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Medtech Impact on Wellness allows you to buy any Amazon product at 5 to 33% discount using BITCOIN. Purse does this by leveraging unused Amazon gift card balances, allowing gift card holders to free up their trapped money and receiving bitcoin instead.

As a member of (which is free to join), you automatically get 5% off any Amazon purchase, and can ask for a discount up to 33% off.

The less of a discount you ask for, the faster you will get your item, however 15% discounts are common, sometimes more.

Steven McKie, head of Business Development & Product Content talks about’s mission – to leverage Amazon’s platform to match buyers who want to spend their bitcoin, Amazon gift card holders to free up trapped money, and Etsy-type merchants who want to offer their wares and receive bitcoin payments.

Steven amazed us by explaining’s network size as of December, 2016 is over 160,000 members and growing.

You’ll definitely want to tune in to this wide-ranging, easy to understand, and exciting conversation that reveals new opportunities in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency world.

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