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Today, we chat with ​​Robert Westerfield, the Senior Public Service Associate for the University of Georgia. Robert is a consumer horticulturist that specializes in vegetables and woody ornamentals.

At the University of Georgia, Robert develops agent consumer resources, teaches master gardener classes, and conducts agent training. He also works with mass media – primarily in TV, radio, and newspaper.

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Join us now to hear Robert discuss:

  • His responsibilities as a horticulturist, and the plants that he primarily deals with.
  • What “high tunnel” production is, and how it can help farmers grow crops more efficiently.
  • The nuances of greenhouse growing methods.
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  • How soil influences the effectiveness of plant growth.

Horticulture is a subject full of fascinating facts.

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By listening to this episode, you will gain useful insight into the world of plant cultivation!

To learn more about Robert and his work, click here!

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