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Does climate change deserve the panic it has caused in recent years? Based on statistics, it may not warrant the reaction we have been affording it. Listen up to learn:

  • When air pollution was really the worst
  • How the green transition can truly succeed
  • Why recent climate models may be fundamentally flawed

Bjorn Lomborg, the author of False Alarm, shares his work researching the true impact of climate change and the cost of the panic caused in recent years.

Climate change has long been touted as one of the most significant threats to the modern world. However, based on the statistics presented outside of the mainstream, the effects may not warrant the reaction the world has afforded it.

While the effects of climate change are damaging in particular ways, the reality of the situation is that the situation may have been improving the entire time. Even if global agencies are influencing modern models, the data actually may show a gradual improvement, despite the reality of global warming.

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