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The aftermath can be just as challenging and uncomfortable—the aftermath of major surgery, that is.

Tune in to learn about a revolutionary product that’s changing the post-op lives of thousands.

You’ll learn:

  • The specifics behind the robe design that enables better movement, greater comfort, and erases the risk of skin irritation from other methods of securing Jackson Pratt (JP) drains
  • The incredible story of how the “Elliott” Superhero Robe got its name, and what makes this robe so unique
  • About how many surgeries requiring JP drains occur in the US each year

Allison Schickel is a mother, wife, mentor, speaker, and Creator/Founder/CEO of Brobe, a company that has helped tens of thousands of people feel more comfortable, secure, and independent while recovering from major operations.

The company began with a focus on the needs of breast cancer survivors in the post-op phase of recovery. The Brobe is a bra and robe combination designed specifically to hold JP drains, which are used in most major surgeries to reduce post-op swelling. Since Brobe’s launch in 2012, over 40,000 women have found comfort in the product after having a mastectomy.

But Brobe isn’t just helping women.

The product has proven useful for both men and women who’ve undergone virtually any type of surgery, whether open heart, organ transplant, cosmetic, etc.

And the most recent product is even helping children who battle cancer: the new Elliott Superhero Robe is gender-neutral, and comes with two superhero capes, an eye mask, and doctor hats. With “snap-on” pockets that can be placed in almost any location, it’s designed to fit almost any set of needs that a child might face—including, of course, the need for confidence, excitement, and fun.

The team at Brobe always has their ears open to customer feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive. It has also led to a number of other products, including Jackson Pratt drain belts, comfort accessories, and cold therapy products.

Tune in and visit for more.

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