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Happiness is an abstract concept that can be difficult to define – but it seems like we’re all trying to find it in some way or another…

What if you had the ability to uncover happiness from within yourself? Spiritual teacher Shai Tubali joins us today to discuss how you can accomplish just that through one holistic process.

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Shai describes himself as a “happiness history expert”.

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He believes that by taking advantage of tools such as meditation, psychological and emotional development, and intellectual study, spiritual fulfillment will come naturally.

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So how can you start your own inner journey of mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation? Listen in to find out for yourself…

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The importance of understanding philosophy as a search for happiness. 
  • Examples of how happiness has been described throughout history. 
  • Practical ways to find happiness within yourself. 
  • What mindfulness is, and how it can act as the gateway to reality. 
  • The many different forms of meditation.

Want to learn more about Shai Tubali and his teachings? Visit now!

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