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This podcast shares an amazing story of overcoming the hardship of severe chronic kidney disease management. Nathanael lost his kidneys as a young child and suffered years of ups and downs from treatment. He shares his thoughts on chronic illness motivation that has helped many across the world.

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  • Why the different treatments he received after his chronic kidney disease diagnosis almost broke his spirit,
  • How he adjusted his mindset at a critical point in his life that led to his current status as a global speaker, and
  • Where he is now both medically and emotionally and about the nonprofit he’d like to begin. 

Most who suffer from kidney conditions pass through the chronic kidney disease stages and have some time to adjust. But Nathanael Zurbruegg lost his kidneys as a one-year-old boy due to a chronic disease and went through years of kidney transplants and dialysis when each kidney failed.

This up and down cycle broke him and as a young adolescent, after another transplant failed, he felt that he wanted to end his own life.  From that day on, he received spiritual, emotional, and physical support. He came to a realization that he had to accept that “this is my life.” At age 13, when another transplant failed and doctors told him he couldn’t receive another one, he realized he could seek his dreams in other ways, such as through his imagination.

Eventually, despite dialysis, he was thrilled to be able to go to Australia. He tells listeners that even though our bodies may be broken, we can ease our mindset and set our expectations for a better future. He says that there are ways to reach for hope and imagine good things about one’s future, and discusses some of the ways he does this.

Eventually, he began public speaking, traveling globally to reach out to different people around the world. He started his own website and works to inspire others to not let one’s past and limitations define their future.

For more about him, see his personal website,, and his business site,

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