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As a practicing attorney for over 20 years and the founder and chair of McLane Middleton Privacy and Information Security Group, Cameron Shilling has one primary focus these days: performing risk assessments for companies that are looking to come into compliance with US security law and the US or international privacy laws. With an increasing number of security breaches in recent years and the unavoidable regulatory audits, penalties, and fines that accompany them, companies are becoming more and more aware of the need to take preventative measures against the loss and theft of information, and to protect people’s privacy.

This is where Shilling comes in, stating, “When we work with clients we’re not doing data security in line with just compliance…

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we’re really looking to move them to a data security posture that makes them a less vulnerable entity.” Among other topics, Shilling discusses the ways in which foreign laws–particularly in Europe and Canada–are having an impact on US-based companies, how his team is working toward developing an industry best practice policy for their clients, and the vital components of a thorough risk assessment.

To learn more or take the steps toward getting a risk assessment for your business, contact Cameron Shilling by phone at 603-289-6806 or by email at cameron.

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