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Is kibble responsible for poor pet health? While it may be so common to feed kibble, raw food may be the key to a healthier and happier life for our dogs and cats. Listen up to learn:

  • The benefits of raw food
  • The composition of Jake & Blues Raw Dogfood
  • How raw food can even combat allergies

Kambrey Moneyhon of Jake & Blues Raw Dogfood shares the significant and surprising benefits of raw food diets for our pets.

Kibble has been a ubiquitous staple of pet food in recent history and still to this day, though it may be doing more harm than we think. With the raw food revolution underway, the benefits of feeding a raw diet to dogs range from possibly longer lifespans to healthier eating habits.

Raw diets have the potential to fix a range of conditions from kidney failure and beyond. Jake & Blues Raw Dogfood is a wonderful choice for your pet with convenient servings and a complete nutritional spectrum!

Visit to learn more.

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