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In this interview, we explore schizophrenia and other complex mental health issues with Dr. Kelly Anderson, a Group Practice Owner at Wellness Therapy of San Diego. Trained as a generalist, Dr. Anderson has over 15 years of experience working with a diverse range of mental health conditions and providing high-quality, evidence-based psychological services to her clients. 

Dr. Anderson accumulated both clinical and research experience working with clients suffering from various issues. This enabled her to effectively treat psychiatric concerns across an array of contexts. Drawing from her substantial experience as a mental health professional, she goes beyond symptom management – helping individuals achieve a sense of wellness and empowerment over their concerns.

Join us now to uncover:

  • Dr. Anderson’s unique background as a mental health specialist.
  • The difference between schizophrenia and psychotic episodes. 
  • Conditions that cause people to have psychotic episodes. 
  • Why certain people develop schizophrenia, and factors that can trigger it.
  • The importance of approaching mental health from an individualized level. 

If you are interested in mental health and how to treat it, exploring Dr. Anderson’s insights can offer valuable perspectives and strategies for understanding and addressing complex psychological conditions. Click play to listen now!

You can learn more about Dr. Anderson here.

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