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Osteology in Oklahoma City,

Bone Museum Book

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Human skulls. Buffalo horns. Rattlesnake skeletons.

You name it, chances are you’ll find it at the world’s largest privately-held collection of
osteological specimens.

But if you’re looking for just a little bit more … like what this extensive display of species
both past and present can tell us about life itself … then The Stories Told By Bones – A
Day In the Museum of Osteology: 7 Compelling Observations, 31 Captivating Photos
the next thing you need to explore. For such a short and simple book, it’s packed with
high-quality photos that are as impressive as the ideas and questions that accompany

If nature – which includes our own bodies – were totally random, would we see so many
undeniable commonalities within and between species? Would we see these
commonalities repeated over the course of hundreds of millions of years?

It seems unlikely, yet mainstream science seems to cling to this idea. What if other
possibilities were finally embraced?

Maybe … just maybe … the possibilities would be limitless, and lead to practical
benefits for humankind.

In this book, you’ll explore questions like:

  • Are cells the true engineers of life?
  • What might the characteristics of continuous bone growth and bone cancer have
    in common?
  • What do Dermestid beetles have to do with the cleanliness of bone collections?
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  • How is a skeleton like the chassis of a car, and can it be “upgraded” like one too?
  • Why does skeletal growth often lead to a decrease in the overall number of

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