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Thinking One Move Ahead: The Value of Anticipation In Life and Chess

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Amidst an uncertain world in constant flux, it’s easy to see the value of the chess player’s special skills: thinking ahead, taking preparatory moves, maintaining deep concentration, thinking outside themselves, and staying goal-oriented.

These skills are not easily acquired; they require consistent effort, practice, mental discipline, and patience. However, these skills are essential for success in professional and personal life. Rushing into decisions or actions without careful consideration can lead to mistakes, missed opportunities, and downright messy situations.

In addition to enhancing discipline and patience, playing chess can be a valuable exercise in mindfulness. By immersing oneself in the game and giving it their full attention, one can learn to be more present and engaged in every moment of life.

Many resources are available online to learn and practice chess, such as and Lichess. With a plethora of videos, tutorials, and other resources, one can understand the tactics and strategies of chess at their own pace and convenience. But remember: the key is to play to learn and cultivate the skills rather than memorize patterns or become good at chess for the sake of being good at chess.

So, next time you have a spare moment, consider focusing on these skills during a chess game. And in all your endeavors, remember the importance of discipline, patience, and mindfulness. Doing so may only sometimes lead to victory in chess but will always, undoubtedly, lead to growth and personal development in life.

In this book you will explore questions like:

  • Do Grandmasters or amateurs perform better at chess?
  • Have you been able to focus 100% on every move in a chess game lasting five minutes, ten minutes, or longer?
  • Are you playing the game of chess to win, or are you playing to employ fun tactics, trips, and traps?
  • Is the pull to surprise your opponent with an unexpected move stronger than the pull to make “mundane” moves that get you closer to your end goal?

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