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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Can AI revolutionize the healthcare field along with the rest of the world? With new systems and workload relief, the benefits may be staggering.

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  • How AI can be integrated into standard healthcare
  • Who benefits from the introduction of AI, and how
  • Possibilities of revolutionizing early diagnosis

Dr. Anthony Chang, Chair & Dr. Orest Boyko, Vice-Chair of the American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM), share their current progress and hopes for the future of AI in medicine.

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized almost every aspect of how we live. However, the healthcare industry can be slow to change, but the guests today hope to change that, possibly increasing the standard of healthcare worldwide.

Whether decreasing the logistical workload for doctors or finding the a from tests undetectable by humans, the possibilities AI can bring into the field are immense. Additionally, AI may even be able to diagnose issues years in advance before humans would have been able to recognize the pattern, saving countless lives.

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