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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Powering the next era of genomics through blockchain technology – protecting identity, personalizing healthcare, transforming lives Shivom is spearheading The Next Era of Genomics and powering the transition to value-based precision healthcare.

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Our focus is on the transformational convergence of OMICS technologies with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to enable secure and personalized medicine with global scalability.

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Using Blockchain, Shivom offers the first ever integrated solution for patients and genome data donors to empower everyone to have their genome sequenced and safely stored – with donors retaining full ownership of their data, their DNA identity, how it is shared and even being able to monetize its usage. We are creating a revolutionary and data-driven medical genomics ecosystem that will enable an open web-marketplace for other providers to add their health apps and medical services and will additionally build a state-of-the-art and not-for-profit drug discovery and precision medicine organization.

This is catalyzed by our vision to change people’s lives and open-up access to personalized health and wellbeing opportunities for all.

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The time is now to use genome sequencing so that anyone in the world can access the best in regular preventive care and health promotion

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