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PubNub is a data streaming network with connectivity in every country in the world and ensures low-latency data sharing through state-of-the-art APIs. An API, or application programming interface, allows one application to speak to another and according to CTO Stephen Blum, there is a chance that every IoT device currently in your home is already connected to PubNub.

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Using a single network capable of handling hundreds of millions of connections at once, PubNub provides a secure network that allows mobile phones to interact and control IoTs in less than a quarter of second even from the other side of the world. Using patented technology, PubNub has created a unique global network that will find the fastest path between mobile devices and IoTs.

In addition to IoT device control, PubNub allows for real-time chat, updates and messaging, as well as mobile push notifications. Looking ahead, Blum sees blockchain technology working with PubNub technology to create connections in a decentralized platform.


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