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As Director of Comcast Ventures, Gil Beyda is interested in “hard technology problems.” Comcast Ventures is the investment arm of Comcast/NBC Universal and according to Beyda, he is incredibly “excited” about blockchain technology and the potential for new business models.

Comcast Ventures works with a diverse range of products and businesses, but Beyda is mostly involved in B to B enterprises that deal with hard technology including cybersecurity, “the internet of things”, blockchains and IT. According to Beyda, the cybersecurity space is quite interesting today because of the “cat and mouse game” that allows hackers to use the same tools that enterprises benefit from such as cloud storage and open source applications.

As for blockchain technology, Beyda predicts the core blockchain technology will be able to accelerate many business and act as a springboard to new products and services. He sees tremendous potential in the use of blockchain in advertising, loyalty/reward programs, and “the internet of things.”


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