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Troy Hickerson, global nutrition activist and co-founder of Active For Good (, delivers an important, informative overview of the crucial work that needs to be done, and what we can all do, to save malnourished children globally.

Troy Hickerson is a passionate business leader. For nearly twenty years Hickerson has applied his in-depth knowledge of problem-solving and opportunity creation to help small to mid-sized companies utilize technology to succeed. As a cloud services expert, Hickerson wanted to find a way to merge his technology experience with his personal goals of serving those who suffer from extreme poverty and malnutrition. As Hickerson states, one-quarter of children in the developing world are malnourished.

Hickerson splits his time between assisting startups and established businesses with service business operations, positioning and strategy, business model analysis, and problem-solving, and pushing his organization, Active For Good, forward on its mission to assist in the global nutrition problem. Hickerson explains the connection his organization makes between the world’s populations, between those who want to lose calories and those who need calories. Through a series of programs Active For Good runs, for every calorie someone burns when they are working to stay active can equate to a calorie of food given to a malnourished child. By creating activities and teams, users of the platform are motivated to help themselves while simultaneously helping others in the world.

Making a difference is what Active For Good is all about. Hickerson talks about the important issues that Active For Good tackles in its mission to create change and help people globally. Active For Good was initiated by the founders of MANA Nutrition, a non-profit organization that manufactures RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food) used to combat severe acute malnutrition and childhood death. Hickerson explains how MANA ships over 500,000 packets of RUTF per day as they provide life-saving therapeutic food via partners such as Save the Children, World Vision, Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, and USAID.

Through the Active For the Good app, wellness teams, individuals, and employee groups can take the challenge, sign up online, and get started with healthy activities that will not only improve their health but will generate much-needed revenue so life-saving nutritional foods can be delivered to those in need. Activity is tracked through Google Fit, Apple’s HealthKit, or similar tracking tools, and company employees, friends, or whomever, can engage in competition that keeps it fun while working toward personal goals, and goals for humanity. Through the point system, points count toward meals for children. And the app shows you what the process is like and creates an educational opportunity to learn about the areas of the world where people are truly in need.

Hickerson discusses the enthusiasm he sees in people when they get a sense of how their small actions can make an enormous impact on children’s lives globally. As he states, nutrition is critical in a child’s developing years, and there can be severe consequences if a child is malnourished, even if they survive. Thus the Active For Good mission provides an opportunity for companies, groups, and individuals to lend a hand to those who need it, which is a vital part of the human experience.

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