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Scott Eaton, chief executive officer at Algomi (, provides an overview of the complexity of financial markets and how traders and investors need aggregated complex financial data to capitalize on and secure their interests.

Eaton is an experienced executive who has helmed many top-tier institutions. Some notable point on his extensive resume include: chief operating officer of MarketAxess Europe, managing director at Unicredit Bank AG, as well as executive managing director at BroadStreet Group.

As Eaton states, Algomi is a software company that provides technology to financial markets. Algomi delivers information-matching solutions for the optimization of fixed-income liquidity. The company is backed by investments from prominent industry leaders such as Euronext, Lakestar, AllianceBernstein, and S&P Global. Algomi’s team is international and maintains offices in New York, London, and Hong Kong.

The Algomi platform can assist business leaders to improve their workflow and liquidity via data aggregation, pre-trade information analysis, and of course execution facilitation. Eaton expounds upon the ways that Algomi brings infrastructure to some of the world’s largest fixed-income participants, helping them to turn complex data into actionable knowledge.

Eaton discusses Algomi ALFA, their innovative fixed-income data aggregation and market surveillance tool that aggregates liquidity data from all the major electronic venues, messaging platforms, and dealer inventory feeds, and thus provides easier access, and an opportunity to see the big picture with more detail. Traders can apply filters and see the data that is important to them, making their time more efficient and potentially more successful. By finding the liquidity more easily, Eaton states that Algomi ALFA benefits both buyer and seller, assisting with the execution of trades.

The financial markets expert delves into the many ways that buy side traders can utilize their platform. He details the processes involved with trading, specifically outlining the methods used when dealing with bonds, and he explains how bond market liquidity has been impacted, post-financial crisis. Further he talks about the issuance of corporate bonds and discusses schedules versus discreet needs, investor interest, borrower cost and more, in regard to timing and issuance. He discusses strategies investors and traders can utilize when making bond decisions, and how the aggregate data directly can impact the decisions they will make.

Eaton discusses the innovations happening at Algomi in regard to data feeds, as well as their extensive work with custodians and custody data to help facilitate asset management. Through Algomi’s understanding of financial markets and experience of workflow development, Eaton’s team collaborates with clients and third party providers to birth new ideas and products that greatly facilitate market function, and bring infrastructure to some of thargest fixed-income participants in the world.

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