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Nearly 20% of the global population suffers from some level of hearing loss, yet there are still no therapeutics for it on the market – just devices like hearing aids and cochlear implants. The team at Decibel Therapeutics is working to change this.

Lend an ear to learn:

  • How different types of hearing loss occur
  • What ototoxicity is and how it’s caused by a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug
  • Whether gene therapy could be used to correct congenital forms of hearing loss

Laurence Reid is the CEO of Decibel Therapeutics, a company working to develop the very first therapeutics for hearing loss. He joins the show to explain this work in detail, which includes the development of gene therapy products and small-molecule therapeutics. Along the way, he explains the link between cisplatin (a common chemo drug) and hearing loss, and why the products in the Decibel pipeline are looking like promising treatments.

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This work has the potential to completely change billions of lives across the globe.

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If you or someone you know has hearing loss, this episode isn’t one to miss.

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