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For ten years, Ben Joakim worked in the international development sector. During that time, he saw recurring international transactional inefficiencies accompanied by unnecessary banking fees, and complications arising from poor exchange rates and currency fluctuation. It seemed that international transactions were unavoidably subject to long transactional chains with no transparency. But in a developmental humanitarian context, “Transparency is really important, and without it, we know that a significant proportion of funds are lost either to mismanagement, misuse or fraud and corruption,” says Joakim. Knowing this, how can individuals or institutions ensure that their donations are going where they are supposed to go? In essence, they can’t, which may help to explain the current decline in public donations within the international development and humanitarian sector. So, what’s the solution? Joakim believes it’s Disberse: “A fund management platform that drives the transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of development and humanitarian finance.” Press play to hear the details.

Joakim also discusses:

  • How exactly Disberse allows for transparency and efficiency in foreign aid transactions
  • The drawbacks and potential dangers of complete public transparency, and how Disberse can mitigate these dangers by controlling who has access to the blockchain on which the transactions occur     
  • The core business model of Disberse
  • How Disberse’s token negates any potential issues involving volatility

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