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Cellarius, a ConsenSys formation, is an edgy, new platform, using blockchain technology to reinvent storytelling for a modern, decentralized, equitable world. For anyone hiding a rock who might not be aware, ConsenSys, is the world’s largest blockchain development studio and focuses on building revolutionary decentralized applications for the Ethereum blockchain.

Born as a hobbyist project, in this interview, Co-Creator, Tyler Smith, explains how the Cellarius Universe has become an original, transmedia cyberpunk franchise that aims to create a collective, community designed story.

Smith enlightens listeners on why Cellarius believes blockchain creates an ideal atmosphere in which to modernize collective storytelling. He explains how blockchain facilitates a space where fans can participate, digital objects remain forever unchanged and assets can be managed.

He also talks about some of the objectives the Cellarius team, has which include maximizing decentralization and creating a collaborative cultural work.

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