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Your Sleep Awakening Awaits You – In the Latest Book From Finding Genius Foundation

Journey Into a Sweeping Exploration Led by 80+ Geniuses

When you think about the elements of health, what do you think about?

Eating less takeout, exercising more, meditating more? Doing what makes you happy?

You wouldn’t be wrong. Most people – health professionals included – would agree with you.

But what they might not say, simply because they don’t realize it, is that there’s one factor upon which all others rely: good, quality sleep.

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Think about it: when you’re tired, do you feel like working out? Do you feel like cooking a healthy meal? Do you have the motivation to start a new passion project?

Probably not. When we’re sleep-deprived, we usually just want to get back in bed as soon as possible, take shortcuts wherever we can, and cross our fingers that the day goes by quickly. When nights lead to days like this over and over again, what kind of life does that amount to?

Until recently, even the best doctors haven’t fully understood the extent to which sleep dictates health and wellness. But now, the world of sleep health and medicine is growing like never before, revealing eye-opening insights no one ever saw coming.

Consider, for example, that every single cell in your body operates on circadian rhythms, one of the most evident being the sleep-wake cycle. Consider also that a lack of sleep or a disturbance of the sleep-wake cycle can cause hormonal changes that make you feel hungry even when your body doesn’t need food. And lastly, consider that regularly getting poor sleep can actually take years off your life.

On the flip side, regularly getting good quality sleep can do wonders for the mind and body, and even revolutionize your life. And it IS possible to achieve, no matter how many years you’ve struggled. As soon as you learn how sleep works in general and how it works for you specifically, you can begin to harness its immense power.

This is what Finding Genius: Understanding Sleep – Better-Sleep-Inducing Insights From 80+ Geniuses is designed to help you do. It’s a distillation of a tremendous amount of information from the best and brightest in the field of sleep science and beyond.

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In this book, you’ll explore these ideas and more:

  • How sleep might be protective against neurocognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • Drunk vs. tired drivers – whether it’s really a fair comparison
  • The mechanism that prevents us from acting out our dreams, and what happens when that mechanism is broken
  • What your teeth can tell you about your sleep
  • The most dangerous myths and misconceptions about sleep
  • Sleep disorders in children – identifying the warning signs
  • Trouble getting your baby or toddler to sleep? Tips and strategies to try out
  • Could new technology signal the end of jet lag?
  • Simple, practical changes to improve your sleep
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