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Georgios Depastas, co-founder and business lead of Kalepso (, imparts technology-based wisdom on the value of data security and his goal to keep private, sensitive data safe for all of us. Depastas holds a master’s in electrical and computer engineering from Greece National Technology University of Athens, and a master’s from Cambridge University. His experience in real-time data analytics at Barclays motivated him to launch his company, Kalepso.

Kalepso offers the strongest dynamic encryption at rest, in motion, and in memory.

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Their platform utilizes machine learning to optimize queries execution, and differential privacy to perturb the query result size in order to avoid communication volume leakages. And their oblivious RAM re-encrypts database rows each time data is queried, to avoid access pattern leakages. Kalepso uses military-grade protocols, at the lowest level for individual records encryption.

Depastas discusses their cloud database system, which allows companies to use their data as they always have, but with significantly more security. He provides information on how the Kalepso platform delivers protection against all attacks, even potential quantum attacks. Depastas outlines how Kalepso’s protection is through dynamic encryption, and how each additional query triggers re-encryption, for maximum security and protection. By utilizing differential privacy and introducing ‘noise’ to the query results, so potential hackers or data thieves cannot infer sensitive information that needs to be critically secured.

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Depastas lists some of the most current encryption levels and the security variants with quantum computing.

The data security expert gives his opinions on blockchain and its many uses, such as immutability, and how he expects blockchain’s robust, tamper-proof qualities to be utilized in Kalepso’s next line of technology and products. Depastas discusses the expense of storing volumes of information on the blockchain, and the fragility, in terms of blockchains that are not quantum resistant at current. And he mentions how authorization issues will be an area where blockchain can be of use for Kalepso.

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Depastas states that their current platform has been peer reviewed and undergone white hat hacker testing, and none of the hackers were able to find any vulnerability in the system or their core technology.

Depastas discusses the alpha and beta versions of their Kalepso security products and their upcoming collaboration with the National Bank of Greece to roll out a new proof of concept. And as they expand they will be seeking to introduce more products to the market and continue their global outreach. Cybersecurity is a complex issue and there will always be challenges ahead as Depastas and his team innovate to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

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