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Ambisafe Financial works with high-quality startups and established businesses that are looking to complete ICO sales, and helps to guide them through the entire ICO process from start to finish. They accomplish this with a wide range of services, including helping with technology and web pages, business strategy sessions, making introductions with legal counsel, marketing and Public Relations, and post-ICO product development.

Ambisafe also has developed their own decentralized Ethereum-based token exchange called where clients can sell their tokens., which is both a primary and secondary token exchange, is fully AML/KYC compliant, peer-to-peer, non-custodial, meaning that they have no access to client’s accounts or private keys, and is fully auditable by individuals or regulators.

Ambisafe is always looking for high-quality businesses and start-ups to work with–companies who have a vision and a demonstrable background of accomplishing goals and mileposts, an addressable market, and are interested in the long-term. Patrick also offers some great insights on the current state of the ICO markets.

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