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What If You Had Access to 70 Top
Cancer Researchers And Their Findings?

(written in layperson’s terms, not scientific gobbledygook)

Cancer Book

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The dreaded ‘C’ word – C-A-N-C-E-R. I’ve been told it myself, in 2017. My insides liquified and I had trouble breathing when my endocrinologist told me the news. Holy cow – I was planning to live until 85 or 90, when I would pass away in my sleep. “Now I might be dead in the next 6 months”, I thought.

If I only knew what I know now about cancer, I would’ve had a very different reaction. Unfortunately, cancer took my mother in 2020, and tried to grab me, too. So far, so good (knock wood).

A cancer diagnosis holds incredible power over most of us, and can completely change our lives in an instant—to the point that everything we thought we knew about the future becomes consumed by panic and fear.

That panic and fear often comes from the “unknown” and the feeling of powerlessness that accompanies it. It comes from the fact that cancer is perceived as a nebulous, lurking entity that almost always promises death.

But what if we knew more?

What if a better understanding of the ‘C’ word were within reach? What if we saw cancer not as something mysterious and inevitably lethal to us, but something that can be understood, manipulated, lived with and managed, like other chronic diseases. Instead of a 6 month to 2 year death sentence, what if cancer could be controlled, allowing someone to live a normal life?

That’s the intention behind Finding Genius: Understanding Cancer – 30 Questions, 70 Geniuses, 200+ Amazing Insights. This book is a distillation of a tremendous amount of information from 70 geniuses in the field of cancer biology, research, and medicine.

The result? More than 200 compelling, eye-opening, and mind-bending insights into cancer.

In this book, you’ll explore questions surrounding:

  • Whether cancer cells are “smart” entities, and if so, how their intelligence stacks up against our immune cells…or even against us
  • What’s behind the incredible accuracy of cancer-sniffing dogs, and whether technology can be designed to mimic them
  • How the human placenta relates to metastasis, and why it matters
  • Why so many doctors are turning away from the gold standard in cancer treatment…and with great successes
  • The tricks and strategies cancer cells use to evade the immune system
  • How the bacteria in our mouths could signal cancer in our bodies
  • Whether compassion can actually translate to better physical health outcomes, and what this means in light of doctor burnout

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