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In this episode, Elise Pickett joins us to discuss her mission to familiarize people with the benefits of home gardening. Elise runs The Urban Harvest LLC, a platform she uses to teach her community “how to grow an organic and sustainable edible garden.

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As Elise grew her knowledge regarding the modern food system and the toxicities that surround it, she decided to make a difference in her life by growing her own healthy and organic garden. This lifestyle shift eventually evolved into a community-wide effort of education and support.

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Join in the conversation to learn more about:

  • What led Elise to pursue this particular path.
  • Limiting factors of gardening on a small scale.
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  • The multiple benefits of growing your own garden.
  • How the pandemic made people aware of the modern food system and its pitfalls.

What you put in your body directly influences your lifestyle as a whole. That’s why people like Elise are determined to give people the resources they need to make healthy and nutritious decisions about their diets.

Want to learn more about The Urban Harvest? Visit now!

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