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Gerald Reihsen, a lawyer, entrepreneur, and speaker at the upcoming Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference in Dallas, offers some thoughts on why it is necessary to properly set up blockchain companies and ICOs to minimize potential civil and criminal liabilities.

Many companies are currently being formed with little appreciation of how to build a successful company, and keep it a success for the long term–many are jumping straight in to the deep end of the pool with their ICOs, and have not stopped to consider how upcoming regulations on ICOs and securities might affect their businesses in the future.

Though there is currently little in the way of regulation of ICOs in the cryptospace, that won’t stop companies, their founders, and exchanges from being liable for failing to follow the regulations that are coming–even if your business is located outside the US, or you don’t allow US customers to take place in ICO sales.

For more information, visit, or email Gerald at

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