Company Name:Columbia University
    Podcast Link: The Technology Gap with Developing Countries: Eric Verhoogen Researches Industrial Development
  71. Guest Name: Elle Russ
    Company Name:The Paleo Thyroid Solution
    Podcast Link: The Thyroid Dilemma – Elle Russ, Wellness Advocate and Author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution – Thyroid Health – The Many Issues That Originate With This Master Gland & The Way To Better Health
  72. Guest Name: Eric Vezzoli
    Company Name:VR and AR
    Podcast Link: Touch Virtual Reality with Go Touch CEO Eric Vezzoli
  73. Guest Name: Erik Voorhees
    Podcast Link: Trade Bitcoin for Ethereum or Hundreds of Other Cryptocurrencies –
  74. Guest Name: Eddy Badrina
    Company Name:Eden Green
    Podcast Link: Transforming The Farming Industry With Eden Green Technology CEO Eddy Badrina
  75. Guest Name: Ellen Wermter
    Company Name:the National Sleep Foundation
    Podcast Link: Understanding Narcolepsy and Common Sleep Disorders—Ellen Wermter—Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in Sleep Medicine
  76. Guest Name: Eugene V. Koonin
    Company Name:National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
    Podcast Link: Understanding Our Era of Biological Evolution: Eugene V. Koonin Shares His Knowledge
  77. Guest Name: Eric Ostertag
    Company Name:Poseida Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Using Gene Therapies to Fight Cancer and Tumor Cell Therapeutics – An In-Depth Discussion with Eric Ostertag
  78. Guest Name: Elliott Neff
    Company Name:Chess4life
    Podcast Link: Using The Principles Of Chess To Develop Young Minds
  79. Guest Name: Eric Clarke
    Company Name:Vaultbank
    Podcast Link: Vaultbank — Eric Clarke, Marketing Director — Global Investment Firm Bridging Traditional Trading Assets and Crypto
  80. Guest Name: Evan Van Ness
    Podcast Link: — A Weekly Review of the Ethereum Ecosystem
  81. Guest Name: Elizabeth Harris
    Company Name:Elizabeth Harris
    Podcast Link: What Are The Root Causes Of Most Autoimmune Conditions? | A Wellness Expert Explains
  82. Guest Name: Eleonore Pauwels
    Company Name:Woodrow Wilson Scholar Institute
    Podcast Link: What If You Had the Power to Control Your Health—From the Palm of Your Hand? Eleonore Pauwels of the Wilson Center Explains How Close This Is to Reality
  83. Guest Name: Elikqitie
    Company Name:Travel Gluten Free Podcast
    Podcast Link: Why Being Gluten Free Shouldn’t Stop You From Having a Guten Tag – Elikqitie – Travel Gluten Free Podcast
  84. Guest Name: Edward Sturm
    Company Name:World Of Ether
    Podcast Link: World Of Ether — Edward Sturm, Marketing Director, And Ram Berrouet, Product Design — A Decentralized Collectibles Dueling Game Run On Ethereum Smart Contracts
  1. Guest Name: Florencia McAllister
    Company Name:MD Anderson Center
    Podcast Link: An Analysis of Pancreatic Tumor Microbiomes—Florencia McAllister, MD—Department of Clinical Cancer Prevention, MD Anderson Center at the University of Texas
  2. Guest Name: Fabien Beckers
    Company Name:Arterys
    Podcast Link: Arterys – Improving Medical Imaging
  3. Guest Name: Francoise Baylis
    Company Name:Francoise Baylis
    Podcast Link: Bioethics on Health and Novel Human Genetic Technologies – A Detailed Conversation with Françoise Baylis
  4. Guest Name: François Fuks'
    Company Name:Université libre de Bruxelles
    Podcast Link: Calibrating Cancer: François Fuks’ Cancer Research Reveals Epigenetics and Disease Connections
  5. Guest Name: Frankie Wood-Black
    Company Name:Northern Oklahoma College
    Podcast Link: Chemical Conversations with Frankie Wood-Black, PhD
  6. Guest Name: Federica Bertocchini
    Company Name:CIB Margarita Salas, Madrid
    Podcast Link: Could Plastic-Eating Worms Solve The Plastic Crisis? | An Expert Explains
  7. Guest Name: Felipe Huicochea
    Company Name:CriptoMonedas TV
    Podcast Link: CriptoMonedas TV – Felipe Huicochea – Updates on Bringing Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to the Spanish-Speaking World
  8. Guest Name: Felix Bauer
    Company Name:Aircloak
    Podcast Link: Data Danger – Felix Bauer, Co-founder and CEO of Aircloak – Protecting Privacy and Security in the Digital World
  9. Guest Name: Fang Yu
    Company Name:DataVisor
    Podcast Link: Early Detection of Online Fraud Using Unsupervised Machine Learning—Fang Yu—DataVisor
  10. Guest Name: Faust Ruggiero
    Company Name:The Fix Yourself Handbook
    Podcast Link: Enriching Mental Wellness With Author And Therapist Faust Ruggiero
  11. Guest Name: Fabrizio Capobianco
    Company Name:TOKtv
    Podcast Link: Fabrizio Capobianco-TOKtv-The Largest Social Network in Sports is Bringing Fans Together Like Never Before
  12. Guest Name: Felipe Huicochea
    Company Name:Criptomonedas TV
    Podcast Link: Felipe Huicochea – Founder Of Criptomonedas TV: Promoting Financial Autonomy Through Crypto Education
  13. Guest Name: Fennie Wang
    Company Name:IXO
    Podcast Link: Fennie Wang – Cofounder, Ixo
  14. Guest Name: Fennie Wang
    Company Name:Ixo Foundation
    Podcast Link: Fennie Wang-Ixo Foundation- Tokenizing Social Impact on the Blockchain
  15. Guest Name: Ferdous Bhai
    Company Name:Crypto Insider
    Podcast Link: Ferdous Bhai, co-founder of Crypto Insider News outlet reporting on crypto news without speculation
  16. Guest Name: Fern Zimbalist
    Company Name:The Medical Blue Book
    Podcast Link: Fern Zimbalist-Author of The Medical Blue Book-Guiding Patients Through the Process of Being Medically Proactive
  17. Guest Name: Filipe Castro
    Company Name:UTRUST
    Podcast Link: Filipe Castro – Founder & CIO at UTRUST – Payment Platform That Empowers Buyers
  18. Guest Name: Florian Wimmer
    Company Name:Blockpit
    Podcast Link: Florian Wimmer – Co-Founder & CEO at Blockpit – Simplify Your Cryptotax Reporting
  19. Guest Name: Foiling Fraud
    Company Name:Foiling Fraud Company
    Podcast Link: Foiling Fraud – Kevin Lee, Digital Trust and Safety Architect at Sift – Using Technology to Combat Various Types of Digital Fraud
  20. Guest Name: Fran Strajnar
    Company Name:Brave New Coin
    Podcast Link: Fran Strajner of Brave New Coin — Blockchain Asset Market Data Research
  21. Guest Name: Francois Binette
    Company Name:Biotime Inc.
    Podcast Link: Francois Binette – Healing the Blind
  22. Guest Name: Frank Aylward
    Company Name:Virginia Tech
    Podcast Link: Giant Viruses: Frank Aylward and the Beauty of Microbial Diversity
  23. Guest Name: Forest Rohwer
    Company Name:San Diego State University
    Podcast Link: Herpes Isn’t Just For Humans—A Microbial Ecologist’s Perspective on Viruses
  24. Guest Name: Frank Marangell
    Company Name:Rize
    Podcast Link: How Rize Is Revolutionizing The 3D Printing Industry
  25. Guest Name: Frederic Bards
    Company Name:National University of Singapore
    Podcast Link: How to Impede the Coronavirus in Cellular Machinery: Frederic Bards Shares His Research
  26. Guest Name: Felix Cao
    Company Name:Happy Buying Brain
    Podcast Link: How to Manipulate Your Brian: Neuromarketing with Felix Cao
  27. Guest Name: Fran Villalba Segarra
    Company Name:Internxt
    Podcast Link: Internxt – Technologies to Enhance Life
  28. Guest Name: Frederic Bushman
    Company Name:University of Pennsylvania
    Podcast Link: Investigating the Human Virome with Frederic Bushman
  29. Guest Name: Fadhel Kaboub
    Company Name:Denison University
    Podcast Link: Is Global Prosperity Possible? Modern Monetary Theory Says “Yes”
  30. Guest Name: Fabio Ferrarelli
    Company Name:School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Looking At Mental Disorders | How Is The Brain Affected By Schizophrenia?
  31. Guest Name: Frederico Trajano
    Company Name:Magazine Luiza
    Podcast Link: Magalu – Brazilian E-Commerce
  32. Guest Name: Fiachra "Figs" O'Sullivan
    Company Name:Empathi
    Podcast Link: Make Your Marriage Flourish | How To Meet Your Partner In The Middle
  33. Guest Name: Fernando Alvira
    Company Name:University of Bristol
    Podcast Link: Mammalian Physiology, Camel Drinking Behavior, and the Role of Cholesterol in Water Conservation with Fernando Alvira
  34. Guest Name: Filipe Cabreiro
    Company Name:Imperial College of London
    Podcast Link: Microbial Interactions with Medications: Filipe Cabreiro Talks Drugs and the Microbiome
  35. Guest Name: Filipe Cabreiro
    Company Name:Imperial College of London
    Podcast Link: Microbial Interactions with Medications: Filipe Cabreiro Talks Drugs and the Microbiome
  36. Guest Name: Fábio Aguiar-Alves
    Company Name:Universidade Federal Fluminense in Brazil
    Podcast Link: Preventing Staph Infections: The Latest Technology with Researcher Fábio Aguiar-Alves
  37. Guest Name: Frank Bunger
    Company Name:Orion Span
    Podcast Link: Space Vacation 2022! – Frank Bunger, CEO & Founder, Orion Span – Space Hotels and the Push To Colonize the Great Beyond
  38. Guest Name: Frank King
    Company Name:The Mental Health Comedian
    Podcast Link: The Paradoxical Diecotomy Between Humor And Suicide Prevention From The Perspective Of A Comedian
  39. Guest Name: Frank King
    Company Name:The Mental Health Comedian
    Podcast Link: The Paradoxical Diecotomy Between Humor And Suicide Prevention From The Perspective Of A Comedian
  40. Guest Name: Forest Rohwer
    Company Name:San Diego State University
    Podcast Link: Virions and Provirus, Oxygen and Algae: Forest Rohwer Talks Research on Viromes
  41. Guest Name: Fernando Gutierrez
    Company Name:Dash
    Podcast Link: We Meet Again – More With Dash On Current & Future Crypto Matters
  42. Guest Name: Fedor Galkin
    Company Name:Insilico Medicine
    Podcast Link: What’s in YOUR Gut? – Fedor Galkin, Project Manager at Insilico Medicine, Inc. – Advanced Study of the Microbiome
  43. Guest Name: Fred Krueger and Kory Larson
    Company Name:WorkCoin
    Podcast Link: WorkCoin – Fred Krueger and Kory Larson – Facilitating Transparent and Secure Transactions for Freelancers
  1. Guest Name: Gerard McCaul
    Company Name:Tulane University
    Podcast Link: “Diffusion Fails to Make a Stink”—A Look at Smell with Gerard McCaul
  2. Guest Name: Gina Bria
    Company Name:The Hydration Foundation
    Podcast Link: A Structured Path to Newfound Hydration—Gina Bria—The Hydration Foundation
  3. Guest Name: Gavin Smith
    Company Name:A.I. Coin
    Podcast Link: A.I. Coin – Investing with Crypto
  4. Guest Name: Gary Marcus
    Company Name:Geometric Intelligence
    Podcast Link: AI Advancing – Gary Marcus, Scientist, Entrepreneur, and Author – Discussing the Current State, and Future, of AI and Learning
  5. Guest Name: Gavan Whilhite
    Company Name:AltspaceVR Inc
    Podcast Link: AltSpace VR: Virtual Reality In The Human Dimension
  6. Guest Name: Giulio Pasinetti
    Company Name:Icahn School of Medicine
    Podcast Link: Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutic Research and Revolutionizing Treatment Techniques – A Conversation with Giulio Pasinetti
  7. Guest Name: Gaetan Burgio
    Company Name:Australia National University
    Podcast Link: Antimicrobial Resistance of Bacteria and CRISPR Genome Engineering Techniques Discussed with Gaetan Burgio
  8. Guest Name: Gregory Van den Bergh
    Company Name:Bankorus
    Podcast Link: Bankorus – Introducing Crypto Wealth Management
  9. Guest Name: Gigi Foster
    Company Name:The University of New South Wales
    Podcast Link: Behavioral Economics and Lockdown Ramifications – Moving the World Economy Forward in the Wake of Covid-19
  10. Guest Name: Glenn Loughridge
    Company Name:Auburn University
    Podcast Link: Bringing Fresh, Local, Nutritious Food to College and Beyond – Glenn Loughridge Talks Food, Community, and More
  11. Guest Name: Gábor Balázsi
    Company Name:Stony Brook University in New York
    Podcast Link: Cancer Complexities: New Insights from an Expert
  12. Guest Name: Greg M. Delgoffe
    Company Name:Delgoffe Lab
    Podcast Link: Cancer Immunology, T Cells, and their Effect on Cancer Cells within the Body and Lymph nodes with Greg M. Delgoffe
  13. Guest Name: Gabor Balazsi
    Company Name:Stony Brook University
    Podcast Link: Cancer-Controlling Gene Circuits: Update on Cancer Cure Research with Gabor Balazsi
  14. Guest Name: Gino Cortopassi & Sandipan Datta
    Company Name:Molecular Biosciences School of Veterinary Medicine
    Podcast Link: Causes of Mitochondrial Diseases and Possible Therapies for Neurodegeneration with Gino Cortopassi and Sandipan Datta
  15. Guest Name: Georges Rawadi
    Company Name:Celyad
    Podcast Link: Celyad – Treating Acute Myeloid Leukemia and MM + 5 Solid Tumors With Stem Cells
  16. Guest Name: Graciela Chichilnisky
    Company Name:Columbia University
    Podcast Link: Clean Air and Economic Progress: A Profitable Replacement for Petroleum—Graciela Chichilnisky—Global Thermostat
  17. Guest Name: Gordon Krass
    Company Name:IntelliGuard
    Podcast Link: Confronting Inadequate, Unsafe Methods of Medication Tracking in U.S. Hospitals—Gordon Krass—IntelliGuard
  18. Guest Name: Gian Singh Power
    Company Name:TLC Lions
    Podcast Link: Creating a Culture of Care While Maintaining High Performance in the Corporate World
  19. Guest Name: George Yu
    Company Name:George W. Yu Foundation
    Podcast Link: Eating Away Your Memory, Feeding Cancer: Understanding Mitochondrial Metabolism and Disease with George Yu, MD
  20. Guest Name: Gary Conley
    Company Name:2NDNATURE
    Podcast Link: Exploring Water Quality In US Cities | Can We Improve It?
  21. Guest Name: Gavin Smith
    Company Name:First Global Credit
    Podcast Link: First Global Credit- Finance Powerhouse CEO Weighs In On All Things Bitcoin
  22. Guest Name: Gad Saad
    Company Name:Concordia University in Montreal
    Podcast Link: Following the Pathway of Ideological Pathogens in the Human Mind
  23. Guest Name: Gabriel Rene
    Company Name:VERSES Foundation
    Podcast Link: Future Web is Now – Gabriel Rene, Director of VERSES Foundation – Spatial Web, How Tech Advances Such As Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will Impact our World
  24. Guest Name: Gabrielle Patrick & Barry McMahon
    Company Name:knabu
    Podcast Link: Gabrielle Patrick & Barry McMahon – Founders – Knabu Distributed Systems LTD
  25. Guest Name: Galia Benartzi
    Company Name:Bancor & Liquid EOS
    Podcast Link: Galia Benartzi -Co-founder at Bancor & Liquid EOS / Board Member at EOS Alliance
  26. Guest Name: Gary Brotman
    Company Name:Qualcomm
    Podcast Link: Gary Brotman- Qualcomm- A Leader in Mobile and Edge Computing in AI
  27. Guest Name: Gaurang Torvekar
    Company Name:Indorse
    Podcast Link: Gaurang Torvekar, Co-Founder Of Indorse- A Professional Network That Lets You Own Your Data and Monetize Your Activity
  28. Guest Name: Gavin Douglas
    Company Name:iPowow
    Podcast Link: Gavin Douglas – CEO & Co-Founder at iPowow – Leaders in Participation TV
  29. Guest Name: George Church
    Company Name:Harvard and MIT
    Podcast Link: Gene Genie – George Church, Geneticist, Chemist, Molecular Engineer, Professor at Harvard and MIT – How Genome Sequencing and Gene Therapy Is Turning Fantasy Into Reality and Helping to Reverse Disease
  30. Guest Name: George Calin
    Company Name:MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: George Calin, MD Discusses Promising Research on Small RNAs in Treating Cancers
  31. Guest Name: George Howard
    Company Name:GHS & Music Audience Exchange
    Podcast Link: George Howard – Founder Of GHS – Author And Co-Founder Of Music Audience Exchange
  32. Guest Name: George Waller
    Company Name:BlockSafe Technologies
    Podcast Link: George Waller CEO and Co-Founder – BlockSafe Technologies: Securing the Blockchain Ecosystem
  33. Guest Name: Gerald Reihsen
    Company Name:Sword Shield Law
    Podcast Link: Gerald Reihsen–Lawyer and Entrepreneur–Why properly setting up blockchain companies to minimize legal liability matters
  34. Guest Name: Gerard Honig
    Company Name:Symbiotic Health
    Podcast Link: Gerard Honig – Symbiotic Health & Research Manager Of Chron’s And Colitis Foundation – Using Microbiome Science To Solve Health Issues
  35. Guest Name: Gil Beyda
    Company Name:Comcast Ventures
    Podcast Link: Gil Beyda, Managing Director of Comcast Ventures
  36. Guest Name: Gillian Szollos
    Company Name:KetoCon
    Podcast Link: Gillian Szollos-Keto All Day Every Day-The Ketogenic Diet and a Life Transformed
  37. Guest Name: Gleb Nesis
    Company Name:Coin Dealer
    Podcast Link: Gleb Nesis – COO at Coin Dealer
  38. Guest Name: Greg Glaser
    Company Name:Health Freedom Lawyer
    Podcast Link: Global Health Issues, The Pros and Cons of the inoculation and looking Inside Big Pharma with Greg Glaser
  39. Guest Name: Gregory Kuehn
    Company Name:Metabiomics
    Podcast Link: Gregory Kuehn – Metabiomics – Non-invasive Detection and Prevention of Colon Cancer Via Microbiome Analysis
  40. Guest Name: Guille Wajner
    Company Name:Greeneum
    Podcast Link: Guille Wajner – Co-founder – Greeneum
  41. Guest Name: Guillermo Torrealba
    Company Name:SurBTC
    Podcast Link: Guillermo Torrealba, CEO and Founder of SurBTC–International Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Located in South America
  42. Guest Name: Gunjan Bhardwaj
    Company Name:Innoplexus
    Podcast Link: Gunjan Bhardwaj – CEO and Co-Founder Of Innoplexus – Using Artificial Intelligence to Manage Data in Life Sciences Field
  43. Guest Name: Gunter Geiger
    Company Name:EIR Healthcare
    Podcast Link: Gunter Geiger -EIR Healthcare – Keeping Pace With The Technological, Structural, And Patient Demands Of Today’s Healthcare Industry
  44. Guest Name: Gus van der Feltz
    Company Name:The Institute of Vertical Farming
    Podcast Link: Gus van der Feltz – The Institute of Vertical Farming – High-Tech Farming for an Urbanizing World
  45. Guest Name: Gwyn Clay
    Company Name:CA Automic
    Podcast Link: Gwyn Clay-CA Automic- Seamlessly Integrating Generations of Technology
  46. Guest Name: Georgios Depastas
    Company Name:Kalepso
    Podcast Link: Hacks, Attacks & Digital Security – Georgios Depastas, Co-founder & Business Lead of Kalepso – The Constantly Accelerating Field of Data Security in the Digital World
  47. Guest Name: Guido Van Marle
    Company Name:University of Calgary
    Podcast Link: HIV Clarified: Viral Pathogenesis Steps with Researcher Guido Van Marle
  48. Guest Name: Gene Robinson
    Company Name:Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
    Podcast Link: Hopelessly Queenless: Adaptations in the Social Life of Western Honey Bees with Gene Robinson
  49. Guest Name: Gary Klein
    Company Name:ShadowBox LLC
    Podcast Link: How People Make Decisions and How Your Setting Affects Your Decision-Making Ability with Doctor Gary Klein
  50. Guest Name: Gretchen Cara Daily
    Company Name:Stanford Center for Conservation Biology
    Podcast Link: How to Harmonize Humanity and the Planet—Gretchen Cara Daily, Ph.D.—Stanford Center for Conservation Biology
  51. Guest Name: Gregoire Ribordy
    Company Name:IDQ
    Podcast Link: ID Quantique – Quantum Physics Creating Long-Term Data Security
  52. Guest Name: Gregoire Ribordy
    Company Name:IDQ
    Podcast Link: IDQ – From Quantum-Safe Cryptology To True, Quantum-Based Random Number Generators
  53. Guest Name: Graeme Cowan
    Company Name:graeme cowan
    Podcast Link: Improving Employee Mental Health At Work and How Leaders can Build Resilient Teams with Graeme Cowan
  54. Guest Name: Grant Blaisdell
    Company Name:Coinfirm
    Podcast Link: Incentivizing the Security and Transparency of the Crypto Economy—Grant Blaisdell—Coinfirm and AMLT Network
  55. Guest Name: Gaurang Torvekar
    Company Name:Indorse
    Podcast Link: Indorse — Gaurang Torvekar, CEO and Co-Founder — Ethereum-Based, Decentralized Professional Network with Token Ecosystem
  56. Guest Name: Gabe Batstone
    Company Name:Contextere
    Podcast Link: Industrial Innovation – Gabe Batstone, Co-founder and CEO of Contextere – How AI Solutions Can Revolutionize Industry by Improving Safety and Efficiency
  57. Guest Name: Gabe Howard
    Company Name:Gabe Howard
    Podcast Link: Inside Bipolar Disorder with Author of Mental Illness is an Asshole
  58. Guest Name: Gopika Nair
    Company Name:University of California, San Franciso
    Podcast Link: Introducing Insulin-Producing Cells into Diabetics: Gopika Nair Talks Stem Cell Research Milestones
  59. Guest Name: Greg Kieser
    Company LLC
    Podcast Link: Investing in Health – Greg Kieser, Founder at LLC – Superintelligence, Changing Technologies, and Innovations in Healthcare for Improving Our Lives
  60. Guest Name: Gary Steele
    Company Name:Delft University of Technology
    Podcast Link: Is the Quantum Effect in Nanotechnology Compatible with Gravity? Gary Steele Thinks It Is
  61. Guest Name: Guenther Witzany
    Company Name:Accomplished Author and Philosopher
    Podcast Link: Islands in a Sea of Viruses with Guenther Witzany
  62. Guest Name: Greg Paulsen
    Company Name:Xometry
    Podcast Link: It’s a 3D World – Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering at Xometry – Innovations in Manufacturing Processes for Increased Efficiency and Quality
  63. Guest Name: Giovanni Vigna
    Company Name:Lastline.Com
    Podcast Link: Lastline.Com – Anti Malware Technology Keeping Computer Security Threats Away
  64. Guest Name: George Frankel
    Company Name:Eternal Reefs
    Podcast Link: Magical Marine Memorials – George Frankel, Founder of Eternal Reefs – Creating Environmentally-Friendly, Living Memorial Reefs For Departed Loved Ones
  65. Guest Name: Greg Paulsen
    Company Name:Xometry
    Podcast Link: Manufacturing Miracles – Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering at Xometry – On-Demand Manufacturing Services and the Importance of New Tech Innovations to Increase Efficiency
  66. Guest Name: George Howard
    Company Name:MAX
    Podcast Link: MAX Co-Founder George Howard: Examining The Music Industry & Blockchain
  67. Guest Name: Gary Zimmerman
    Company Name:Max My Interest
    Podcast Link: Max My Interest – Tracking Which Bank Earns You The Most
  68. Guest Name: Gavin Andrews
    Company Name:HeartMath
    Podcast Link: Measured Meditations—Gavin Andrews—HeartMath
  69. Guest Name: George Calin
    Company Name:MD Anderson Cancer Center
    Podcast Link: MicroRNAs in Human Cancers with Researcher George Calin
  70. Guest Name: Guru Banavar
    Company Name:Viome
    Podcast Link: Minding Your Microbiome with Every Meal—Guru Banavar—Viome
  71. Guest Name: Gavin Douglas
    Company Name:Dalhousie University
    Podcast Link: Missing Heritability and the Human Microbiome: Gavin Douglas Discusses the Relationship
  72. Guest Name: Gavin Douglas
    Company Name:Dalhousie University
    Podcast Link: Missing Heritability and the Human Microbiome: Gavin Douglas Discusses the Relationship
  73. Guest Name: Graeme Moffat
    Company Name:Muse
    Podcast Link: Muse Headband – Your Personal Meditation Assistant & Brain Wave Biofeedback Device
  74. Guest Name: Geetanjali Bendale
    Company Name:RNN Laboratory
    Podcast Link: Nascent Nerves – Geetanjali Bendale, PhD Candidate in Bioengineering, Regenerative Neurobiology & Neuroelectronics Laboratory, UT Dallas – Nerve Regeneration and the Development of Biosynthetic Nerve Implants for Repair
  75. Guest Name: Garrett Salpeter
    Company Name:NeuFit
    Podcast Link: Neuronal Networks and the Potential for Miraculous Injury Recovery and an Array of Health Benefits with Garrett Salpeter
  76. Guest Name: Glenn Mattes
    Company Name:TFF Pharmaceuticals
    Podcast Link: News Flash Freeze: Inhalable Therapies Improve Drug Efficacy and Adverse Events Profiles
  77. Guest Name: Gareth Brady
    Company Name:Trinity College in Dublin
    Podcast Link: Niches of Opportunity: Researcher Gareth Brady Takes Listeners down the Virus Pathway
  78. Guest Name: Gino Engels
    Company Name:OTA Insight
    Podcast Link: OTA Insight –Gino Engels, Co-Founder–Revenue Optimization Software for Hotels in Real Time
  79. Guest Name: Graham Hatfull
    Company Name:University of Pittsburgh
    Podcast Link: Phage Cocktail for Mycobacterial Infection: Graham Hatfull Talks Phages and a Successful Intervention
  80. Guest Name: Greg Lowry
    Company Name:Carnegie Mellon University
    Podcast Link: Planet of Plants – Greg Lowry, the Walter J. Blenko, Sr. Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University – Plant Sustainability and Efficient Growth
  81. Guest Name: Guglielmo Aglietti
    Company Name:Surrey Space Center
    Podcast Link: Professor Guglielmo Aglietti-Surrey Space Center-Thousands of Tons of Space Debris in Orbit Pose a Threat to New Satellites, What’s the Solution?
  82. Guest Name: Glenn Nedwin
    Company Name:Second Genome
    Podcast Link: Second Genome — Glenn Nedwin, CEO and President — Creating New Pharmaceutical Therapies through Microbiome Science
  83. Guest Name: Gerald H. Pollack
    Company Name:University of Washington
    Podcast Link: Shining a Light on the Fourth Phase of Water—Gerald H. Pollack—Author and Professor at the University of Washington Department of Bioengineering
  84. Guest Name: Gabriel Kurman
    Podcast Link: Smart Contracts Using Bitcoin’s Blockchain? Is Making It Happen!
  85. Guest Name: Gijs Den Butter
    Company Name:Sense Glove
    Podcast Link: Tech Touch – Gijs Den Butter, CEO of Sense Glove – From Hand to Brain: Visionary Advances in Virtual World Technology
  86. Guest Name: Gregory Kuehn
    Company Name:Prescient Metabiomics
    Podcast Link: Testing for Cancer – Gregory Kuehn, MBA, President and COO of Prescient Metabiomics – Colon Cancer, the Microbiome, Testing
  87. Guest Name: Gregory D. Gorgas
    Company Name:Artelo Biosciences
    Podcast Link: The Endocannabinoid System and Pharmaceuticals: Artelo Biosciences’ CEO Discusses their Products
  88. Guest Name: Gary Pisano
    Company Name:Harvard Business School
    Podcast Link: The Enterprise of Rekindling Innovation—Gary Pisano—Author and Harvard Professor of Business Administration
  89. Guest Name: Gary Bolles
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: The Future of Work and Digital Economy with Gary Bolles of Singularity University
  90. Guest Name: Gyongyi Szabo
    Company Name:Beth Israel Lahey Health
    Podcast Link: The Intrigue of Innate Immunity and Inflammation—Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD—Chief Academic Officer, Beth Israel Lahey Health
  91. Guest Name: Greg Glaser
    Company Name:National Informed Constent Exemption
    Podcast Link: The Right To Choose Vaccination and The Effects on Unvaccinated Vs. Vaccinated People with Greg Glaser
  92. Guest Name: Gabe Brown
    Company Name:Brown’s Ranch
    Podcast Link: This Farmer’s Approach To Holistic Land Management – And The Results He Has Seen
  93. Guest Name: Galen Moore
    Company Name:Token Report
    Podcast Link: Token Report — Galen Moore, Founder and CEO — Financial Data Service about ICOs For Cryptocurrency Investors
  94. Guest Name: Guirec Le Lous
    Company Name:URGOTech
    Podcast Link: Train Your Brain to Sleep Better—Guirec Le Lous—URGOTech
  95. Guest Name: Gregg Beckham
    Company Name:BOTTLE
    Podcast Link: Uncovering New Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste with Innovative Scientific Methods
  96. Guest Name: Gorin Šimić
    Company Name:Dementia
    Podcast Link: Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and the Precursors for Dementia – An In-Depth Discussion with Goran Šimić
  97. Guest Name: George Gammon
    Company Name:George Gammon Macro Investing & Personal Freedom
    Podcast Link: Understanding Our Economy From A Global Perspective With George Gammon
  98. Guest Name: Gareth Soloway
    Company Name:InTheMoneyStocks
    Podcast Link: Understanding The World Of Stock Trading Through The Eyes Of A Professional
  99. Guest Name: Gaël McGill
    Company Name:Digizyme
    Podcast Link: Visualizing What the Microscope Can’t—Gaël McGill, PhD—Digizyme
  100. Guest Name: Garth Covernton
    Company Name:Rochman lab, University of Toronto
    Podcast Link: Who’s Eating Who In Aquatic Systems? | How Food Webs Are Affected By Microplastics
  101. Guest Name: Gordon Meyer
    Company Name:YouVisit
    Podcast Link: Why Every Business Needs To Be Using Virtual Reality
  102. Guest Name: Gaetan Chevalier
    Company Name:Earthing Institute
    Podcast Link: You’re Grounded!…and Your Body Thanks You – Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D. – Earthing Institute
  1. Guest Name: Holly Barker
    Company Name:Rare Cancer Biology and Genomics
    Podcast Link: A Personal Story of Depression, Social Anxiety, and the Treatments That Helped
  2. Guest Name: Holly Barker Ph.D.
    Company Name:Rare Cancer Biology and Genomics
    Podcast Link: A Personal Story of Depression, Social Anxiety, and the Treatments That Helped
  3. Guest Name: Howard Hindin
    Company Name:The Hindin Center
    Podcast Link: Airway Issues – Howard Hindin, DDS, of The Hindin Center – Modern Dentistry, Airway Sleep Problems, and More
  4. Guest Name: Hamoon Ekhtiari
    Company Name:FutureFit AI
    Podcast Link: Algorithmically Mapping the Future of Your Education and Career–Hamoon Ekhtiari, CEO–FutureFit AI
  5. Guest Name: Hannes Sjoblad
    Company Name:Bionyfiken
    Podcast Link: Bionyfiken — Hannes Sjoblad, Founder — Community Of Bio-Hackers Exploring Intersection Of Technology And Biology
  6. Guest Name: Henry Emmons
    Company Name:Natural Mental Health
    Podcast Link: Causes of Mental Illness, the Importance of Healing Your Mind, and Mental Fitness Tips with Henry Emmons
  7. Guest Name: Hans Plugge
    Company Name:Safer Chemical Analytics LLC
    Podcast Link: Emphasizing The Importance Of Chemical Sustainability
  8. Guest Name: Heather C. Guidone
    Company Name:Center for Endometriosis Care
    Podcast Link: Endometriosis Symptoms and Treatments – Why There is More to the Story Than Painful Periods with Heather C. Guidone
  9. Guest Name: Herbert Levine
    Company Name:Northeastern University
    Podcast Link: Evolution of the Tumor and Metabolic Plasticity Discussed Through the Lens of Physics with Herbert Levine
  10. Guest Name: Hamid Khoja
    Company Name:FibroBiologics
    Podcast Link: Exploring The Benefits Of Fibroblast Regenerative Therapeutics With Hamid Khoja
  11. Guest Name: Hadley Stern
    Company Name:Fidelity Labs
    Podcast Link: Fidelity Labs – A Culture that Embraces Change
  12. Guest Name: Hirander Misra
    Company Name:FinComEco
    Podcast Link: FinComEco, A Financial And Commodities Ecosystem
  13. Guest Name: Hilary DeCesare
    Company Name:The ReLaunch Company
    Podcast Link: Get More Out Of Your Business & Yourself | 4 Essential Steps To Take
  14. Guest Name: Helene Wecker
    Company Name:HELENE WECKER
    Podcast Link: Getting In Touch With The Writing Process With Novelist Helene Wecker
  15. Guest Name: Hans Lombardo
    Company Name:Blockpass
    Podcast Link: Hans Lombardo, CMO of Blockpass
  16. Guest Name: Hassan Khoshtaghaza
    Company Name:SatoshiPoint
    Podcast Link: Hassan Khoshtaghaza – CEO at – UK’s Largest Cryptocurrency ATM Network
  17. Guest Name: Henri Pihkala
    Company Name:Streamr
    Podcast Link: Henri Pihkala – Co-founder/CEO – Streamr
  18. Guest Name: Henry Ines
    Company Name:Shivom
    Podcast Link: Henry Ines – Shivom.Io – Powering The Next Era Of Genomics And Precision Medicine
  19. Guest Name: Herb Stephens
    Company Name:Democracy Earth
    Podcast Link: Herb Stephens-President of Democracy Earth-Enabling Liquid Democracy for the World
  20. Guest Name: Himi Khan
    Company Name:Clinc
    Podcast Link: Himi Khan, vice-president at Clinc
  21. Guest Name: Hrafn Thorisson
    Company Name:VR and AI
    Podcast Link: Hrafn Thorisson, CEO & Aldin Dynamics – VR / AR And The Future Of These Technologies.
  22. Guest Name: Hudson Jameson
    Company Name:Oaken Innovations
    Podcast Link: Hudson Jameson of Oaken Innovations – Blockchain Security for IoT Devices
  23. Guest Name: Habib Torfi
    Company Name:Invitrx Therapeutics
    Podcast Link: Invitrx Therapeutics – Commercializing Adult Stem Cell Technology
  24. Guest Name: Heng Him
    Company Name:iqtoken
    Podcast Link:
  25. Guest Name: Hannah Sutter
    Company Name:Natural Ketosis
    Podcast Link: Kinetic Ketosis – Hannah Sutter, CEO & founder of Natural Ketosis – Improving Health & Energy Production Through Ketosis and a Balanced Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle
  26. Guest Name: Hasan Erbil Abaci
    Company Name:Columbia University
    Podcast Link: Long, Beautiful Hair – Hasan Erbil Abaci, Assistant Professor at Columbia University Medical Center – New Discoveries, Hair Follicles and Hair Growth
  27. Guest Name: Henrik Munch Roager
    Company Name:University of Copenhagen
    Podcast Link: Meals, Metabolites, and the Microbiome—Henrik Munch Roager, PhD—Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen
  28. Guest Name: Hannah Spinner
    Company Name:Harvard University
    Podcast Link: New CRISPR Protein and Genome Editing Techniques Using Machine Learning Techniques with Hannah Spinner
  29. Guest Name: Henry Springer
    Company Name:Notion
    Podcast Link: Notion – Sensing your home environment with an easy-to-install, oreo-sized sensor
  30. Guest Name: Holly Barker Ph.D.
    Company Name:Rare Cancer Biology and Genomics
    Podcast Link: Rare Cancer Biology and the Impact of the Human Genome Project Discussed In-Depth with Holly Barker Ph.D.
  31. Guest Name: Hod Lipson
    Company Name:Singularity University
    Podcast Link: Self-Aware Robots: How Close Are We? An Interview With Hod Lipson of Singularity University
  32. Guest Name: Hugo Mercier
    Company Name:Dreem
    Podcast Link: Sleep Better – Hugo Mercier, CEO of Dreem, An Innovative Sleep Improvement Product – Fixing Our Fractured Sleep via Technology and Harvesting Data
  33. Guest Name: Hilary Jacobs Hendel
    Company Name:Hilary Jacobs Hendel
    Podcast Link: Slowing Down to Recognize and Acknowledge Your Mental Health and Possible Trauma with Hilary Jacobs Hendel
  34. Guest Name: Hilary Jacobs Hendel
    Company Name:Hilary Jacobs Hendel
    Podcast Link: Slowing Down to Recognize and Acknowledge Your Mental Health and Possible Trauma with Hilary Jacobs Hendel
  35. Guest Name: Hannah Crum
    Company Name:he Kombucha Mamma
    Podcast Link: The Kombucha Mamma – Hannah Crum, Author and Kombucha Educator – The Goodness and Power of Kombucha
  36. Guest Name: Heather Patisaul
    Company Name:NC State University
    Podcast Link: Toxic Chemicals in the Environment and How They Affect Your Health – A Deep Dive with Heather Patisaul
  37. Guest Name: Hannah Collins
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